I actually got something from them and they had my Match password and user name. Not sure how they got that. Never heard of them before.

Ranger Bob69

Tired Must be a scam, Just like you said, responses sent to mailbox, when you respond , back its like they all feel off a cliff or something, but when your subscription expires, they all want to talk to you again, Kiss my Ass, you bogus pricks, I will never join another dating site again.... Mr. Green


also person named PeepPaula1984 on match.com sends people to go to pure matchup which is another site that sends you to heardetectives.com


The latest one on match.com is SammieCupcake10 saying she has no subscription but she can be found at racydates. I reported the profile to match a week ago but they have done nothing. I'm tired of getting my hopes up only to see the "I'm not a subscriber but I can be found at _____.com. Nice to know match won't even do anything about the scammers now. Jerks.

Patricia Freilich

This makes no Sense. I found my husband on Heart Detectives Without Paying anything to them, We have been Married for 12 Years. Make sure you are using The right Heart Detectives dating sight. The only way to meet someone on their site is to search. They do not send you possible matches, And THEY DO NOT CHARGE YOU FOR ANYTHING.