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Plenty More Fish my review and experiance


they are very much like EHarmony which has exactly the same format and no results for anyone, steer clear and don't waste your time or money on this rubbish site


Quote by: Anonymous

Quote by: Tom

I signed up on Plenty More Fish. I received messages from people but because it is a paid dating site, it didn't last long and they just disappeared.
What's more, the messages I received were from very, very desirable women. It seemed too good to be true and I am sure all of these were made up by the site to extract money from innocent naive people like me.
Therefore, I urge all readers of this to not pay for this dating site. It will enrage you like it has enraged me.

Tom you are full of Shte

POF is completely free thought the site DOEs suck and I personally hate MArkus Fink the owner.

As for getting e mails from gorgeous women, you would NOT be talking about pof unless you are trying to lure people TO that site. Not doing that are you, Tom?

. Actually Tom is not full of shte as he is talking about a different site from POF so read his quote before you say anything else. From another reader not the idiot above Angry


Listen I know these offices in Windsor I know someone who works there they are often meeting up in Las Vegas or Barcelona to discuss what new tricks they can play on lonely individuals in irdet to get their hard earned coin out of them they are licensed crooks I think we should organise a protest and picket their offices in Victoria Rd Windsor and make public how Rotten and corrupt the buggers are !!

Neil m

Absolute SCAM every woman on there gets you to go to WhatsApp then tries to get you to add your credit card details to prove you are a UK citizen but their dialling code is based in Ghana every conversation is the same although they are allegedly from England they claim to be on holiday or sorting out family issues back home stay away from this site until whoever owns it gets this under control


Any company owned by will rip you off look on the Internet about the ombudsman reports on them continually taking memberso money after they have quit membership. Anyone out of pocket add to the Ombudsman complaint file by doing your own complaint. The company banks literally on you walking away from your stoken cash

Just me

I think it’s a total scam. I joined very recently and immediately got loads of winks and messages. One caught my interest so I thought why not sign up for 3 months, so I did. One or two random messages to said person then they just stopped, by this time I’d already noticed that the man had winked and favourited me about 4 times which I thought was odd. Then a day later as I was trawling though photos I came across him another 5 times!! Each profile used the same pictures but his age varied from 42 to 51 and he lived in 2 cities, his profile is so obviously used to lure people into paying in. I decided to message him and called him a fake etc etc and funnily enough as soon as I sent the message he suddenly came on line and winked at me and added me as a favourite again, obviously automated response to my message. I then got a reply which had the heading ‘hello there’ then they wrote ‘how dare you speak to me like that’, honestly, would you expect any man to say that, to me that’s something a woman would say. On top of that I’ve also been winked at by someone who’s account is deactivated??
I wouldn’t recommend this site to anyone, it’s a total rip off and in reality there’s not that many active people on there, I think they keep dead profiles on there so it’s looks popular. When my 3 months are over I will be making sure my profile is deleted.

Just me

Avoid this site at all cost. Site is full of fake profiles who send messages requesting you to sign up fir other “free” sites. I also believe moderators / admin send out messages from fake profiles to make you feel people are looking at your profile. These profiles are quickly deleted should you reply to them. This site proved very much a waste of time and would strongly advise avoid8ng it


Plenty more naughty fish is a con.Women get everything free but men have to pay.I informed them that as they are based in the UK,this is illegal.Next thing I know my pics are deleted.A phone call to trading standards is in order 😬

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