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In this day and age ... when you're dealing with people over 50 ... and assuming both parties have jobs and/or sufficient financial resources ... who should pay for dates? Some of my dates sit back and let me pay for everything (which I do) and some of my dates immediately offer to split the bill (which I appreciate). How does everyone handle this?


Being a guy in his thirties I find I tend to pay for everything on most dates. Some woman do offer but I usually say don't worry about unless they press the issue. I find if they press the issue it is a sign of the date not going well LOL I usually don't have another date with those people.


I'm 50 and find that the men I go out with assume they are going to pay for the check. I'm always prepared to pay my half or the whole check though and most of the time, offer to do so. When the check is brought, I usually bring out my wallet and if not told to put it away, will lay a bill that is at least half on the check. Smile

However, as I said, I rarely have paid on a date. In fact, one time, after having watched an episode of Dr. Phil and deciding I needed to assert myself in making a statement, that I was not looking for a free ride but would be a partner in the arrangement, I insisted on paying the bill, which was less than $20. The man I was with was very upset, it was a first date, and there was not a second. Neutral

Mike in Cincy

Last summer I went out with a woman (39) that lived about 50 miles from me. I always drove up to get her and she never offered to pay for anything. I addressed this on the third date and stated that if I'm the one driving to see you then you should at least offer to pay half,(or even cook a dinner) if you come down to see me then I have absolutely no problem paying for everything. She worked in a hospital and made pretty good money. She said she was old-fashioned and believed that the man should pay for everything. The last time I saw her I drove up to her house, we got a couple of videos (which I bought) and asked her to go half on a pizza $6. That was the last time we went out. She emailed me and said "She didn't feel special if she had to pay for anything" How about the 100 mile round trip I took just to see her? That doesn't make her feel special? We did go to a few expensive restaurants before that in which I paid for everything. I guess gold-diggers come in all shapes and sizes....


Guys,if you that cheap(sorry),why you date a women? Don't do it and save your moneySmile Or if you like to have a women by you -be ready for expences...Men is always should be a GENTELMEN .


Sounds like you want a man to pay for all your fun in life. How about him paying for your food even when he is not there or pay your rent?

You are the type that makes a man not want to date but save theri money and take a sex holiday to Thailand. And that DOES happen.

So come off your high horse. What makes YOU so special. Do you *censored* like a snake as the saying goes?b

just passing by

In my opinion, the person who does the inviting should pay.


I am a 25 yr old female and usually when i go on a date I pay my own share of things. To be honest this is something I am quite sick of. I think for the first few dates (2-4 dates) the man should pay. I am not that brave when it comes to initiating a first date, so when I am on a date I am the "invited" not the "invitee" and in this situation I think proper date protocol is the gentleman is responsible for things. Rolling Eyes Cool


I'm not sure what has happened to males of this generation. Here is something to think of : Chivalry is not dead. Dutch is for losers and the unemployed. If you fall into one of these two categories you are not disqualified but you should be honest and admit it. If you are not employed due to no fault of your own you will eventually land a position. If you highest ambition in life is to be a house husband admit it and be prouf of it. The date iniator pays for the date. That means if you are a woman and you invite a man out you pay. If you are a man and you invite a woman out you pay. That said in 34 years on this earth I have never asked a guy on a date. I truly believe in the mantra of the book of He's just not that into you. Trust me from experience if he truly is interested in you as a life partner he will not let you pay for a date. If he lets you pay for a date he likes you but not like he likes you as his forever partner/forever spouse/wife. If he lets you pay he likes you like a friend or like better than nothing. Just My Honest Opinion Mr. Green


There sure are a LOT, repeat LOT of women that are golddiggers. WHY should a man pay for everything so you can spend you money on yourself?

Get real. With high gas prices, people losing himes, etc, dating is now a treat.

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