Just became a member at . Its a huge rip-off. They have 3 memberships : basic , premium and vip .
I took the premium which gave the impression of free email contact . But its not true : you can only send one email and the rest have to pay for each mail : 8$ ... ouchhh!
Furthermore the ladies are PAID for there contact with you because they encourage you to take the vip membership which is almost $50 .
They have some beautiful ladies who try to seduce you to go for a chat which is crazy expensive . The beautiful ladies say they have only " agency-email" or " there own email is too slow for contact" . All lies!!

Boshe moi

Warning - not about russian women - but about the scamming dating sites ...

Hotrussianbrides is a very sophisticated website, very slick, both in appearance and in every thing they claim.

The on the site are paid - maybe not directly by the website, like the website says, "we don't pay the women, that would be unethical". But the website is a portal for "dating agencies" and the dating agencies are paid for site usage (every letter adn minute of chatting costs money on the site) and the agencies pay the girls.

They recruit girls - they also provide the girls with computers and internet access - computers which block all other communication programs like email or skype.

The agencies use ghostwriters - they use fake profiles - one ghostwriter will often work as many as 20 fake profiles.

Occassionally a ghostwriter will start to feel guilty and will spill all the information about how the scams work.

al bundie

Found elenas models to be the best, in fact meet my girlfriend through them.
Meet others (girls) in Moscow in person, and the woman were completely real and as stunning as the pics.
So I can say that this site is in fact real, compared t the other 95% of them which are complete scammers. However to say that there wouldn't be some scammers on this site (elenas models) would be pretty stupid would think. Just be sensible and state quite clearly to the grls from the start about your fears of getting scammed. And how you will not enter in to any money giving etc etc.


Elenas Models is indeed real, I met my wife via that website. For the most part it is true about Russian women. Beautiful, intelligent but most of all very family and marriage minded. If you are ready for a serious relationship, then it is a great way to meet someone on the same page. BTW, there is so much scams, fakes and expensive rubbish out there.


Heads up, After 2 years look at varies Russian Dating sites best value for money and realistic ages differences has to be Elena's Models.

You do not get bombarded with girls who want to chat with an old man as you do with Anastasia. Anastasia uses Sub agency and can not control them after all the revenues in USD this is the key for these guys, so work it out. If you are getting excuses that they can not load Skype, Yahoo and other basic communication software then think again.

Baltic Ladies, well do not bother another revenue raising exercise for both parties as is Anastasia. The signs are there for investigation in fraudulent behavior but it will not happen as men are too embarrassed to admit burning a few dollars. Watch your heart and Wallet.

Conclusion Elena Models smashes the rest, good work, your site will over take the rest.
Anastasia and Baltic Ladies well think again unless you want blow some dollars.


I found this site

Scam as hell...maybe the ladies are real but they want you to pay for communication and they don't even arrange for a trip to meet them!!!

I mean, they cannot make so many ridiculous profiles but paying $100 of dollars just to chat isn't fair.


Yeah in my experience (I've tried 3 different ones), all Russian women websites are complete scams. Do not trust them. All the women are paid to string you along as long as possible.


Tutvusin ühe vanema vene naisega ühel peol.Mina olin siis 19.aastane ja teiste tuttavate ütlusel oli daam 61.aastane.Võtsime seal alkoholi ja olime lõbusad ning ühel hetkel tahtis daam minuga jalutada metsateel.Jalutamise ajal ta katsus mind jalgevahelt ja ise itsitas.Minul tekkis mõte et paneks talle siin metsas taha.Proovisin teda suudelda mis ka kohe õnnestus,tundsin kohe vene daami kuuma kirglikust.Ta pani ennast põlvili minu ette ja ma andsin oma munni talle suhu.Pärast kui ma tal püksid maha tõmbasin oli ta jalgevahe väga karvane.Kui ma teda nikkudes kuulsin tema valjusi häälitsusi orgasmi saabumisel tekkis mul hetkeks väike hirm.Vene mutid on väga kiimalised kui nad on väheke alkoholi tarvitanud.

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I worked on dating sites on the Ukrainian / Russian side!
All paid sites that promise you acquaintance with Russian Belarusian Ukrainian and
other girls cheating! I know their whole system how it works and I will tell you with joy!
And yet I have a complete database of girls who were ever registered there!
Yes, the girls are real, but everyone is deceived, and you and them!
I can talk for free about this whole system of deception!

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