My boyfriend and I see each other about once every month. He lives about 6 hours away. He is sweet, smart and we always have fun together. He has all the qualities I look for in a man.

It will be our first year anniversary in two weeks and we plan to go on a trip to a bed and breakfast for the weekend. When we talked on the phone about the trip he had brought up the fact that we haven't said "I love you" to each other yet. In past relationships he said the longest it took him to say these words was 7 months, though he had always said it after his exes had said it first. It is the same with me, my exes always have said the words first.

He also said I do not seem enthusiastic about our relationship. I am a little confused because I am excited about our relationship. I can tell he really cares for me as I do for him. It is almost like the love is there it is just neither one of us has said those 3 little words.

How can I take our relationship to the next level and get us both to take a more active role in our relationship?

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Hello. This is a common problem - from our experience it doesn't hurt to be too enthusisatic about how you feel if your in the first exciting stages of your relationship. Declarations need to be made, feelings discussed, otherwise how will your other half know? They are not mind readers. Actions do speak louder than words but sometimes words support and reaffirm the actions. Your love comes across in your post; so be this honest with him and see how it goes. Keep us posted and good luck Smile

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yes I completely agree with the above post because the things would resolve only when you are supposed to be serious on it and after having discussion only you would be able to find what is happening and for this what needs to be done.


I totally agree with you.
Anyway, no need to tell anything if you allow the other person to "feel" what you mean.
Words are just words, facts are important...


Actions speaks louder than words.

Even if you never say I LOVE YOU to each other it doesn't mean that you never have the same feelings to each other.

Continue to show your love and affection that is present right now.