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trial you and then a rip-off by


Quote by: Tommy

I am a member and I like what I see. Yeah.. scammers is a huge problem but I can ignore them - not a big thing.
And I have a question.... there are 3.000.000 or even
more members on Benaughty.. so why do you think that every positive reply is from BN workers?

Hi Tommy,

Just out of interest... What makes you believe that they have over 3.000.000 members on there site? The little counter that any 7year old can install on a website so that when ever anyone clicks on the webpage it starts a rolling count.

There IT experts control the site and what you see.. its a con... I joined it last night and within an hour of being on there i have cancelled my membership - i hade 34Scammers chatting to me to try and get them on there site. Also when joining I unticked the join ... however i have now realised that they also put me on that website and chareged me £18.99 and used the pic i uploaded on as my profile pic...

I have now also cancelled this one too! One big Con by a big conning website... Bunch of robbing crooks!

They are raking it in and getting away with every penny of it!



worked for me rather well this year, focused on my specific request this year and have achieved and found, also
a great guy for some close daytime fun once a week. Now looking for some extra curriculam perhaps of a evening time
im feeling lucky so I thought I would pop back. Only area hasnt worked did have high hopes to have some fun in
the outdoors as in field - getting a tad fresh now - perhaps next year.


Point1. Men want a lot of extra sex and partners. Women on the whole don't.

Point 2. This site and many like them are obvious scams. Within seconds of logging on there are loads of women begging you to shag them! A fantasy world indeed.

Point 3. Genuine 'sex dating' sites are not actually much better though because of point 1. For every woman on them there are 100 men. It's like looking for pears in an apple orchard... STUPID !

Point 4. So if you want extra sex start looking where the women are in the real world.. Parties, Bars, social clubs, sports clubs etc. Talk to them, ask them for a date etc.. Persuade them to go to bed with you.

Point 5. If you are incapable of or can't be bothered with the drudgery of point 4 the best and cheapest solution is to phone a prositute and pay her. that is the way to get a shag!


It works, if you have time and energy to check and reply. There are a few cookies though


Mobile doesnt work forfree want you to sign up also


how do i get rid of my membership on


So after joining up a week ago for the free trial I have I noticed some interesting things.

1) It keeps telling me I have all these e-mails in my inbox (I've gotten 34 e-mails from bn). When I load up the webpage it tells me that I have 49 people who would have talked to me but didn't because I didn't have a picture. The e-mail inbox says I've only got 12 messages.

2) The messages are all blured out so I can't read them, but they all have the same stuf written. 2 lines, 1/2 of a line and 3 lines. They all end in the same spot, they all have the same breaks.

As a general rule I'm not willing to pay any money for a dating website, but when I read some literature on other websites, half of them saying it's a scam I tend to be cautious with my money.


BN is a ripoff because it sent emails to my stepdad and almost sent my mom into a flying rampage - frankly, most dating sites are stupid imho XD... because when you live in a tiny ass area, most of the weirdos are on there Smile

However - i dont work for BN, i'm anon and i swear to god the emails made it look like he was signed up, that there were hot asian chicks waiting for him >_> and that he had a username and password.

aka: 3days are up, how'd they get the details and why?


Benaughty is a scam. I paid for a year and cancelled, of course out of it I got zero interaction with a human.. After I finished up however, I am getting 40 emaisl a week from prospective "meets".. Looking at the site again, not one of these ppl has browsed my profile.. how convenient..
Save your bucks for a hooker! ha..


Gotta say, first time i joined Benaughty i got scammed, but it wasnt my fault the warnings were out there dont let people take you outside the site etc etc, and one thing i have to say, if you just join and have a free trial yes you will have troubles finding people to meet, women on a whole want to chat to you before trying to meet you, and sometimes it can take months, i have now used Benaughty for over a year and a half and can honestly say made alot of friends, met a few of em, always have someone to talk to and is a nice place to be,

I would agree with the comment that if you click report nothing seems to happen, however i rescently started taking the information directly to the moderators and things get sorted extremely quicker, all in all, Benaughty is not a scam, but if you do come on benaughty then expect people to try and scam you, follow the advice benaughty offer you wont fall for it, dont then you will

No i do not work for Benaughty but all in all happy with my experience

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