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Guys,if you that cheap(sorry),why you date a women? Don't do it and save your moneySmile Or if you like to have a women by you -be ready for expences...Men is always should be a GENTELMEN .

Gold diggers like you are best avoided.

Ah so when a guy will only pay half the bill he's cheap, but you're not cheap despite not wanting to contribute ANYTHING? Hilarious.

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I'm not sure what has happened to males of this generation. Here is something to think of : Chivalry is not dead. Dutch is for losers and the unemployed. If you fall into one of these two categories you are not disqualified but you should be honest and admit it. If you are not employed due to no fault of your own you will eventually land a position. If you highest ambition in life is to be a house husband admit it and be prouf of it.
The date iniator pays for the date. That means if you are a woman and you invite a man out you pay. If you are a man and you invite a woman out you pay.
That said in 34 years on this earth I have never asked a guy on a date. I truly believe in the mantra of the book of He's just not that into you. Trust me from experience if he truly is interested in you as a life partner he will not let you pay for a date. If he lets you pay for a date he likes you but not like he likes you as his forever partner/forever spouse/wife. If he lets you pay he likes you like a friend or like better than nothing.
Just My Honest Opinion Mr. Green

She is correct.

Otherwise, a man can go to the dollar store & buy himself a banquet dinner & a tube of lube for self pleasuring.

Total cost= $2 & guaranteed happy ending!

If your more well off, consider the price of a round trip ticket to Parumph, Nevada, the only place in the USA where prostitution is tack on the cost of entrance to The Bunny Ranch or The Chicken Ranch. I imagine a short party w/ simple, basic no frills sex would be about 1K at least- now tack on the travel & lodging maybe dropping a c-note weekly on dates until one gets a LTR w/ sex going doesn't seem so costly.

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