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trial you and then a rip-off by


For all the positive replies, if you are not working for bn, and you are so happy with the service, then why are you reading review posts?


Yes this site and most all of them are scams in one way or another. I am 57 years old and state that plainly on my profile. I sign up with a site like BeNaughty and instantly I have dozens of emails from 20 year olds wanting to get in touch. I live in a small town and of course they are all from here with sexy as hell pictures.
The only lagit site I've found is LavaLife and have met a few women from there.
If you want to test these sites with a free trial membership us a pre-paid card. Then you're only out a couple of bucks and your money is safe.

led zeppy

Hello i can say I too paid for Be naughty one month last year. I did meet a women who came to my house and I was in her pants in a hour we met one more time..... never saw her again. but I agree most of the profiles are fake and i joined again in 2012 for one month and nothiing.. I use to do better in the late 90's on AOL meeting women..... so sometimes it works but most of these dating sites are after your money. Datehookup is free and I have met some women from there.


I joined BeNaughty UK in early 2010 just after the Gumtree dating site was closed down which I think initially attracted a lot of both males and females onto these type of sites, so the first 6 months were has been previously mentioned, once you get a feel for the site and suss out who the real women on there are and approach them in an appropriate manner, success is (or rather was) there for the taking. I live in London, so supply was (reasonably) plentiful.

These days, well frankly the fake profile ratio is now 1:199....there is no point. Dont know quite how it came to that as in early 2010 I'd say only half the female profiles were fake. My advise would be join Plenty of Fish as its free and its a mixture of serious and casual dating. You pay nothing to view profiles, send emails, read your emails and even IM chat. Are there any others which compare? I'd be happy to be informed.

Shame BN fell apart so quickly. Maybe the real females attracted to the site were put off from staying on there by too many badly worded messages sent to them with pictures of male genitalia attached to them....not the way to attract a woman on the internet regardless of whichever site it is.

Oh, and I got ripped off by the repeat billing too. A very shady, underhand practice, I agree. That's UK consumer laws for you.

freddy flame

The site layout and the scam is same as and datematch etc. there are a whole stable of dodgy sites under the umbrella of the aptly named pirhana new media in the USA. these sites commit felonies by sending out messages by staff writers impersonating members. Some are personalised tailored to your previous reply. this is indictable conspiracy. i have all the documented screenshot evidence anyone would need to prove all these allegations and they can be made available, see they also HIDE female subscribers in your local area searches and only show you the fake ones so even the females get conned into signing up for paid subscription, hoping to get messages. i have proved this beyond doubt and its all fully documented. anyone want to sue pirhana ?

also this is a classic case to lobby the local australian government to sanction bank transactions to rogue vendors in offshore locations. The legal argument is that a local bank transaction falls within the australian jurisdiction. good luck with convincing the lazy lawyers and politicians though, they all say its "too hard" to protect australians form bad guys online.


Quote by: Anonymous

bugger..I've just joined this site with my Credit Card details without reviewing it first.. How do I cancel it? Can anyone help me please? x

contact admin direct..... give member details ie.. membership number .. this can be found on your account page, they will keep you holding on the phone but any of the chatroom moderators should give you the phone number to call to cancel.....then cancel your card ...get a new one with new numbers ...that way you are covered if they try taking another payment... Hope this helps

Fire and Ice

I haven't had any problems on benaughty. I am not sure what everyone is complaining about. Sure there are a few fakes but all dating sites have those. You just need to learn to spot them and move on.


What are you talking about Fire and Ice. No one would talk to me on this stupid dating site and now I figure all the profiles must be fake at least on the women side. Looking at this forum thread it looks like most of the guys must be real. The only way (sarcastically) I would recommend this site is if you are a gay man or a woman.

Your Mom

This site is a scan.

I am a male and joined last night. I have posted about a dozen different descriptions on my profile and they have all been deleted, changed or they have made their own description based on my personal information?? No explanation or anything?? WTF??

I tried posting just "Looking for love" and it was deleted. I tried posting "Looking for fun" and it was deleted. I have sent just as many messages to customer service and have not received a single reply.

No matter what I write in my description or opening line it's 'waiting for approval' and shortly later I go back and it's gone or they put up their own wording. Can anyone explain that? I could see if I was writing something offensive or rude. How can "Looking for love" or "Looking for fun" not meet their requirements and be deleted. Doesn't seem to matter what I do I can't properly create a profile. I even used my cell number and I'm now a verified user. WTF!!

I was going to pay for the site and found a large number of sites making complaints. There is a site for reporting scams and they have received so many complaints they have attempted to contact BN since 2011. They have sent 15 messages to BN since that date for comment and BN had yet to reply. They are simply refusing to acknowledge and customer issues and refuse to deal with them.

I have yet to hear one good thing about this site. There are many excellent free and pay sites online that have an incredible reputation. There is an article online that said dating sites have no reason to charge their customers. Some of the free sites make millions of dollars a year just on advertising. Good point!

Hopefully everyone can read this and don't waste your time listening to anyone that defends this site. If you sign up and pay you will regret it.


I don't even have a photo or description posted on my profile. I actually left everything blank and haven't filled in any personal information.

I am a 43 year old male. Within an hour I already have 11 messages from incredibly beautiful women that are 20-28 years old. Odd!! Don't you think?

I live in Ontario Canada. Why would a 20 year old from P.E.I. contact me for a date?

Why would anyone contact me when I have no photo, no description and my personal information is blank?

Are women truly that desperate or is this site fake? Sure there might be some real people on this site, but only a fool would defend it.

Most of the complaints I have read about this site have nothing to do with fake users. It's about their billing practises, there lack of customer service and their overall ridiculous attempt to find creative ways to steal money from the majority of it's users.

Don't waste anymore time on this people. If you are a paying member cancel your credit card and get a new one.

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