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Plenty More Fish my review and experiance


Waste of money Angry , I was tempted by the '2 day free trial' that they offered, problem is you have to enter your credit card details (I didn't realise it was not https as other reviewer pointed out otherwise would never have done so). So I signed up and then when I checked out the cancellation details it says you have to allow at least 3 days for an account to be cancelled. That hardly makes the trial 'free' then.
This is going to make me sound desperate but I sent off about 30 messages in the first few days and didn't get any replies and I'm a decent looking bloke and wasn't sending pictures of my nob or anything like that! I did have one genuine sounding woman get in touch but then she just disappeared. The fact is men outnumber women on this site by hundreds to one. One profile I read from a woman who had only been a member for an hour said she had over a 100 emails she was trying to sort through.
Also don't be lulled into the subscribing just because you are reciving notification emails like 'you have a new private message' nearly all the time these are from women who have sent out a mass generic email to lots of guys or basically prostitutes using it for business.
Finally the customer service is very poor, a week before my next months payment was due to come off my credit card I rang them to cancel. The guy I spoke to rattled off something about my account having 2 weeks free on it and I would have to ring up nearer the time, I did not want to do this because was worried I would just forget so told him that I had a right to cancel it now. He said if I did that he would delete my profile. Not having the energy to argue. I said ok and then he just hung the phone up on me!! Surely if I have paid for a months subscription I have a legal right to see it through to the end. Telling me that I had to call closer to the expiry date just seems a cynical ploy to get people to forget they have a subscription and then keep paying. I didn't trust them one bit so rang up my credit card company and put a block on them.


Thanks for all the advice. Nearly got suckered into this but thought I would have a quick check on some forums. Thank f##k I did. Cool


Ditto Joe... dodged that bullet myself thanks to all these reviews, i've found many dating websites like this tho, stick to the pubs is my advice!


Plenty more fish !! Omg do not sign up , I tried for a month , messaging , winking , sending pics etc , and my conclusion is that there are some real people on there but the vast majority are employees of the site that operate all the contacts . there are so many things that add up to a complete scam , I wish I could expose it some way but I haven't the time or inclination .


By way of reply to some of these comments.

Those who believe the site looks rubbish - We are an extremely successful online dating business. Maybe our looks aren't to your liking, but then that's subjective and I'm guessing that some of you wouldn't appear as oil paintings to my eyes. We post many success stories on our blog if readers of the diatribe on this site would care to go find them, just for balance.

Those who claim the profiles are fake - They aren't. That's not how we roll. Simple as that. Believe it, or don't. And if you chose not to believe it, then please go to another dating site rather than writing speculation and conjecture about our business practices. Please, go somewhere else, we really don't want you in our database.

To those who claim they have had difficulty un-subscribing - All you need to be able to do to un-subscribe is to click on a button and re-enter your password. For those who have difficulty with this, we provide a freephone 0800 number for you to call and speak to our fantastic customer services team. What more are we expected to do? I genuinely believe, and this is a personal observation, that some people are too stupid to own a computer, so It's a really good thing that I don't work with our amazing team in customer services.


Plenty More Fish have been getting very defensive in the last post. I'd like to give a balanced view based on my own experiences.

Lots of people are frustrated with the similar messages that look like they might be fake on this site, and with the lack of replies. Having used it for a while, I think I can see what's happening.

You get lots of pop-ups asking you to send an "icebreaker." This is a general message that goes out to everyone in your search. If you are quite specific in your search it seems to only go to people, say nearby and with similar interests and age range to you. If you don't specify, it could go to 1000s of people all over the country. So most of the messages you get are generic and irrelevant, from people who haven't looked at your profile. If you don't realise what's happening they look like fake profiles.

This has a negative effect on replies - if you get an email saying you've got a private message, you start to assume it wasn't really personal and ignore it.

And the other reason no-one seems to reply is that anyone who is not a paid up member is unable to read messages or reply to them, but they can put up a full profile and photo. There's no way of knowing whether the person you are messaging is a member or not. They are not the only website to do this, it's a problem on too.

Because I think it's rude not to reply to (genuinely) personal messages, I decided to put up a short profile explaining that I wasn't a member, so I couldn't read messages, after all I don't want people thinking I am ignorant. This was rejected because "your submission must not contain details of your membership." So honesty is not allowed if it reveals the working practices of Global Personals Ltd.

The other problem is that it says how long ago members were on site. A month ago seems to mean "at least a month ago" which could actually mean any time since the site was launched. So lots of the supposed members are long inactive.

Another dodgy practice is that when I joined one of the sister sites of Global Personals Ltd, my (empty) profile was put on here too, again making it look like there are more members than there are. They do say this in the terms and conditions, but they say ALL data may be available via different websites, whereas they just use an empty profile, so you get emails saying you've got "private messages", then ask you to pay again on the sister site to read them.

So all in all it's not very well designed for getting in touch with the people you really like, but it is good at giving an initial impression that it's a busy site with lots happening. So good at getting people to sign up and making money, but not good at delivering a service.

There are genuine, active members who have paid the fee and can therefore do more than just search profiles, and I've met a couple of nice people, but it takes a lot of sifting to find them. I believe the success stories, it's just that a lot of people get ripped off along the way because the site is pretending to be more than it is. My impression is that it's less than 10% of the apparent members are actively communicating.

All in all it's not surprising that there is a high level of frustration and dissatisfaction.


Total rip off! so many messages that are just the beginning of someones profile and not actually sent to you, even had ones which said inactive member so how did they send me a message???
The messages are from people who have never looked at my profile and I get many daily to the point that I don't bother reading them any more!
I also got sucked in to the 3 day "free" trial and tried to cancel 24 hours before it was up, only to realise that I should have done it as soon as i signed up!! So I stopped my bank card to prevent them from taking the money which I could ill afford, only to be billed days later when I put the card back on, they refused to refund! DO NOT USE THIS SITE!!!!!!!


I to have also experienced a very limited response to PMF has cost me £90 to sign up for 6 months and quite frankly it has got to be the biggest waste of money I've ever spent....
I would not say I'm Brad Pit but I'm am no Elephant Man. I've tried to strike up conversation with several ladies over the last couple of months and have only had one acknowledgement and that was right at the beginning of my membership.
I get sent "messages" from out side of the filter parameters on my settings ... sorry Jenny 75 from Wick .... Jon 41 from Sussex may not be a good match.
The actual interface of the website seems to be very limited and slow.
I could go on.


Rolling Eyes Signed up for this site and after no matches within 50 miles of my location, I canceled my "subscription", but they kept my profile up as a active member. And I cannot get in to delete it. I occasionally get emails (winks), but I can't answer or stop them.
Lots of disconnect. I wish I could find someplace to find like minded people to enjoy life with - in the early 50s range) without all the hassle of an interview. And let the relationship just happen.


Who on earth came up with this name -

Fish is a slang term for a lesbian/woman in gay circles - sounds like a lesbian dating site to me....

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