I've been told by some that I'm afraid of relationships. That I fall for these women because I just like the idea of being with them w/o actually being with them. That I always want what is unattainable.

I got through long periods of time where I don't care if I ever meet anyone. Then, every now and then, I meet a girl that I really like, that I feel a spark with. However, these girls always seem to be with someone already. And even after I find out that they are attached, I continue to pine for them.

Eventually I get over these women somehow, but the wheel just rolls on if ya catch me.

Now I'm not talking married women here.

Someone told me once that chances are, if you see an appealing girl, she's already involved, and if she isn't, it 'aint for long.

So whaddya think? Can anyone relate?

And yes, there is a girl right now in my life who falls into this category. I'm not getting into details since I know what everyone's gonna tell me, and I don't want to hear it.