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I finally had my first Passfeed date a couple of weeks ago. Up until that point, I hadn't really done much with Passfeed. I matched with a few people, but never really pursued it. This girl seemed different so I decided to see if I was right. We went out, had dinner and completely hit it off. We were just a good match from the outset. She felt the connection, I felt the connection. We agreed to go out again a few days later. Our second date was absolutely perfect. There were sparks all over the place from both of us, we ended the date with me dropping her off and a nice short kiss and hug. I was in heaven and really felt like I was falling for this girl. There was just something there. The next day we text on and off all day, she telling me how much fun she had, and how nice I was, me talking to her about things and returning the compliments. Late in the day I asked her if she would like to go to dinner that night, she agreed. We went out to a really nice sea food place and had another great date. Things just went very well. After dinner she asked what I wanted to do. I offered to go to a local lounge and continue talking, or that we could go somewhere more private if she wanted. She opted to go to her apartment and continue talking. Well the talking led to embracing, the embracing led to making out, and the making out eventually lead to sex. I ended up spending the night with her ​​and it was an amazing night. Throughout that next week we text and chatted almost all the time all day, going out or spending the night with each other in the evenings. Every conversation was positive . Her asking me questions about me, telling me how much she liked me and liked seeing me, me doing the same. It was truly the best week and a half I have had in a really long time. I probably spend around $1000 dollars over the course of those two weeks on dinners, flowers, chocolates, etc. I fell very hard for this girl, and it appeared she had fallen for me too. The last time I saw her was the morning of 13 Nov, Friday. We woke up together, she cuddled with me, and proclaimed how amazing it was to wake up next to me in the morning and how great of a guy I was. We got up, got dressed went to work. We text off and on Friday while we were working. I was going to be busy all that weekend, so we were talking about seeing each other next week (this week). She was going out Friday night with her ​​girlfriends, I told her to have fun. She called me Friday night after she got home, we chatted a bit, laughed, and went to bed. Saturday morning I text her and let her know I may have a break in the late afternoon if she wanted to sneak away and get some dinner, and to give me a call. Around 2pm I hadn't heard from her, which is out of the ordinary for us so I called her. No answer. Around 430 pm I still hadn't heard from her and was honestly getting a bit concerned for her safety . She is a single girl living alone. I text her and let her know I was a little concerned about her, and if she was just busy to let me know so I can know she is ok. Still nothing. Around 6pm I still hadn 't heard from her. I called her and let her know that I was worried something had happened to her and that I was going to drive by her apartment to make sure someone hadn't broke in, or she was hurt. No response. Around 7 I drove by and everything looked in order, her car was in the spot, etc. So I left. As I left she text me..."where are you??" I said wow, are you ok? She said yes...I told her I was kind of concerned, she dropped off the map, which was unlike her, so I thought maybe something had happened. She then told me, "Ok, this is too much, I don't think this is going to work for me" The rest of that evening and into Sunday she told me that she thought I was an amazing guy, I did everything right, I made ​​her feel special, made ​​her feel loved and treated her amazingly, but that it was all too much too fast for her, she feels like she is losing grip of who she is and that we move on two different schedules. I told her I was just moving at the pace I felt we both set, but that yes it was a pretty fast pace. I told her we both had a strong connection and kind of got swept up in it, but that I would be more than happy to slow it down if that is what she wanted. She didn't respond for a while. I then told her I needed to get a couple of questions answered because I was completely lost here. We went from warm, fun, butterflies early relationship stuff to now she barely speaks to me over night. What happened? Is she done with me? Does she need a break? How did I go wrong. She told me she didn't think I did anything wrong, but that she felt like she needed to regroup and get her thoughts back together. I told her that I hope she understood where my anxiety and stress had come from in that she went from completely hot to ice cold over night with no explanation. I asked how long that would take, she said she would text me next weekend. So now, the best couple of weeks in my dating life has now turned into a really confusing, lonely week. I am not sure what to even think. How to act. What happened? I have never had this happen before. I am trying to avoid contacting her, but I honestly miss her a lot and want to at least know what is going on, how she is feeling. Are we done? I considered sending her flowers to work today, just to let her know I still care about her and am thinking about her, but I don't know if that would have a negative impression or not. I just feel completely deflated and it has completely destroyed my confidence. Will she come back? I noticed she had deleted her Passfeed profile on Monday, so I don't think she is dating, or trying to date anyone else. Im just lost... Any advice?


perhaps that something had happened in her family
I think you should Contact her
and to support her if it's necessary
good luck, friend

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