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Scam alert....avoid


Seems to me the people that keep pushing as THE site all choose to remain annonomiss. Wonder why that is??

DJ Gravey

sore is what I use, I was signed up to heart detectives and some others, but now I only use plenty of fish... Check it out!


Aw c**p! Wish I'd spent more time checking out Heart Detectives - serves me right for rushing into things as it all comes clear in the light of day - looks like I've just lost $24.95 and it's the first time I've ever been scammed on the internet in 12 years - these guys are a real piece of work aren't they? I used to pride myself on being able to spot a rip off from miles away and feel like a complete tool now.

Out of curiosity, is CCBill reputable enough? I made sure I immediately cancelled the 'subscription' but I'm now paranoid that I'm going to have problems with recurring payments at the end of the month! The price of trying to find someone special - these b******s really need to be taken down!

john in london uk

Heart Dectetectives.
A big thanks for this review site. Like another poster I almost got caught out by this one.

As for Plenty of Fosh.
All i can say is that it is a free site. And if you want to be sure that the other profile is really real, then you must insist on voice chat and then webcam chat. So far only 05% can voice chat, and only 01% have actually gone through with webcam chat. There does seem to a lot of: No pic No chat posters and that means NO EMAIL FROM ME


Heart Detectives Bogus Site

From looking at the posts here, it's quite clear to see that there is something interesting going on here. I signed-up for a free trial as well. After looking at their cheesy site, there wasn't even anyone in my area, only a few women. They say that their site "Voted most active website" by who? Yeah right! They only let you look at small icon size pics in the free trial as they try to force you into buying a membership before you can even see what the woman look like!

I wanted to cancel my free membership so I went to the edit profile and they said theres a link to cancel THERE ISN"T! So I was looking for a phone number to call them...there wasn't one! So I emailed them asking them where the link was to remove me profile...they never answered me, they only sent an auto response about how to remove it then on the bottom of the page, they said my profile has been removed.

How cheesy! I wrote them a email about their tactics and cheesy site and that I wasn't going to let them force me into buying a membership by showing me tiny icons of women! As expected, they never responded.

BEWARE!! and their sister site also have their sending you bogus emails or winks that someone is interested in you and their not. Or you will find out that their no longer a member. For example, if someone emailed me or winked you would think they would respond after I replied. NOPE! Often times you can't even find their profile after a few days. This has happened so many times! I believe they do this to try and keep your interest so you won't cancel your membership if you think some attractive woman is interested. I could go on about their tactic and other sites tactics, but I don't want to bore you. lol Just beware of the scams these sites pull to take your money. BTW, the money back guarantee offers is bogus. You will never be able to contact the amount of women they say you have to because usually there aren't enough in your area that you are interested in....they know this. They also let people design bogus profiles from other foreign countries, also from the USA, and they allow them to contact you. This is ridiculous! I've had women make up bogus profiles and use pics from magazines etc...and can you believe it! We even emailed each other for a short time...before I caught on! I'm pretty sharp but lets face it, you would hope that these sites would be able to control this kind or crap...after all, they're taking our hard earned money! All they give me is excuses and try to cover their asses! Personally, I think that they also have their own people wink at members just to keep their interest, as my experience has shown. This kind of bogus crap seems to happen far too ofter to be just a coincidence.

Just Beware!


Yea, HD is definantly a B.S. site. I received all kinds of emails from attractive women in Missouri, so I returned their mail and never heard back from any of them. I also did a search for the same women in Missouri and none of their profiles showed up. I lost $ 25.
Save your money, most of the profiles are fake. Confused


Rolling Eyes WTF! I just spent about one hour reading these post. To set the record straight let Me break it down like this: ALL DATING SITES HAVE BOGUS PROFILES! These are used to have you sign up for membership. Is this bad, YES. Neutral Oh well, reading these I'm going to sign up for a free membership and NEVER LET THEM SEE ONE RED DIME OF MY MONEY! Razz Ha,Ha you guys suck. Thanks for the warning people. Cool I going to defend Plenty Of Fish. My ex-girlfriend found someone in April 09. This site is real and free. I'm not on this web site because I'm 42 and she was 32. So if you are young (20 to 35) then try this site. I also tried OK-Cupid, it is also free and you can e-mail for free. Wink I have ben a member of E-Harmony since 12/08. I know about the headaches of them matching you with non members Mr. Green but at the same time I met about ten women in a 8 month spand and right now in the process of seeing a recent match for a second date. If you are 35 and up then join, There are more women then men, so the odds of going on a date are good Cool Trust Me, don't be cheap, and don't let get you. Also watch out for, it has a sister site to. Confused

who knows

I had 3 ladies respond to my Yahoo Post. All three where Russian. I am an IT security specialist. The last one told me she was from Canada, and that she needed money to come down to see me. As soon as this happened I found the IP address was from Tomsk Russia. I blew a fuse. This time I got her/him/ it. I cracked it's password, on Yahoo Email. Found 32 other men from all other countries getting the business too. Along with that there where at least 40 prefab messages, and over 300 pictures, in the file section. So happy thanksgiving ass, I forwarded the email and passcode to all the other guys with a small message attached their last message. Its unethical, illegal what I did, but I don't believe any of the people involved with her scam are at a rush to get me arrested. I am waiting for the next one. Its like pirate hunting off the Somalian coast. I really enjoy it.


^ You're my freakin hero! That's great!


Hi Everyone...I never send money. I use the username above. If a woman
can't figure out my email address using my username, she probably is not
too bright. I like intelligent women. Try using a username that gives
away your email address and see what happens. Have fun. fun906atY

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