So what I have read in other forums is the majority of the women believe that it is perfectly alright to keep their male friends, single or not. I don't understand why anyone would put friendship in front of your partner. This is the person you are suppose to care about. I understand that no one has the right to tell anyone who they can stop talking too, except IMO in this case.


It's very rare for a woman to have "true" male friends.

I know that guys want to sleep with girls. It's natural instinct. So for the most part, there really are no "guy friends", it's just a bunch of guys who don't have to guts to tell you that they like you or they figure if they wait around long enough, you'll change your mind about them.

It's no different than someone who spends alot of money and time to throw parties so they can surround themselves with people and feel that they are a "social person"

When I'm dating a guy exclusively, I don't really talk to other guys. It's not fair to the guy I am with and it's not fair to the guy who is trying to talk to me. Iif I was the kind of girl who did try to hook as many people as possible for attention with pseudo friendship, then I would be the kind of girl that men should walk away from.


Hey guys hold on I'm here! Nice discussion going on, right. this is absolutely right for a female mate to have true male friends bcoz every male wants a girl as a bed partner. It's ok because its a normal human instinct... About CAT, she is a good girl.... Keep it up with your dating or whatever relationship you're carrying on.