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dating sides a total fraud


well pissed off with shagaholic, im 53 and sick to the back teeth of 'matches' that are 21 and 22 year olds and as for a shag every night, no point in matching me with a Canadian when im in UK, long way for a shag. Sign up if you will to the three day trial but beware the repeat billing that YOU have to cancel. I did and they still charged me and now they will not respond to my e-mails requesting refund. Have had 1 or two responses but nothing like the site suggests and as for women who do respond with 'im looking for romance' just what do they think this site is, the clue is in the name SHAGaholic.


Has anyone ever had shagaholic make up an account of them and get a picture from somewhere of them? It seems like I never signed up and then it out of the blue has my picture too and is sending me emails.


I am pissed off with them too! Has anyone gotten off their site successfully?


surprising how many women there from my small town on shagaholic. They're all fake and you couldnt pick out if there was a true one anyway. Ashley Madison's is the same.. fake fake fake


There's a good reason why you will find profiles of women looking for romance on a site like shagaholic. What happens is when you create a profile on these type of sites, the profile also gets used on other similar sites without your knowledge. So they have probably join a completely different site, looking for a relationship. All these sites are corrupt. Never give them your money.


Hi I've been with Shagaholic now for 1 month have been reped off 2 times now one girl ask me for 300 for a safety check so she knows that I was safe and the told me she had lied to me and ask me for more money the other got me on to trusted member site for an Id witch cost me 450 and then the site sed to her that my id would be cancelled if she didn't pay her det of 489 to them and that she could not see me tell it was paid to them what bull *censored*. Shagaholic is a scam so be careful thank you.


I recently thought about setting up a dating site as a money making venture.

I contacted the company which works with a local radio station. It soon became apparent that they are not only interested in making money out of lonely hearts. My website designs were consistently and, in my opinion, unreasonably rejected. I've designed websites for well known brands.

The penny dropped when I started getting emails inviting me to seminars on how to design your website. Only £300 or so!

The other thing worth mentioning is that in conversation, they boasted that they procide a database for 6000 dating sites already!

I'm not sure why that was meant to encourage me. That was the point when I backed out. I don't mind making an honest buck, but I won't con people!


Never heard about the saying "If it looks too good to be true it is"?
Save your money for a nice date with a woman in your social circle and drop this type off sites


Ye me too. Did the research before committing - tho it was too good to be true and as they say . . . . .


Shouldn't the subject be "dating sites a total fraud" Cool

While technically a free site, POF charges for 'upgrade' and if you want to accomplish anything, you must upgrade.
I have not decided whether they are just a little bit crooked or totally incompetent. I paid for a 3 month trial membership and was deleted ~2 weeks before my subscription was expired. I tried to log on and was told that I had messed up. I was using the password that I have used for the last year or two. Using their 'forgot password' option, I was told that my email address was not found in their files.
I e-mailed them 3-4 times and have yet to receive a response.
Crooked or incompetent? Maybe both.

This pretty much happened to me as well. I upgraded my membership on POF for 3 months and then less than a month in I cannot log in any more. It is like my account just disappeared since the password recovery form cannot find my email.

I created a new account to check to see if I could find my paid for profile and it is no where to be found. How do I get a hold of someone at to fix this. grrrrrr!!!!!!

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