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Scam alert....avoid


Date the uk seems to be another con, when i am a free member surprise surprise i get emails from women, so i sign up and reply to them and surprise surprise again they don't write back, i think there are a certain group of women on there that are paid by date the uk to message unsubscribed members to get them to sign up, it happens too often to be a coincidence


i'm glad that I searched the net on Heart Detectives before signing up. I was directed to the site from a phony profile on - kept on getting winks and messages from really hot looking girls.. so I was thinking hmmmmm, scam? But like all blokes I was curious to find out whether or not it was real, so before signing up I did a google search for reviews on the site and its clearly a scam, glad I didnt waste my money...



I have been on for a couple of months. I have never met so many nice guys just looking for some solid company. I have gone on a couple of dates. And could possible find a long term relationship from this particular site. I highly recommend it. You must be open minded to all things. These are extremely wealthy men and they require intelligence and an open minded person. They are on this site because they cannot be satisfied with the norm. They can be eccentric and demanding. As most men are anyway. I enjoy a challenge to say the least.


Know somebody if is a trust website ? Because when you try to pay is appear writing on the front of pages. One you enter normally on the website is after when you try to pay is : I dont know if this is a trustfull website. Somebody knows something about this website ? Thanks.


Who would only charge but $4.95 to become a member for a month??!!...You get what you pay for!!!....It took me about 4-5 days, and then "BING"!...the light went on!!...After you've done a few of these sites, you pick-up on things!!!

If you are new to web-dating...stay with the top dawgs...Singles, Match, Yahoo Personals, and ZOOSK has a good pool of good people-but good gosh, that's the slowest site...PERIOD!



Quote by: victim of love

Did not see this site discussed here so possibly every one knows about this scam except me. You can create a free profile then they send fake responses to your mailbox. Naturally to read these teasers you have to pay a fee to join. Once the fee is paid all correspondence ceases and your left feeling like a chump. I did a search on google and found a page discussing this scam service in depth. Please BEWARE of it is a total sham.

Hi, I can not speak for ALL dating sites, but pretty much guess it's the same. I tried eMEETINGS Dating script, oh about £100
was ok pleased, then found a handful of members had Joined my dating site, Then afew more, Yep you get it, More, More &
I had to check this out, who was on-line bla or been on line = NO ONE - so contacted eMEETINGS asked whats happening?
They say we add people, male & female to every NEWbies site to help get them going, it's tricks real people who visit your site into thinking, must be good, new members joining every day etc..

Yep you guessed it, I asked for my money back there & then - And cancelled got my money back ok. I know they was trying to help - but please.. The software was not bad, then things didn't line up, Poorly written/layed out in places & so-on..

So will NEVER use eMEETINGS again.



This is really a scam..usually very careful about what I use but have you tried to get your money back even though you canceled before the first months payment....what a bunch of crap..user beware


Warning! DO NOT ever use Ro Mantik! Every time I checked my profile, my personal information had been tampered with. I wrote to the admins, but they ignored me. They switched "looking for a relationship" to "looking for sex", and they switch your "not" having children, to "having" children. And so on. Finally, I replaced my "Personal Info" with a long angry tirade against the site, so that anyone visiting my page would see it.


I was by them as well. It was only $25. It could have been worse.

When I paid, I had a funny feeling. It was a bank check, so they really dont have my correct info to try scam me.

aw-well, $25 poorer. Just a few beers. Maybe I will chill at the pool this weekend.



I just got a wink from someone on Match who said I could get in touch with her at Since I had never heard of it, I googled it and found the comments below about it being related to Heart Detectives, which I never joined but get emails from all the time. Sure glad I saw the comments of the other poster who said they were all related.

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