Online Dating & Relationships Forums is a scam


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Avoid at all cost! This is a scam site. These are fake women chatting to would-be daters. To avoid fraudulent sites read legit reviews. You can never do away with scams and fake profiles, best to do is to conduct a background check and do some research.

the problem is fake review sites to fool unwary punters ,,the scammers will go to great lengths to counteract genuine review read as many review sites as possible to get a general idea



I ended up finding the site today... finally a load of hot males I thought (I'm a female)!! Practically everyone was good looking and my type and their profiles were filled out fully - which is rare on the standard dating site to find all of the above.

I messaged a couple and had almost instant replies (which also what a coincidence they're online then too). Suddenly I am getting loads of chat message requests through. I hadn't yet completed out my profile, but I did have the one picture uploaded, but the excessive amount of chats made me think it was automatic (like on Uniform Dating it sometimes sends a message on your behalf which can start up the convo).

After replying to a few, to see their new replies, I had to pay for credits and the first lot of credits wasn't asking for too much, so I did to see what it is all about. Then I got into conversation with a few, all whilst thinking is this for real or not as sometimes it was very realistic, whereas other times it was completely barmy!

Spelling was completely wrong (as it is Euro dating at first I didn't think much of it due to a language barrier). Questions were so random and out of the blue and then when I replied with an answer, I wasn't getting much back. So the conversation didn't really flow as such, it was just a load of questions they were giving me, so obviously I'll reply, use credits and subsequently entice me to buy more to continue.

As I was speaking to a couple people on there, some of their messages were exactly the same (spelling, grammar and all)! Can't believe I actually felt bad as if they'll think I'm ignoring them if I don't buy credits!! I'm now pretty sure they use model pictures and chat operators! Waste of time and money!

Anyway don't make my mistake of foolishly putting in bank details, I generally thought I could suggest another form of chatting soon that didn't charge me credits (text/WhatsApp/Kik etc), but then I wised up to it!

Scam, scam and scam! Like people say, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.


i wanna ask why the pics of all ladies are blurry and cant see them? you must be member to see them?


^^ just more scam bait to fool you^^


Thank you. The answers I found here were most enlighting. The site certainly is expensive. I should have gone down to the local bar and tried my luck with some women there. At least I would have supported the local economy that way. The women on this site just look too good to be true. And when something appears to too good to be true, it probably is. I also found that aside from fantastic looks most had little to offer. I found it difficult to have a stimulating conversation. But I am the intellectual type. Maybe I demand too much.


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I joined a couple of weeks ago and most of the women on there are fake. The most annoying but is I still have credit left in my account and they won't refund it. Avoid at all costs everyone

this is a fake site.very dangerous to people that do not have experience on those kind of subscriptions. avoid it.


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how do u get a refund

when hell freezes over .can you wait?

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