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Its not very good. I don't recommend it.
It advertises itself as not just a dating site but also a place to make friends. But they make it difficult to date or make friends. Its either free or $15.00 a month. The free option basically gives you nothing.
Here's what you get or don't get for your 15 bucks...
1. You can't browse profiles. Instead you are sent 3 to 4 profiles a day of people who (based on your profile interests) you might be interested in either romantic and not romantic. If you want to see more, you must BUY coins (scam)
2. If you are interested in someone, you cannot contact them directly, instead its this whole cloak and dagger scenario where you have to wait and see if they are interested in you. It's stupid.
3.There are events listed on the event page. Problem is that you have to click on the event graphic to get the pertinent information (where, when,etc). It was time consuming and mostly disappointing as there are literally events listed all over the world. I don't know why I'm being shown events in Melbourne, Australia when I live in the southwest region of the U.S.
4. They try to make it seem like they have a lot of members. But I suspect they do not and thats why they keep everything controlled and not user friendly.
Don't recommend it. Save your $15.00 a month.


Have to agree !! I thought it looked good, got a "sugary" welcome, then tried to contact the guy over three e-mails, got doughnuts. Browsed 40 profiles, got none in my own state and no response when I queried why ??

Tread warily.


I have to also agree. You are actually paying to blog, which you can do for free on facebook, Twitter, etc. It's really bad, staff even closes blogs critical to Trump. Lot's of conservative Trump supporters on blogs attacking others for their opinions. Same profiles recycled over and over. The worst site so far I've experienced. You get profiles which have nothing in common with you.


I've been on Stitch for 10 months and it has changed my life. Granted, my local action has been nothing to brag about, but my cyber-relations are amazing! Stitch is particularly good for 50+ men because the ratio appears to be about 5 women for every 1 man. You will not get attention like this on FB, that's for sure.

Anne Mac

SStitch is s very good forum. I did not join to meet a man but because I was lonely after my husband passed and Andrew has been terrific even with the disagreements politically. I have met some very nice ladies and communicate with a number if other people from all over the place. I am glad u joined

Top rating!!


Stitch is a different type of site and fits the needs of people over 50. Many at this age are not necessarily looking for "hookups" but more for companions and people to talk with about common issues of the age group. Many have had life experiences that put us in different circumstances now, and the forums (what others called blogging) are a place to share feelings and get feedback from others on how the "single" life has changed and how it applies in our situations. There are a couple of forums for widows and widowers and how they are dealing with their situation. Other fun topics such as whether to leave the toilet seat up or down, whether to wear cologne or not, how is sex different over 50, keep the participants in "stitches".

In addition, it is a way to make global friends, particularly for those who like to travel. One guy in the US made friends on Stitch, and when he went to Australia to tour was met there by 50 Stitchers who helped him feel at home in their country.

True, many places in the US have few members, but since the site recently started in Australia and the UK, it is now growing in the US, so in time, there will be more participants.

Have not seen ANY scammers on this site as you need to be "verified" before you can participate. One fee per month (no coins on this site as someone stated - that is on Zoosk not Stitch).

And even though meeting people in my current area is still challenging at this point, the information I've learned on the forums has been invaluable to me for thinking through the challenges brought by being single at this time of my life.

So I plan to Keep on "Stitching"!


Big Grin
I love Stitch. It is not so much more than a dating site, it is a community. With that said, I have met a man on Stitch that I am crazy about. Found Match, eHarmony and JDate filled with younger people or men who were just looking for sex. It is true that the community is just building and there are not always a ton of people in every area...but remember, it just takes one. Join the chats. That is where I met my sweetie.

I highly recommend this site for anyone over 50 who is looking for friendship and/or romance.

Kim A

I have been on Stitch for the past eight months. It is in it's initial stages of growth, but where I live there are many people on Stitch. I originally was using it to meet someone to date, but have since decided it was a venue for so much more. I have been to numerous stitch events; from wine tasting in Napa, to dancing on the beach at the Capitola Begonia Festival, attending the Dicken's Christmas Faire with new friends, and we recently decided to enjoy dinner and dancing together every second Saturday of each month. Stitch has helped me build new friendships from both men and women. The forums are another great way to meet people from all over the world. Many contribute to serious topics; as well as funny topics. it's a great way to find humor in your day and meet intelligent and fun people.

I can honestly say that due to Stitch, I now have four close friends in my area. I also have two others that are nearby, but not in the immediate area. I have met a guy I am interested in as well. We shall see how that plays out! Overall, the quality of people you meet is amazing and the ability to get so much more out of a social site is beyond compare. I am a very happy member. I have tried meeting guys on other sites and often found scammers in the process. On Stitch, that isn't something you have to worry about.

Another great part of Stitch is that the management really works with you and cares about you.


I chose to join Stitch because I did not want to join another dating site. The main reason I joined was to find a friend or two nearby to hang out with. There have been one or two possibilities that I haven't contacted yet simply because it hasn't been the best time for me yet. I joined right before the holidays while at the same time I was busy with some real estate business. I didn't want to get involved with anyone until I had the time to meet up regularly.

What I have enjoyed the most is meeting people in the discussion forums. I am looking at this as a long term endeavor and I am willing to invest the time to get to know people in depth. That way I have an opportunity to expand my circle of friends that will involve people I have a real connection with. That is something you won't get with a dating site. On the dating sites, you are forced to make a judgement about an individual and either give it a go or dismiss them and move on. With Stitch, I feel like I can get to know someone well enough over a period of time that I might be willing to travel to meet someone. That's not something I ever would have done on

Andrew Dowling

Hi everyone,

It's Andrew Dowling here, founder of the Stitch community. I was only recently made aware of this post but thought I should put a response of my own.

The early responses to this question are a little old and no doubt reflected how those respondents thought about Stitch at the time, but I really don't think they reflect at all what the Stitch community is really like at all. (I'd also question whether all of them were from actual members, as there are a few giveaways which highlight that a couple of the comments are from people who were never actually members of the community.)

It's nice to see some wonderful & authentic comments from real members since then, from members right across the country ... the best way to hear about Stitch is from current members, so at some point this year we plan on opening up one of our members-only forums to prospective members so you can ask our members what they think of it. Stay tuned!

I did want to touch on one thing though: the comment about closing discussions critical of Trump is completely off the mark, and totally misrepresents us. That discussion was closed for 24 hours when some of the discussion became heated between members, but that was only to remind everyone that Stitch is the ONLY community on the web where we expect the same sort of mutual respect that you would give someone in real life. We are a real community and we expect people to behave that way. I'm delighted to see that some of the other commenters above were involved in both sides of that particular debate, so I think it's actually an illustration of how well we are managing. It's very rare to find places on the web where differing views can be treated with respect these days!

It's certainly true that Stitch is a new community and there are lots of locations we haven't built active memberships yet. But we are steadily growing by staying true to our values and principles, and we are very much a member-driven community, not just a "dating site". So I'd encourage anyone over 50 who needs a bit more companionship in their lives to come and give the community a try. And if you've got any questions, just ask us!


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