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Elite Singles any Good?


Elite singles is a scam. I have not used their service in a year. I noticed a charge of 269.70 on my account. After searching for their contact, I found a number. The guy asked me to pay him 100$ ignorer to cancel the service. He basically told me that there is nothing I can do to prevent future charges. This is online service. I do not know who to report it to.


I joined Elite Singles NZ and to be honest, I am really disappointed with it. It claims that 90% of its premium members hold at least 1 bachelor's degree. Rubbish. Some of the people on the site cannot even string a sentence together and state they have no education. Some of the profile photos are disturbing - there is one guy on it and I cannot tell whether the photo was taken pre or post-mortem.


70 percent of the matches do not have pictures, which I’m assuming they aren’t paid members. You can ask for pictures which I assume is how elite singles pulls free membership people into a full membership. Most matches are far away. When I complained and asked for a refund they said I could only get a refund if it was the first three days. I’m assuming this is why there aren’t a lot of active users. Everyone is fed up and they just eat the mo why they’ve spent and never go on the website! Complete waste of money.


This site is a SCAM and terrible value for money.


I feel so stupid to have fallen so easy to this SCAM.
This website just scammed me of my hard earned $130.20 yesterday 03/14/18.
After they took my money from my account, they blocked me out, they keep sending me to the new users page to register and answer the questionnaire all over again. I have tried to send email, no answer, my bank try to call the phone number provided on the website, can't get through.


Quote by: Anonymous

I believe this site is a SCAM! I joined for a month just to check it out, at the cost of $59.00. Unlike other sites like, I was sent 8 "matches". With the zip codes incomplete, impossible to know where these people lived, but for sure, not within my "50 mile" distance preference. The "matches" never changed, there were never any new ones added, my "profile" was never viewed, and the few messages I tried to send were not noted on my "homepage"., nor were they replied to. It's as if I paid my money into some basement business with a website. On trying to get a response to my inquires on all this, there was a boilerplate email which did not answer any of my questions. On trying to remove myself from "auto renewal" (we all know about this one, and how they can hide this), there is nowhere to do this. You have to delete your membership, which I did...hopefully.

I am going to change my credit card info. attached to the account they accessed. BIG lesson for me!!

I totally agree with the above assessment of Elite Singles - it is a scam. I would get a notice that I received a message and then when I would respond (timely) I was told that the profile had been "closed" and then told the various reasons that might happen. Once, OK, maybe. FIVE TIMES??? No way. I give it a -0 stars. Don't waste your money. Our Time or Silver Seniors is much better.


Brutal! 75% of the profiles have no photos When I have sent a message no response. When I complained re the bulk of the profiles have no photos and they should advise potential customers of this the response was they would cancel my subscription when it runs out My experience with a non paying site? Much, much better


Don't bother. Matches are insanely inappropriate. They simply ignore your age and weight preferences. So-called matches are 20 per day, no more nor less. Most people whom you see haven't paid, which means they cannot contact you if you contacted them. Also, most accounts lack photos and the website's managers don't bother to take into account repeated complaints about this problem. Third, once you sent someone a smile, the money's gone. For good. Not worth the trouble, really. Do go out and meet someone in flesh and bones that way. Don't pay money to get frustrated and mad at yourself.


No. Their business practices are deceptive.

Besides all the stuff already mentioned, they send fake smiles. I applied for the 3-month membership to test it out. When the selection for possible connections in my area (with a 50 mile radius) was slim to none, I canceled my membership. All of the sudden I received smile messages from people coast to coast (Florida to Texas). I believe Elite Singles sent the fake smile messages to me in attempt to keep me from canceling. I replied to one of the smile messages asking if that person really sent the smile and provided a copy of the "smile". I got no response and suddenly the smile messages stopped coming. I believe they have created fake accounts in an effort to fool users to continue to pay them money.

This is a terrible, terrible business - they are predators.

Kim fun50yr old

Angry SUPER BEWARE Great site until they automatically roll you over at the end of your selected financial term WITHOUT ANY WARNING on the date signed up, which as months go, varies, that moment they CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD again. SUPER BEWARE. NO FEEDBACK NO REFUND. I suggest you cancel the moment you enter into their contract. be a good move. They then have to come to you, rather than YOU COP A HUGE FEE.
EVilL MONEY MAKERS if you don't cancel

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