I have been single for over 3 years now and am 35 I have been on lots of dating sights and almost all are terrible! Women are soooo stuck up and will almost never message you back! I would consider myself average looking and average job and that's not good enough for most women! I once changed my income level on zoosk to the highest amount then I got lots of messages so that proves women are gold diggers! I have been disappointed on all my dates except one from tinder! She was 23 and a part time model and way to hot for me but she liked my personality enough to meet for dinner! And we had a good conversation but she wanted kids and I'm done with that so we are just friend's now but I felt like a stud for a night lol. Over all my opinion of dating sights is don't waste your time or your money and it mostly kills your self esteem from all the rejection!


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I'm sick of online dating sites. All I ever get are girls who want to hookup. Once, two separate girls contacted me wanting a threesome, and they had already conspired together to go on the hunt! Where are the decent girls who want to get married and have kids? I'm tired of easy one night stands. That's all I get online.

Your nuts mate. Most men would kill for this. Or you are lying!


I have had quite a few dates. Some nice, some just, well... not. Had to delete my profile because one man that I did not pursue, created multiple profiles with different pics and bios. He would email me and apparently, a couple of times I fell for it. He would set up public meeting for 1st meeting and then not show. I finally realized the last time that it was same person because I messaged my work cell to him from location and he called me from a cell and said I was at wrong location and told me to drive to another. I got to the other, he was not there either. I called that number back and no answer. Got home, did a look up on number and it was the name of a guy from weeks earlier that I declined to continue with on site and not the name of the person I was supposed to meet that night. Then it dawned on me this person did this to me more than once. How angry do you have to be, to do this childish stuff? Anyway, even with a few decent 1st meetings, no sparks and that night showed me it was time to delete my profile from that disgusting site.


I find that men on POF are very shallow. I married a man from POF, now I am divorced.

Big Mike

Glad you asked . A lot of women on the sites are mental/jaded/psychotic/x-cons or just weird . On woman i met we got together and she was great but i soon found out she was married and wanted me to move in and sex her up while the hubby was at work , she was a nympho and hot as f#%k , did her twice when i found stuff out that i didn't want to know . After a month or two i got on again and found Donna...what a mistake...found out she was a x-meth cooker and her son was a house burglar and her mom...Donna was the get away driver . WTH..... It would be in your best intrest to pay 15.00 for a back ground check before dating . They lie, hide the truth and one day a slip of their tongue and you are single again . The one i am with now is psycho, suicidal and her son bangs up meth n heroin . Currently i am waiting to leave . I am a diabetic and i had no car to leave but i just got a scooter for 125.00 and fixed it so it runs now , next is tag/insurance and month after next I'll be leaving . Most women on there will say " no hooking up or sex... Bulls#*t , first time i met a woman she was tugging my pants down 5 minutes after meeting them . Try not to have sex with a very horny lady and see how psycho they are after ya turn them down . I was there to start a relationship not a fwb . I would go to a bar , club or something else , i have wasted 12 years with crazy ass women , they weren't crazy at first but the psycho will rear it's head when you least expect it . Hope this helps...


I am a 65 year old man, average looking, I have met a few women off pof over the years.

However never met one I could trust. The women on there complain about how many men lie about their intentions or whatever.

Well it works both ways. They are all game players. Avoid this site entirely.


Following on from my post 7 years ago. Yep I got a relationship. Was quite good in the beginning but is very slowly deteriorated.
I paid for EVERYTHING .
Then one night a friend was in my house and during a discussion she upped and walked out.
The friend followed her.
A few minutes later he returned laughing. !!
Firstly she said that I had not moved her in . (there were VERY good reasons why I didn't.)
Then she said that she was upset that I was leaving my house to my daughter in my will !!!
So back to POF.
In those 7 years the site has changed .
Stuck up ,over inflated ego, rude women.Most playing games.
Nobody wants to meet and actually see you face to face. That leads me to believe that many are using old photos. In fact you can see that are a lot of old photos when they post more than one picture !! An age range of 20 years for some.
Since I came back not one date from POF. I had one date from another site who got me to pay and stated she never wanted a relationship only a companion ( ie a meal ticket)
The second date I got collapsed in my house and I had to call paramedics !! I didn't know her second name which everyone found amusing. She had no money on her and no I.D.
Guess what I never saw her again !!

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I met 2 guys from that site. And both were jerks.

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