I spent several hours on a profile thinking some conversation would be nice. I had my account disabled within 12 hours! I realized I was very direct about the fact I am politically active. I believe every level of political office must be held to the highest moral and ethical standards. I work for child and homeless issues. That's it. I was censored by the male-dominated pity party that sits on the site because REAL, educated and financially sound women won't date them. E-harmony is very matter of fact - it could be I am lying about my age, job, etc. Well, I own my own biz, a retired teacher and mother of 6, Christ follower all the way. Do I sound like the type tripping security cues all over the place? Apparently, having a political view outside the "old boys club" means you cannot be a harmonious resident of the e-harmony empire. To their censorship and shameless misogynist agenda - I say PISS OFF then. I have screenshots of all my interactions and - word to the wise - if your profile offends the delicate constitution of its more senior members, they can kick you off AND you forfeit ANY money you ave paid. That is the hidden political agenda at work. That is e-harmony in the USA, censorship, sexism, and political agenda.

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