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Is there something wrong with me?

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Absolutely nothing wrong with you. My roommate is exactly your age, 25. She's beautiful, a USA team Tae kwon do champ, highly religious, and has chosen to wait. Not really for marriage but for a good guy. Guess her relationship status..single

Face the facts, good people are hard to find in this world now-a-days, both men AND women. You're a good person of principles. Love yourself and someone will love you. (if you're weight is unhealthy then something should be done, otherwise, you're good)

You're problem is not a sex problem, it's the same problem everyone faces, only difference is, your decisions are made easier by the fact that sex does not cloud your judgement.


Dating is about numbers. Statistically, you will get better results if you're charismatic, attractive, wealthy, confident, and sexy. However, if you're none of those things and the person likes you anyway, I think your long term chances are better. You will have to search hard to find someone who is interested if you don't have many of the characteristics above.

You asked if something is wrong with you. From your post, you said that you are obese, a virgin, and you think something's wrong with you. Those are not very positive things. My suggestion would be to flirt and touch your date on the hand or arm. Be confident. You don't have to have sex, but you can hint that you're interested. Also, be feminine. Wear a dress. Get the book "Surrendered Single."

You seem to be resistant to the idea of losing weight. Its not easy but it can be done and it will be good for your health. Your health insurance may even pay for weight loss surgery.

But if you don't want to lose weight, see my other suggestions. Stop focusing on what's wrong and try to improve your other characteristics. Dating is all about numbers. If you keep trying, you will find someone.

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