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women on craigslist personals also use the scam whereby they ask you to click on a link to some spurious scheme to prove you are not an ex jailbird or in some way dangerous.. but its just BS
dont click on any links !you could download malware from criminals onto your PC


Yes its safe ive been there a while ago Safe Dating Services is safe for us LOL LOL LOL LOL
This site is legit and safe


When I'm bored, which is a lot these days, I string them along and see how long I can keep it going without actually going to any websites. I think over 100 messages is my record.


I would like to point out there is a difference in the services of each DatingID type verification. Many of them provide services $ of their own, many offer their own dating sites, adult content..etc..
They also offer the datingID badge thing, which is free.

I believe this is a logical next step in dating, inevitable with the creation of online dating. Prior to online dating, if you think about it, you would physically see, meet, talk with someone as you first interaction in life with that person, that all happens before a date is ever made.
Now, we have zero facts prior to meeting.
These sites, it's my understanding, record who you both are and I know at least some they will also record the day, date and time and the location where your first date will happen.
They also verify you age.
Some claim to even ensure you do not have a deviant legal criminal history, like a pedafile for example..
This provides both involved parties with critical initial verified information, both parties are being protected by a mess like, being robbed, assaulted, kidnapped..etc doing this purely by both persons real legal names are recorded onsite and there is now criminal accountability.
This is a free service.
As far as anyone scamming your money from your bank or cards, well they all are 0 fraud liability, banks are all FDIC insured, all major cards dispute for you and always resolve all fraud.
The major key is until you have experience with a few of these sites and begin to repeatedly use them, CHECK that bank account/debit card/credit card within 1-5 days to verify no charges are there that should not be there, this dating ID is free, *but* I'm seeing that at least one that I'm about to use right now, I believe your kind of forced to a 7 day trial on their site and you get the datingID's. I was told to simply get the ID verification and then simply cancel that sites other paid services before the end of the 7 day trial period. That's still fair, in my opinion.

Do not misunderstand the other comments here, I do not dispute any of those comments *because* those comments speak of that websites services, where there may be and probably a lot of them that have fake profiles and computer generated "entertainment" nonsense, trickery. The only service they provide that we have interest in is the datingID, which any 3rd party with a smartphone can do, the girls have and/or are using it and trust it.

We have NO REASON to refuse your potential date, as long as you have been honest with her about the specific information the gather and verify.

You cannot be successfully stolen from with everything having 0 liability fraud prevention and dispute with legitimate merchants too.

So why not try it? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Personally I too very recently had a situation like all you guys.
I'm about to do my verification thing now.
I see some sites have been featured on channels like CNBC CNN ..etc..

You only live once. Take a F'n shot! God favors the brave and the bold.

I'm going n get verified right now. Let me know how everyone's dates go! Peace


verification sites are all run by scammers and fraudsters none are working for the good of your love life as it happens

Ike Turner

Latest scammer is Bella 38 on Tinder.
Hot babe but totally fake.

Reported and blocked


I just got hit on POF today:

Okay here's the link where you need to get a approval number. Here >> << I have my own Approval Number there, so that will make both of us more comfortable when we meet, all you have to do is make a FREE MEMBERSHIP.VERIFY there and you will get your Approval Number together with my full info with my number through email, but you dont have to focus on the site, if you want then just cancel your membership right after getting the number but just make sure to save it okay? you’ll have to use the link above to get it – that's all I need to know if you can be trusted. I’m gonna wait for you to call or text.. I really hope you aren’t just talk and follow through cause I’ve been excited about trying out a friend with benefits. Just keep it real with me and don’t get clingy okay?...

Do you know why I need to be safe? I am the sole breadwinner of my family and they rely on me so much. My grandmother is already 83 and she is on maintenance for being diabetic and No one will support her if something bad happens on me so I wont risk to do anything that might harm me.



^^^ pure horse manure from the stables floor ^^^


Was her name Lucy?! This is the exact thing said to me.

Quote by: Anonymous

I got hit by one hottie who generated her email thru a known dating site for hookups.

She immediately shifted conversation off site to personal email and sent photos of "herself". Subsequent get-to-know-you conversations generated exchanges of pics. Mostly facial shots for me but increasingly tantalizing shots of her with each passing have me panting like a dog in heat.

Then the kicker in the form of a requirement for a dating agreement to "keep her safe". I had to go to a website and get a "booking number" before she would agree to our "date". Request was accompanied by further tantalizing comments such as "cannot meet here, she has <fill in the blank excuse: roomates, living with sister, etc>. Then goes on to say "I will do anything you want",...."we can get a room" and "as long as you can satisfy".
with even more tantalizing photos (no skin but highly suggestive).

She had only 3 conditions: 1. Get the booking number, 2) she wanted "us" to be a secret and 3) no video of us "having fun" ...or "doing it" .

After the web site did not work (she claimed there was a green button that would provide her booking number and phone number - button did not exist) I made requests for her location and phone number (to facilitate planning of a discrete place to meet, plus estimation of travel time etc) only to be met with canned answers of "are you more interested in my location than you are in meeting me?" along with adamant refusals to even provide her phone number to facilitate communication. Oh, and even more provocative pics.

Finally, horny, frustrated, fed up with the run-around, I took a cold shower, smelled a rat and cut communication.

Lastly, the final piece of the puzzle. As I authored the final "No Thank You / Goodbye" I got hit by yet another "hotttie" WITH THE EXACT (IDENTICAL TO THE WORD) same come on coos, conditions, excuses and website dating agreement.

Meanwhile my bank account got cleaned out of a few hundred bucks. Fortunately it was my smallest account.

Lesson learned. Expensive and I am embarrassed. Pity...they were hot, but it was a fake profile all the way.

DO NOT fall for the bait offered by these scammers.

Good luck



This is wat I got today scammer

First she was on POF msg and told me to email her then

Chatted for few days then this

She did send pics of her self then I said send pic of touching Ur nose she did all that

But from the last post she said the same words at the end

Cant you do host? anyway that's fine if that makes you feel comfortable ,Im free tonight or tomorrow?, if you're good?and what do you want me to wear ? do you want me to wear something special ? or a simple casual dress is fine ? btw before we meet I need to make sure that I am safe with you , at first I was kinda worried about posting on dating sites bcoz I had a scary experience a year ago meeting someone in person (I had to call for help he was crazy) so you know i got kid and just to be on the safe side Iíd like you to do a quick check on this page they protect members, it doesn't cost any bcoz Im a VIP member there so use this ACCESS CODE >> "VipXxD46saxA" which you can get the ID for free , Have you seen this before ? Its been featured on the news many times. =) I just need you to do this for my peace of mind . I'm going to wait for your call or text you'll have to use the link above to get it, that's all I need to know you can be trusted. I really hope you aren't just talk and follow through cause I've been excited about trying out a friend with benefits. Just keep it real with me and donít get clingy k.

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