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This is total bull*censored* Heartdetectives is a total scam!! I'm a unix/winders admin..I totally got snowed by these fools( Duh I guess I'm the fool ). STAY AWAY

Almost a sucker

I have been getting emails from this one woman for months saying she wants to meet me bad. Luckily I found this site to cement my gut feeling of this site. People who prey on people trying to find love are nothing more than DIRT. I feel bad for all you guys who got had. Stick with; completely free and no strings attached.

suckerd to

happend to me the same way got mail and singed up never heard from them again or any one else that i emailed


I made a small mistake about six years ago of almost falling for this scam. I don't recall if I had a free trial or paid for a month, but I kept notes on the info in the profiles that I responded to. None of my messages triggered a response,

Something seemed a little off, so I set up a 'baseline' profile with similar profile details going to a new email account set up for the purpose. It got mail from almost the same set of "profiles", although a few had different names and details *with the repeated picture*.

I just checked that account, after a year or so of leaving it unwatched. It had a good amount of unfiltered spam, which likely means much more was sent. They probably sold my email address. But more tellingly, exactly the same "people" were sending me a few messages a month, with unchanged profiles, ages and pictures as six years before. From the message subject lines, they must have between 50 and 100 subject lines they randomly select from. They probably know which ones trigger the most sign-ups, but I would think they would be a little smarter than to repeat them.

Here is subset of notes from back then. Compare it to the profiles and message subjects you get:

Alternate profile -- presumably all fake
girliegirl23 3/24/2005
same picture as ocgirlie01, different age
IMAQT56 3/28/2005, two messages
same as other profiles, duplicate messages
cin124 3/29/2005
IMAQT56 3/31/2005
cozette 4/1/2005
TM 4/1/2005
flutterbyangel 4/3/2005
calm_harbour 4/6/2005
sexygolfchick 4/6/2005 Subject: Any chemistry here?
Angel and Me 4/7/2005 NO SUBJECT
Dayvet 4/11/2005 Let's talk and see what happens
mamaliga 4/11/2005 Too much to ask?
chibuye 4/14/2005 What if it's you!
Homecarenagle 4/14/2005 Are you my Number One?
cozette 4/18/2005 12:51:02 PM Come on in...the door's open

marvins here

avoid heart detectives ccbill will double bill you says you ccancel your subscription and they still charege you without your knowing they want refund because they say you have another subscription that you didnt cancel!!!!!! damed crooks !!! i wil never use a site that uses ccbill again


Here we go. Last year I registered on the site . Now watch attentively. This site changed its name to And the site still works but its different one now. They dont have free access , they match members.

So after registering on the site (I had very good picture) i got tons of emails from the guys all over the USA and all looking like models and with huge incomes.
After month of getting those messages every day I decided to get membership. Once I paid money alll messages stopped right away and all 3 months of my membership my mailbox was dead!
I bet they do the same with the guys. I think I will post fake add on one of these site to check my idea!

So first of all before to join the sites I would recommend to check in there are really interesting members in your area. And a lot of them migh tallow other people full access to communicate with them. The guys from other states are totally fake!
So be careful. And first really try everything on fake profiles from fake emails.

And nothing to do with Russian scammers because all theses sites ARE potential scammers themselves!

Good luck.


Quote by: Anonymous

I just got a couple of emails from Heart Detectives saying I had a flirt and a new email, the only thing is that I have never created a profile on this site. I requested my user ID and password and what they sent me is an ID and password I use. Anyone know what other sites they affiliated with? The only place I use that ID and password is on yahoo. Anyone have any ideas?

hi yes similar thing happened a pic and profile I used on a popular dating site was found on heartdetectives today from 3 years ago. never signed up and have only used match for three months, until today an email cames in fron hd the only one i've ever had! looked like i had signe up but havent Confused


Yeah... They troll other sites with fake profiles, then make their profile say something like: "Only trying this out, come see me at Heart Detectives". But they'll wink at you or something to get you to open a free account there. Once you do, you start getting all these obviously fake emails that you can't read until you pay (which I didn't!) haha. I actually searched for "Heart Detectives Scam" and found this thread.

Problem solved.


Dan M

You mean my email from Cindy Crawford is not legit? Smile

mad man

I kept getting e-mails from heart detectives about 4 women who were really anxious to meet me. 2 of which I saw on another site. they messaged me 3xs each and were upset that I did not respond. so I joined on sunday the 9th of sept. and e-mailed them all. but now have recieved no responses from these 4 that were so anxious. really stupid on my part.

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