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Men who don't call back and disappear.

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Yeah this goes both ways. I have had women not return my calls. I just realize they are not interested and move on. When someone is interested they will call back and then you know you have something to work with.

Look from a factual perspective

These are the men who can sustain a first date but who are so emotionally weak and insecure about themselves they would not know what to do or talk about on a second meeting so they therefore date different woman (looks good on the surface??? or does it? ) but in reality hides a deeper problem in that these men do not know how to communicate or relate to a woman which puts in perspective why men do not call back.


As a guy, I discovered very early in my dating life about calling.

How many women actually care about the guys feelings.

Women screen their calls, women eat up the guys time and money with no intention of anything serious. Women cancel dates at the last second.

As a man who has experienced some of this, why would I treat dating any differently.

Women lie about being busy so as not to hurt the guys feelings.
If I don't call, it the same.

If I think things have potential, I will call again, but If i get mixed signals or don't believe there is reason to call, why would I even spend 5 minutes on her, she wouldn't on me.

Our poster said he took her out, spent money on her, invested time, showed interest, asked her out again, gave his phone number, dates when to call, asked her to call. The ball was in your court dear.
Obviously he saw her for the time waster that she was.
Why would she expect him to call?
There are lots of women out there who might actually want a relationship.

A date doesn't mean sex, but part of the point in dating is developing a connection. If a girl sits on the other side of the table and interviews a guy testing him to see how much he will invest in her with nothing in return, she may actually get nothing.

I actually enjoy calling someone who is excited to hear from me.
You want another call, show that you are interested.
You want a date, say yes when he asks, do his activity, don't pick it apart, suggest another date if that one is not good for you.
Actually show up, someone who cancels a first date might not get a second chance.

If you had a date that was good and I got to like you, cancelling the seccond might be ok as long as you show that you still want another date, but canceling the first date, I look and say I don't even know her yet, how much effort do I want to spend on somebody I don't know. Why would I even call?

Now a girl who sits beside you, takes an interest, shows she wants to see you again, when you get close, leans towards you, does not walk away to see if you will follow. All the little tests that women do kill things on both sides.

I'm not trying to write a book here, but you would never put up with the same kind of crap.

It is up to you if you want to sit at home or actually go out and have some fun.

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