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Plenty More Fish my review and experiance


POF is a rip -off.
The worst part is that once you are enrolled, they won't let you out.
You can 'hide' your profile, but you can never un-enroll.
Rip Off.


** AVOID POF ** I joined, used it for 2 weeks and realised the site is full of wierdos and false profiles. I immediately called the website support line and cancelled my membership. I was told at the end of the membership period the account would be deactivated. Guess what, it wasn't and I was billed for another 3 months. I phoned repeatedly and eventually someone told me that they had the voice recording of my phone conversation and that I had not asked for my membership to be cancelled. So I asked them to send me the recording but they refused saying that it was technically not possible. Plentyoffish are criminals - really, avoid them.


Plenty more silver fish is excellent, I love it and I am addicted, I have loads of interactions and dates in last month.... and they have been lovelyyyyyyyyy

However Plenty more naughty fish s soooo feckin odd, and frustrating and seemingly 90% scammish - I am getting loads of winks and favourites without profile being viewed, loads of messages desperately wanting me to contact them on their own email etc - I'm sorry I joined this one.


Yep, they thieved my money too - charged my card when my membership had been cancelled and have since refused to refund the money.

So in revenge, I have been clicking on their google ads each day for the past 2 months - I know - it's petty but at least they have paid for the money they have thieved from me 10 times over.


I signed up to Plenty More Fish dating website a month ago and within a few days realised it is full of false profiles and strange men. Think I wasted my money. I have cancelled my membership but of course they have my credit card details so I'm praying they won't keep billing me (as reported by others). Fairly dreadful experience - my recommendation is to use a decent company instead.


Quote by: Anonymous

Lee, just read your post say women on POF all fake. Well I have to say that goes for the men to. I have been a member on there for a few months. I have had a coupld of decent dates but nothing earth shattering. What I have had is more men interested in stringing you along and wanting cyber sex. I am perfectly genuine. so I suggest you don't tar us all with the same brush. Angry

Its not POF its Plenty MORE Fish! POF is free and genuine Plenty MORE Fish is NOT genuine


I threatened POF head office in Edinburgh with the small claims court and they returned my money. Suggest you all do like wise.


Quote by: Anonymous

Interesting comments from Nifty.

I signed up for the "standard" site and had a similar experience to you.

Several winks and five messages arrived very promptly from ladies, several of whom are I am damn certain were scammers (very strange names, no pics and from places so far away it was ridiculous).

I'm not suggesting for a minute that the actual site are involved, but it was strange that all three ladies who sent messages with pictures all described their "career" in some detail, then their domestic arrangements and very little about themselves, none of them seemed particularly "genuine".

I'm no Elephant Man, but two of the ladies were very attrractive, to be honest it would be a first if such ladies would even give me a second look. Could it be that this is some kind of "honeytrap" to get desperate single gentleman to sign up for the "premium" service? Like a sucker, I signed up for a month so that I could see what the messages I'd received said - no replies to date and quite frankly I don't expect any. I went into this with my eyes open, things make look up butI will address my concerns to the site operators.

I would appreciate other people's comments on this and I'll let you all know how things go.

I had this exact experience on 2 dating web sites. It is complete trapping tricking scam to lure you in and get your money. Received about 6 winks, 6 messages all fake, all rubbish. It even said I had contactred someone at 6.10am (when I was in bed), which started a conversation which went nowhere and might have been an automatic reply. I was low when i signed up to the first site, which made me feel better with all the replies winks and messages I recieved, but when i realised it was a scam. I would send a message and get a generic flirty response. I did this loads of times but the conversation never went anywhere because they were fake auto replies. To test it I decided to send things like *****TEST TES TEST**** if you are real send back "I AM REAL"**** I would then recieve bnack within about 5 to 10 mins later some generic flirty text, "I love to get naughty" etc. a REAL scam. I felt more depressed. I had been used, tricked to paying money. Plus I paid £2.99 as an introductory offer and they charged an extra £15 on top. I was told I could not get my money back but I told them I would not take no for an answer and they then said they could refund, and they did. Do not put up with this rubbish. Demand your refunds, do not be used. I'm not going premium on Plenty More Fish. I can't believe there is not more regulation on this!!???


This site is a total rip off and scam. I was a member for a month & in that time didn't meet one legitimate woman. I had plenty of model-type women message and wink me and then deactivate their account straight away afterwards. They also don't make it easy to cancel your subscription as you have to ring them to do so. When I finally got through to someone I was offered 2 extra free weeks in a lame effort to extend my membership. When I declined they extended my membership anyway so I had call a second time to cancel. Even then they still retain your basic membership which makes me wonder how many actual members still exist on the site - Never again!


I was a member of this site for a while. I forgot to cancel my membership but had no money in my account at the time so I just left the site. However, 3 months later I paid some money into this little used account and then they took the money out of this account and renewed my membership without me knowing. Shocking!
So basically, they constantly monitored my account for 3 months until they could see some money in it and then promptly took it out of my account.

What they are doing is pretty close to fraud in my opinion and what is worrying is how they seem to continually check your bank account. ALWAYS cancel your membership, other wise you will be swindled like I was.

You simply cannot trust this site at all.
Then theres all the Russian girls on it, false profiles from women all telling the same story about their husbands dying in a car crash and the fact that most of the women on it belong to other sites which is quite alarming , especially as these ladies do not know that their profile is also on plenty more fish.

Overall, a pretty shocking experience with no security at all.

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