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Match.com is a joke these people are set up for dating services they take hard earning people's money and act like you're going to find this love one around the corner and then bombard you with everybody in the United States wanting to try and take you on a perverted Trail instead of an honest loving living relationship that I have Found in the pass by online dating on farmersonly.com by the way so talkmatch perfect farmer all these other crazy dating science I would have to suggest and recommend to any and all who want to find true love to try and stay on maybe your Facebook do not fool with these web dating sites they're absolutely on a dead-end road and your credit card and your computer and your love life I think it's like shooting dice.

when they come out of your hand .. you never know what to expect I guess that's why they call it crap and craps is what it is online dating not from me.


OK here it is guys and ladies, navigating the site properly and doing the screening .
The sites only use those little likes coffee , shopping, etc. As there criteria.
They promote matches based on that.There are many goofy options to hide your profile from others screen and goofy options not even understandable.
So if your 50 and the girl of guy vise versa is 20 , they do not use criteria, age, height, physical requirements, education, or income requirements, area you live in for matches.
All these are the most important things to the ladies. Match doesn't use these.
The winks and the favorites and hearts are a lame promotional thing they put up a picture of a couple of ladies or guys you hit like or no. Also the wink thing lame.
You can send a message it is best small or detailed and then go back to who viewed you. OK now she winds up or he reads your profile. OK doesn't like your profile, will not reply back. But they did view your profile after you messaged them. Just didn't make the height money others mentioned before. The girls 99% start at $100,000 minimum and high as $250,000 your expected salary that is 1 criteria . Then the above mentioned items.
Also many profiles go and deactivate themselves. Their is even a option to hide profile from others while you scan the matches,
I do know many of the ladies on match, even got their emails, met in library coffee shops. Never got response from any but their they were on match, OK now I know what there looking for income requirements $150,000 and up.
So on my end match got me for 1 month, but man oh man All these girls are great singers , I'm living in a material world and I am a material girl,
OK I sent a complaint use the salary height age etc. Mentioned above as Requirements as priorities for matches.
Those ladies would soon find out that the numbers of gentlemen out there is minimum.
Essentially what I'm saying is bye keeping a large open format with limit rules in place for men and women it looks like their is a great abundance of compatible men and womem out there. Your profile will not be used for matches on their site. Oh yes they are singing again you have the money honey I got the time.Sorry for the good sincere very, very, few ladies who are out there, don't mean to put you in the awful category.
I do read the complaints of the ladies , OK guys looking for that handsome $250,000
6'2" athletic 40 ish perfect man. OK lady your 50 get real he has the pick of the world. So I guess in a way I got my money's worth here. I share the profiles after laughing at myself for signing up with some acquaintance's.They laugh twice as hard and say did actually pay for this. Yea i did LOL


I am feeling quite disgusted I too have just started I think it is a scam


Match and Ourtime total scams. total BS

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