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Plenty More Fish my review and experiance


I have just signed up for one month, and have replied to messages sent to me, but none have been read by the sender.. What is going on. Sounds like a scam...


Quote by: Anonymous

POF is a rip -off.
The worst part is that once you are enrolled, they won't let you out.
You can 'hide' your profile, but you can never un-enroll.
Rip Off.

This site is not POF, you're dissing the wrong site.


I've just had my diary entry rejected because I had the nerve to mention that so many of my hits were obviously scammers when it came down to it - when I got a bit more information from them they were "temporarily" in Accra Trying to "sort out family problems" which would doubtless lead into a request for plane fares home. generally the site hives people off into separate groups - Silver and Naughty fish and I was bombarded with emails that demand even more money when I responded I just don't trust them If they were as honest as they claim I wouldn't be asked to pay yet again to see people in my own age group I felt that despite their assertions to the contrary there wasn't anything much legit about them I still feel very lucky not to have been drawn into a scam and that I've seen very little evidence to support their assertion that they are as they say a "genuine site", with concern for their customers I was rejected because I raised a concern about scammers but wish they cared enough about genuine customers to weed out the scammers in the first place so that my genuine opinion post would have been redundant Angry


This site is a little bit *censored*.They send you fake profiles that view you,wink you, match you then message I've got a message from an attractive lady, but wait i need to upgrade to read it......DON'T .Just spend your money down the pub lads.
You might as well.


I have to agree with you all , it's a complete SCAM . I have only joined for one month and already after a week I can tell . You get the same type of message sent to you and when you reply , No Answer back , even though it was them messaging you.
Oh yes lots of winks from people with a dodgy name and no picture or profile .
I even had my picture on and profile filled out and guess what , even though there are thousands of so called cheating ladies out there , I have only been viewed twice even though I have had hundreds of winks and messages , work that one out

Is there actually any adult dating site out there where you can actually get laid Big Grin


Just read reviews about plenty more silverfish. I agree with everyone who has wrote in on this forum. It's a complete rip off. You get sent a email saying you've got a message you go into it only to be told their account is inactive. Plus a lot of profiles are false. You need to cancel your subscription 10 days before it runs out to make sure they don't take any more more out of your bank account.


When I first tried posting a profile pic which included my daughter it was rejected. But immediately got an email to my private email address saying he thought we were both cute. And that he got my email off the site. Which is impossible. I believe this is someone who must work there.
I co tagged the site, at the address provided on the site about this. Got told that they don't release private emails and that the staff would never do anything. I questioned how this happened then which got a few more questions about the email etc. And after about 5 emails they told me they are not associated with PLenty more fish and that they can't help me. Told me to use the address found under the 'contact us' page... Which is what I did. So damn pissed off.


the plenty more naughty fish is terrible. seriously not genuine at all. i stayed on the free account and havent paid for premium. the reason i wont pay for premium is i get emails all the time from the same people every few days. same faces same messages and the site says each time they are sent ive just received a new message. this may be the settings the site has until you answer the messages. but consider this, all the members are raving nymphos. there isnt anyone who is careful or shy about what they are doing. we all enjoy fun, but, seriously, is everyone on the site so genuinely open about it? all the profiles seem so similar


Come on everyone!
These sites are all the same as they are all owned by the same conglomerate. They are blighted by scammers, Russian gangs, Eastern European thugs, and anyone else who thinks they can make money from people's shattered feelings. Stop giving them moneymoney, go out and meet a girl, chat, arrange a date, and you'll know who you are dating??? It ain't hard.


As said a big con. No response from help mediator. Loads of messages asking for email. No response when asking questions. On the hunt for their telephone no. To give them some stick.

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