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Approval/Agreement #


Its on all dating sites


So can we just assume that any of these sites are crooked? Thought so but wanted to check.


so what's the latest on this peeps?,,, I just bumped into the SAME *censored* with a gal on cougar life,,

seeking arrangement seems pretty legit,, I mean obviously you'll find dodgy *censored* anywhere, but seems like the most professional and honest of them all,,, comments/opinions are welcomed

No one

Just had a tinder cutie request s date
Drew me in with dialogue and some sexy pics
Then requested this verification code
Which includes supplying a credit card
Thanks to this forum I denied that request
Followed by many justifications of her safety etc ....
when I flat out said no card she stopped
Watch out the Russians are coming and I mean the mafia
Stay safe out there and don’t give your card details out
Stay safe


Funny thing is that CougarLife, sent me, at least three different girls that were scammers. But the worse thing is that at first they seemed so normal. Until one by one pretty much at the same time it was just "hey sorry I need to be safe and all here's a code and a link" and I was like aaah hell no! I'm no dumb. Jesus, then spent 10 minutes trolling them.. Even criticizing the site with it's shitty fake look and functions. And being like ya know they can't do that. XD

"scam? nah im not asking you any money!! sweetie I understand that the net got some *censored* but don’t count me in as one coz i am not playing games here and not risking my moral as an educated woman by making fun of you.. i'm a member there and use it for my security, hard to believe though but that's me, i mean what i say! no games, no pretensions!, i want to meet u as well. but that's the process.."

This is literally what they all kept on trying to say to me, while I was trolling them..Like jesus


verification scams are as old as the hills and listed on a google search if you exercise due diligence .another idea used by fraudsters to get at your cash pile


Hey all
Hope I get out of this wiser but not poorer
Tinder hottie, "Safe" approval required to meet, billed my cc despite her claim/direction, called the 888 number and cancelled right away, got a conf #, reported all to my cc people
Fingers crossed!¡!


once again verification using your CC proves nothing about you and you being safe its just a scam

Burned again

So many of the stories I read are true, went thru the safe verification last night, they also set you up with other sites and before you know it you have 3 sites tied to one, stay away from Together2night though I did have some decent text messaging with a couple of very sexy young woman I can not describe the *censored* I went thru just trying to get some satisfaction !

Not this time scammer

smart is the one my scammer used. Immediately smelled a rat.

I asked her to send me a picture of herself touching her nose (after she already sent me 3 face pics). Of course she wouldn't (couldn't), and tried this scam.
Not today, dude!!!

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