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trial you and then a rip-off by


I will say that I do think some sites artificially generate interest by sending winks and messages out in some-one's name and yes it has happened on a sister site to this one. Some-one has allegidly contacted me (I'm non-paying on that site) but when I contacted them on here, they didn't know anything about it. So the people are real, but the messages or winks might not be.


The site is great, only you have to figure out how to deal with cam girls ( I ignore ).
Also remember to read the small print - it will save you time


Ive been here for a month and about the same, i dont think theres any magical site that will reward members with hookups but just consider ONE avenue of many different ones out there, some like clubs and pubs, others like personals, and ive had success online but it will always come down to the people on the site and whether anyone is currently active who matches, unfortunatley theres alot of scammers and such but their profiles are usually too good to be true because they are, just keep one eye on the scams and the other peeled for ladies


If you can't get laid on BN, you have no hope... i suggest you go and bury your head in the sand and cry alot. Time to have a damn good look at yourself and maybe you'll figure out why before you reach 80!


Not every woman on here is looking for what you are, you will of course get alot of time wasters, women that play games and women that want you to sign up to their site etc etc. But having said that, i think there are genuine women on here from what i have seen. I see it as a challenge as you are competing with alot of other men to grab their attention, just play it cool and be yourself. Just because you have paid for a months membership etc etc that don't mean you are guaranteed to get laid, period! I think every bloke wishes it was that easy.


I think that most people (blokes) when they join this site reckon its a get laid quick site when they read profiles. They tend to skip to the looking for bit and the naughty cv without finding out about the person. Sexual preferences are just a tiny part of the sum of the whole. Those who don't see the bigger picture are almost always disappointed and of course how you introduce yourself is very important so stuff like "Do you wanna f**k" can be off putting to some and amusing to others if the lady is in a playful ego crushing mood. Me, I look down on blokes with that attitude, very shallow and unimaginative


This site works, if you have time and energy to check and reply. There are a few cookies though


Hi everyone, I have been a member on BN for a couple of months now. I have really enjoyed my time here. Yes there are the scammers but they are the ones who wink or open a chat without even looking at your profile, so ignore them.


The site is cool with some cool people who will take you in hand however it can become addictive and if you are cool and not to heavy to start with you will get on well. If you are like me and 47 it just aint gonna happen with a 21 year old unles you have a card and no sense. I can wish for a 21 year old but it aint gonna happen unless I win the lottery.


Just to confirm my first date from there was a complete success, way easier than going down the pub/club in the vague hope you might meet somebody with similar interests to yours and talk to them by accident. Its not a scam site but there are scammers everywhere, I feel if you are realistic in your desires (and honest with the information you post) I suspect you'll have a decent chance of being successful in whatever you are looking for.

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