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Long Distance Relationship (online)

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Your thoughts on this are appreciated... Have you? How did it work out/result? Am I crazy?
I met someone online and I really like her, we clicked on all levels but have yet to meet in person.
Just want some thoughts before I jump in this pool head first!




This kind of relation really works well. Even I found my match online where we both understands each other and have a very good relationship and bonding with each other... Smile

You must go ahead with your relationship... Smile


It's dangerous. Especially when you get involved with the person you are with heavily.

I was in one for 4 years. We met up every holiday, and during the summer. We just broke up. It certainly doesn't help when you fall in love with them. Just keep in mind that you can get hurt, and that you may end up breaking up. If you think you feel powerless when you break up normally, it hurts much more when they are hundreds of miles away from you.


I've been in a LDR for 4 years and it has been wonderful. I would love to live closer to my guy and see him more often, that part I do not like. But, I have thought about this and it is too good to give up. I read forums where women and men have been in distance relationships that have gone sour and I often hear, "never again". When I first met this man (on-line) I had no intention whatsoever of meeting him in person. Zero. Wasn't gonna happen. So, it was safe to tell him stuff. He's worth the wait and if we don't end up together he's worth the time I have spent with him. I suppose you could ask yourself, "if this takes off, am I prepared to move?" Cause it could come to that if you're lucky enough to meet someone really special.



I`m also in online relationship from last 1.5 years , the tough part is some time ity is really very difficult to decipher what other person is trying to say or why he/she is hiding their feelings.



I would say, if you and your possible loved one are miles apart and you don’t get to see each other but this what you want, it is important to maintain a presence in each other's daily lives as much as possible. Perseverance is the key along with the desire to make it work despite the distance between you. Yes, it is the little things you do to let your loved one know you are missing and thinking of them that matter and make it worthwhile. It is vital to make sure you and your partner are on the same page commitment-wise before you dive deeper into it. Big Grin


Well, I'm glad for you buddy. Heads up and continue and never give up. In that kind of relationships, you need patience but not only you, the girl next to you as well. I am nineteen years old and when I was eighteen, I met the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen. For a moment, I thought that it would definitely be impossible for me to be with that kind of girl, she was kind, nice, very pretty and I could stare her Avatar for hours, sitting and drowning in my own pool of love.

It all begin with the idea to be friends as we've always been, we were actually being together almost all of the time. Had the most amazing summer together, we were together from 1 PM until 7 AM. Basically we were always waiting for the sun to come out, looking outside of the window and praying that one day, one of us will at least travel to the other. I was completely and fully, unconditionally in love with her, then she told me that her feelings seem to disappear. I was crushed, I couldn't go out, I was paralyzed to the chair, hoping and staring to see the little icon on Skype that somebody has wrote to me. I couldn't take it anymore so I had to move on and now, I think I have. I'm still quite sad but It's all in the past.

It was, probably the most beautiful year of my entire life, full with laughs, tears, joy, happiness and a lot of love. Unfortunately, she decided that she can not wait three years to meet me, I could have, but it always depends on the both sides.

I didn't really had luck with my long distance relationship, which had 7 countries between us, but that doesn't mean that any of you wouldn't. I would rather say good luck and one day, you will meet the love of your life, I hope that it does work for you.


If you are in school long distance relationships do not work. It doesn't matter if you skype online every night or send texts every hour. There is just to many distractions and other single people the same age looking for a relationship.

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Quote by: Anonymous

If you are in school long distance relationships do not work. It doesn't matter if you skype online every night or send texts every hour. There is just to many distractions and other single people the same age looking for a relationship.

Yes, this is exactly what happened to me. Long distance relationship just doesnt work.


I think Long distance relationship never work for couples. But if he loves you and you trust him then it can be possible.

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