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Elite Singles any Good?


Thank you all for the feedback on regards this
dating site! I have spent HOURS filling up my profile and was about to pay for the membership but after reading your comments I have changed my mind! By the name "Elite" I felt this could be a good dating site since I am tired of match,Ok Cupid,Christian Mingles,POF.... Tinder LOL where people seem not to be really serious. :-/ ... Does anyone know about a good dating site here in the USA? Thank you all!! Smile


Charging a premium to see profile pictures is not a reasonable feature at all. I wish I knew this before going through the whole process of registering. The other troubling point is receiving a multitude of smiles and winks from women whom on the first glance looked completely fake. I have used online dating for enough years to know that there is no way such a huge volume of women are prepared to make first contact! And to have women showing interest from another continent?! .... screams FAKE


Elite Singles tempts prospective marks with a "free" Basic membership level.

Normally, a so-called “Basic” level of membership would at the very least offer a limited number of features, or limited number of profile views and/or message exchanges, that would allow a member to see if the service was worth an upgrade -- LinkedIn is a typical example.

Elite's “Basic” level of membership offers absolutely nothing in the way of communication among members, other than a series of pop-ups demanding purchase of “Premium.”

One can’t view a profile picture or even read a message – only a pop-up saying “no-pay-no-see.”

The only thing “Elite” about this site is the level of sleazy coercive marketing.


I've been on more than a dating site and by far this is the WORST among them all! I was very unpleasantly surprised by how bad it is! I mean, I assumed that paying the amount that I paid, this would be a good decent site! Seriously: save your money, it is a big waste of your money and your time.

Here is my experience: I'm an older woman who is 42, but still, I know myself that I am not attracted to much older men who are in their 50s, I did fill all my specifications on this site and I specifically put with high importance that the criteria of the age of my matches should be be between 37 and 47, still everyday, I am matched with men who are 54 +! I sent millions of emails telling them about my dissatisfaction, I always got the answer that according to their system, they are matching me with whom they find good for me! So, I got angry at them telling them that I know myself much better than their system and I won't be going out with someone in their 50s as I am never attracted to a man in this age category! Still they kept on matching me with older men that won't fit my criteria, after millions of emails, I gave up! They dared to tell me to relax and be more open! I mean seriously! I know myself, I know what I want! But... they don't want to give me what I want! I paid big money for nothing.

The second annoying thing is that you don't have the ability to search and browse into the profiles! Yes! You can't! Because apparently, they think that they are so special knowing more than you about yourself! Yup, it is totally up to them to decide if you can see a profile or not! Because after all what do you know?! Right! They know better! NOT

The third and most annoying thing is when they match you with someone whom picture doesn't even appear! I mean... Seriously people... can you make your site a little bit more annoying! No way! So you have to read the profile, poke the person to see their picture and listen to this: even when someone send you permission to see their photos, most of the times, a picture does not even appear! So you give up! And accept the fact that you paid big money just for a bunch of the most annoying people in the universe to match you with what you don't want!

My advise: save your money and go on totally free dating sites, they are much better and chances are, whomever is on this silly site, would be also on the free one. Also, this way, you'll save yourself the annoyance to have to deal with the customer service people telling you none sense!


Thanks for the info! Just saw the commercial on TV and was considering joining...


This site is pure garbage! I believe, short of the few people who were duped into joining, most are fake profiles. I paid for the three months and lasted a whole three weeks. Majority of the so called matches were nowhere near what I'd call elite and I can find the same quality women in a trailer park around the house.


if seeing the questions myself I can't imagine how and u can't see if the other person is a member or not either so it could be pointless anyways. Lastly not one single positive review on here Cool


Deceptive. States site is free but you are unable to read email or see pics without paying. Just say no.


Awful. Wasted time creating a profile and going through the lengthily questionnaire just to find out that I had to buy a membership in order to view profiles and pictures.

I have no issue paying membership fees to get full access to all features (sending messages etc), but to have to do that without being able to browse first? That's ridiculous. Don't waste your time.


This site is an absolute scam. They will hook you in through the the free membership, post paying for 6 months, I've sent over 400 message, not 1 has been replied or opened. The response from the customers service was tough, and or please send your passport details.
Surely this needs to be closed down !

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