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**WARNING** "The Right One" Matchmaking Service ~ Why Their Probably NOT Right for You/Your wal

A Concerned Individual

"The Right One" Matchmaking Service ~ Why Their Probably NOT Right for You/Your wallet!!

Dear Prospective "The Right One Match Making Service" Customer,

Please read the following story before signing up for The Right One's services. I took the time to let you know ahead of time what they are about so you don't get tricked into loosing you hard earned money or time.

At the time, I had been signing up for the various dating/matchmaking sites. One of the sites I went to was The Right One. I entered my information and went on. They called a week/week and a half later, but never left a message. They continued to called many times a day so I decided to pick up the phone. I asked Nicole, the person calling from Right One, to tell me what this was regarding. She kept asking if it was me. I stated that she should call back and leave the information on voicemail if I was important. They continued to call for several more days until I picked up the phone and asked Carole, who this was. Carole wanted to know who she was talking with. I stated it didn't matter, this phone number (702-418-3860) had been continually calling me for the past week and I wanted to know who they were. She finally told me that she was with The Right One. I told her that I was upset, and that they shouldn't run their business like that. She stated that they don't leave messages as this service is kept confidential. I though OK, that sounds reasonable.

Carole proceeded to "qualify" me for "membership" over the phone. The questions were easy and delve into every area of my life. She then stated that I sounded like a qualified candidate, but I would need to come into the office so one of their "girls" in the office could see if I was "qualified" for "membership". We set a time for the next day. Many times during this call and another reminder call the next day the ladies mentioned how one of their "girls" would be "physically meeting me" upon my arrival. As I look back over this entire situation, there was a lot of suggestive terminology used to insinuate a young, pretty, female would be embracing me with her presence when I arrived. This were the first of many sales jobs that would come my way.

The next day I came in and was met by Nicole (a different Nicole). She warmly greeted me and gave me a application and personality test to fill out She then offered me a drink. I then filled out the forms and shortly thereafter I went into a small office with a desk two chairs and romantic pictures on the walls. This meeting was suppose to last for one and a half hours, but somehow went for OVER three!! Yes, three. We went over who I was, who I was looking for, and finally what they offered in the way of services. Finally after all this, Nicole asked me how much I think this great services would cost. I stated I don' know, maybe $500. She then showed me the price list that went from $5000 to $7500. Wow, was all I could say. She stated that they were giving me their 1st interview special that discounted the introductory offer by $1000 to $4000. Needless to say, there was no way I would do this. This is when the heavy push for a sale came on. This included mind games like,"Can you really put a price on finding happiness in your one true love?" This bantering went on for 45 minutes. I kept telling Nicole that I wasn't going to decide tonight and that I wanted to think about it. She stated that she, "really didn't want me to miss out on a deal that would save me thousands of dollars". After I heard that many times, I asked how somebody that just met me could be so interested and caring to want to help me. I asked what kind of commissions she worked on. Nicole stated that they didn't, but later she stated that they earn incentives. I though really, what's the difference. She then stated that if I became a member tonight, I would save 50% off of the $4000 price which made it $2000 now. This felt like such a used car sales job. WOW!! Why would I pay thousands of dollars for a service when I could go out around town and organically meet people. Nicole had built a case (from the interview) that led her to say that these methods really hadn't worked. As she wouldn't let me decide later, I finally stated no, that I didn't want their services.

From here Nicole said that she was going to meet with her boss and have her come in to say goodbye. I felt like asking Nicole if here boss (whom I had never met) would offer me a lower price, but I kept my mouth shut. This was hard Smile The boss came in and went through the same spiel that Nicole did. I answered her by again saying that I wasn't going to make a decision tonight and wanted to think about it. She (name unknown) really needed my demographic in their membership and that they were willing to "give" me a membership at cost. I tried to tell her that I wasn't trying to bring down the price, but she wouldn't let me get this thought out. This was the shocking part, the boss then offered their services for $697. What??? How could this service go from $5000 to $697? What would happen to all those who paid $5000, or more? The boss then want to leave the room and stated turned over her shoulder and stated, "you do know that the price will go back up tomorrow to $5000?". that was it, I said, OK, then the answer is no. She then walked out and said, "have a nice day (sarcastically)" and I gave the same right back to her.

I then proceeded to her office and demanded my paperwork back. The boss stated that it was the property of The Right One and I couldn't have it back. I insisted and she had Nicole tear some of my paperwork in from of me. I stated that I wanted all of the paperwork, but they again denied me that so I left.

As I drove home I though how I have given them all my personal information such as my Social Security Number, address, Date of Birth, and every other thing that makes up me and my identity. I had also let Nicole take my ID and Visa Credit Card out to here bosses office so they could view "prove" my identity. They probably took a copy of it. So I turned back toward the office. I saw some of them out in the parking lot and I asked to speak to the boss again and proceeded to tell them that I wanted ALL my paperwork back. Another manager asked me why I would want that and kept trying to change the subject. I eventually told her, it didn't matter what she thought, the fact is I didn't trust The Right One anymore. At that point the original boss spoke up and said, "do I need to call the police?", and I replied, "No, I'll call the police." which I did.

The police showed up and I did get some of my paperwork back, but I didn't get it all. Again, this story is for you to know how they:

* are a hard sell,
* claim to be a "Christian" based company that really isn't
* try to entice you with terminology
o that you will have to qualify in order to be allowed into their membership
o that reflect how they will have one of their girls meet you physically upon your arrival
* will use any and ALL information to show you that your ways of meeting people don't work and that The Right One is the ONLY way to meet quality people.

My friend, do yourself a favor. Run from this company. It's a waste of your time, money, and emotions. You will be much better off without them. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I wish you the best in finding someone whom you can truly enrich their lives as much as they will yours.

A Concerned Individual

A Concerned Individual

The Right One solicits business under the following website: Again, they are not a Christian organization


Are you a Dumb A___???????????

Giving out your ss number and credit card info. I just can't feel sorry for you. Sort of like asking a vice cop where are the hookers located.


Sounds like a full-blown version of what I went through with Great Expectorations back in 2000. I hung tough, didn't give them my SSN or any other personal info... but the 2 guys who interviewed me did everything but get on their knees and beg me to buy. I wormed my way out of it by feeding them a sob story about having been laid off (which was a total lie), but they bought it and stopped the pressure. My slob casual appearance probably reinforced my act, but anyhow I got out of that place with my wallet intact.

Heh, I can't say the same for them... I managed to pinch a couple of GX's business reply envelopes that they use for sending out their dumb little questionnaires, and every so often I (or some friends around the country) send them a heavy box of junk with a copy of the envelope attached. >:-)

nyc pr chick

I had a postive experience with The Right One in NYC. Yes, they are picky and it did take several times before I found someone I really liked, but they delivered after the fourth introduction. The quality of people they have in their membership is excellent, they do a thorough background check on members and don't take everyone, which is a good thing I think. If the price was cheap I don't think they would have the caliber of people they have. After all, you get what you pay for!


You have to be kidding me this is a service that offers people a safe way to mett others not only was I married through The Right One but so was my brother in law. You can always find fault if you are looking for it and clearly you are. I hope you find The Right One someday if not you have no one to blame but yourself.


Thank you "Concerned Individual" for sharing your story .. I am sure it is going to save a lot of people money and time.

as for "MARRIED THROUGH THE RIGHT ONE" do you work for that company man? did you read one sentence of what "Concerned Individual" had written???

A right one employee

* claim to be a "Christian" based company that really isn't
* try to entice you with terminology
o that you will have to qualify in order to be allowed into their membership
o that reflect how they will have one of their girls meet you physically upon your arrival
* will use any and ALL information to show you that your ways of meeting people don't work and that The Right One is the ONLY way to meet quality people.

*First off buddy, we never claim to be a christian based christian. You fill out a singles profile on a christian website and we match you with other christians.

*& you most certainly do have to qualify in order to join our service because sorry but not many professional singles want to meet up with an ex con with no job who can't open a bank account or drive a car. so if you dont work full time, dont drive, or have ever been to jail you are NOT QUALIFIED.

*& if you are desperate enough to join something like this then obviously your ways of meeting people don't work dumb*ss


I think this is hilarious! The concerned individual is right, it's a rip off! I mean DAMN, read th details of what happened to him! How does the price go from$5000 to $697? And the ones who "CLAIM" to have married though this service got royally screwed! Screwed out of about $4302... That price is hiked up over 7x's the desparate for a sale price. And why would they need to keep his personal info if he doesn't want to be a member? That's suspicious as hell! The least they could have done is shred it in his presence, then he would feel safe and their "secret application" wouldn't be shown to the world, (like somebody gives a s*** what's on there). And the last comment from the company employee just called all of their clients desparate! "*& if you are desperate enough to join something like this." That was great marketing!!! Do you mention that to any of the people who apply? Hell no! the truth would bankrupt the company, right? Just goes to show whats really going on with "something like that." If the concerned individual's complaint doesn't make you think twice, the employee's insults and opinion of the people they serve should....

Someone who pays attention to detail

P.S. People who go to dating sites aren't usually deparate, just tired of the same ole routine and want to try something different.


Thanks so much for sharing your experience with this post. I was considering this service but now won't bother.

And, especially if you read the reply from the "right one employee" on this board...that confirms it all...the rudeness and UNPROFESSIONAL manner in which they replied is simply unbelievable!

You would think they would have the smart business sense to do some damage control rather than reply back and call you a dumb*ss. This is such great validation of exactly what your post is about...and a great demonstration of the kind of treatment you will receive and their obvious lack of class.

These kind of services should be monitored somehow and the Right One sounds like it should be put out of business.

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