I found a site called

It is filled with all sorts of special interest things like Dallas Singles, Dallas independent film buffs, DFW knitting club, something called The lair which I suspect is just a bunch of buys talking about dating and many other topics.

I went to the film meet up twice. The idea is to go to the event (movie in my case) and then go out to dinner and get to know one another and I assume over time , develop freindships.

The first film I went to, it was a nice event.

The second time, it was poorly run with an inconvient time (12PM on a Sunday!)

But I begin to read about other meetup groups in other cities and saw one for something called Lock and Key.

The conept is NOT a swingers thing but the men get a key and try to match it to a lock that a certain woman is wearing.

There are these Lock and Key events in a lot of cities but I don't have a direct link.

The conept sounds good and a lot better than going to a bar by yourself which is a promise of going home unhappy and broke.

This Is an organized event but seems kind of expensive after paying from $20-#30 to get in (remember this is the one in Dallas and it costs the same as the one in New York City which everything is about twice as expensive as in Dallas).

Also you have to valet park your car unless you want to take a chance on trying to find a place yourself.

You get one free drink and things to munch on until 9:00 PM. Supposedly you should have made a new friend or two by then and of coursem the drinks are now $$$.

I can see the potential but the cost when added up could run you around $100.00.

And remember, this is the South where wages are low compared to other places.

One final note is that most meetups are not expensive. The movie thing is free for the first 3 events and then $5.00 per quarter. But some of the events are geared to take advantage of the lonley singles. Plus the cost of dinner, film and any junk food at the movie.

I just don't see how something that seems like a good concept like Lock and Key events has to be so expensive. But maybe if it DID work, the cost is justified (and of course it is in an area of Dallas that is literally nearly two counties away from whee I live-don't they think that there are singles in the East side of Dallas?

Between the cost of gas, and just living, dating is beginning to be fore the few (another topic).

But just wondered if anyone had any experience with Lock and Key events.


I have been to a Lock and Key event and they are lots of fun.

It was way better than the normal get together at some restaurant, club, etc and just sitting around looking at one another until everyone gets that liquid courage to come around and mingle.

Of course I am a outgoing person so I get bored easy! hahaha

But I thought it was well worth the price. If you find a promo code you can get in for $20.

If you just went out to have a drink and some appertizers or even if you went out to eat and then to the club you would still be getting out less expensive.

Of course you get to meet members of the opposite sex that you know are single. Along with chances of winning prizes!

Was a really good time for me at!


Wow so much talk for so little offerings. Starting with pay at least dozen people could not pre pay even if they tried to. 30 At door Lie
I had to pay 32 even if I did rspv just like it was instruction and got confirmation email. Keys and locks worked only for few ppl some got dozens some hardly one. You would think place would be packed but it was only about 20-35 ppl in there more then few guys were slime. Sexual intenduo from some was jaw dropping one guy was old enough to be my grandfather. I seen few cute guys and talked to them but many others looked either snobish or bored out of their minds. 2 perhaps were dressed nice rest like they just rolled out of bed not even wiff of Cologne on them. Am sure person who put her time and effort in this is lovely and she worked hard. But it was like suffle lots of work lots of possibility and then Flat
Music sucked prices to do yourself favor and head on somewhere else next time.