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This site is such *censored*, their programming is not working properly, one day I get 10 messages from woman in Boston, one after another, next group of woman from Phildelphia, a group of woman from Newburgh NY. I never received a return message from any message I returned. I wrote over 150 return messages. Dont waste your time or money. Total scam

How could I get so many emails from the same location, one after another without having other locations in between.


The images of women on Sweet Discreet are stolen from other websites. I've checked out the images through Don't waste your money! It's all fake. They want you to pay for the video chats. That's where they make their big $'s.

Mike D.

I fell for it, I think partly because I found it doing a PCH (Publisher Clearing House),
search. Psychologically tying in some form of legitimacy.

First, it IS well designed.

Little captions show up, when a subscriber is viewing your profile, or sending you a
message. It can be fun!

Pictures are pretty damned hot too, they all seemed to tie into the person you were
talking to. Seriously convincing.
What made me do a 'scam search', was the oddness of never getting a chat going.
You have to go through the 'mail' system to chat.
O.K., so ... I use the mail system.
They would START the conversation, with a intriguing message, but after I wrote
back, NOTHING.
Granted, my requests or verbage is for an adult site, but after HotMama4You,
would log-on, and send a message, 'Hi Baby, what's up?', and then I send
a message, two days in a row... and no response....
Same for all the other 'messages', maybe 15 different 'profiles'.
So I thought, maybe, this whole system is a BOT!!!
What a way to make a buck! Quite imaginative.
We are talking and paying a BOT!


My experience was the same as: Got lots of faves, flirts, private key requests, and quick messages from "women" members but then not a single response from those same members to my replies. Then I checked google image search and found all of them...I mean ALL of them...scattered all over the net on various MILF sites. Luckily all they got out of me was a $1.95 trial.


One more thing, before I caught on, I included my yahoo messenger ID in a reply to a message from one of their bogus "members." Within hours I received a rash of phony IM's in yahoo that all turned out to be spambots shilling for equally bogus dating and cam sites.

doesn't matter

Mike on 10/20/13 summarizes it perfectly. I felt for it as well although I had strong suspicions from the beginning. My suspicions were confirmed when I did Google picture search on many of them and they almost all showed up including more extensive picture galleries. I must say thought that most girls in these fake profile are really, really hot and some are out of this world. Russia and Eastern Europe seem to have a lot of gorgeous chicks. Seeing every parts of these girls in the most sexy poses might actually have been worth the money. (you can get the same better quality pics and more of them free online)


I agree with everyone here and i havent even signed up! I fould an ad for the site on Craigslist and it was posted in the jobs section saying they needed help setting up platforms and whatnot for their shows? Makes no sense. Then i replied to the post to get more info and they lure you into the site and to sign up. Then go from there. Huge scam. Never sign up to any site that takes your Credit card number. Good luck guys. Stay alert!


Does anyone know a ligit "Just for Sex" or "Hookup" site that's good. I'm looking for local women up to 30 miles or less.



Thanks for saving me guys! Got as far as creating a profile but when it kicked me to a credit card subscription my suspicions were confirmed. I took a second and asked myself, if she was inviting you to a group thing they'd just as easily ask for a donation at the door to cover expenses for food and the room which you could pay in cash. Why would they need a cc subscription? I had a suspicion that this was fake, emails returned way to soon and the cc form just confirmed it. Thanks again!


There is one girl names jaymee text me about this sweet discreet on fb..she wants me to pay the money even im not make any booking..if i dont want to pay,she said her boss will kill what u guys think that i should do?sweet discreet company is totally scam right?that girl said this party held at shang ri la hotel kl..hope u guys can response

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