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Hornymatches scam


TY ppl was thinkin of tryin our the site but wanted to do my research first. Lol saved myself some cash. Glad i was thinkin with my big head first this time.


All that's been said fits EXACTLY with my experience. HM has LOADS of fake profiles - either their own bots or real people luring you to join or people using these sites to lure you to join a porn/webcam site. Have you ever wondered about those ads that promise you to make loads of dosh working from home? Well, now you know. I joined HM in the United Kingdom because a fairly good-looking lady (probably real, from the way her messages were personalized) showed interest. Since then, nothing! Worse than that - I can't even send messages to a fake profile I created! Yet another fake profile I created with the exact same picture on also attracted the attention of this SAME lady. Except that now I didn't reply. And she had the cheek to message me that I should have at least let her know that I wasn't interested! The worst thing is that my email address is my username! All these ladies expressing interest can just email me no problem, so why don't they. A load of BS.
Same goes for maritalaffair. I messaged one or two genuine people there, but most simply are girls working for the site to make extra cash. STAY AWAY! Don't think with your PURPLE HELMET ON, don't use your hard-earned cash to put a smile on those F-----RS faces!


Thanks to "a nony mouse" for the info on chargebacks, my account didn't work, so threatened a chargeback and within 2 mins they have promised a refund. Let's see.

If you paid, check to see whether your account works by setting up a fake account and messaging it. If it doesn't, you're entitled to use a chargeback.


I especially like the posts of ethnic women that say that they live in a small town that I know is all white.


i too was suckered!

aftering reading some posts on this thread about chargebacks.

i created a hack account, sent mail to it, the mail never showed up, so I contected HM via there help link. i got to the point fast. and demanded a refund or i would call the bank and request a chargeback. within minutes my CC was refunded..

thanks folks!

annon in Jersey

Horny matches is definitely a scam. Do not part with any money. I signed up yesterday because I was bored (OK I am sad too and should get out more!) Today I got a reply from a 20 year old complete with a very attractive sexy photo and I am 60! She said in her message that she fantasises about having sex with a much older guy. Yeah, and my pricks a bloater! Her profile says that she is a gold member (why would an extremely attractive 20 year old pay them money in the first place when she would have no problem pulling) and their website states that gold members can receive messages from anyone. When I tried to send her a message, like everyone else I was directed to become a member to pay. No doubt the fee would be recurring and you would find it impossible to cancel even if you cancelled your credit card. Do not pay these guys a cent. HORNY MATCHES IS 100% A SCAM.

Annon in Jersy

Hey, I just did a track and trace on the email Hornymatches sent me about my hot 20 year old. The email was sent from the WEST COAST OF AFRICA, right near Nigeria. Need I say any more?


I paid the $30 after a woman wanted to hook up with me... I should have realised it was a scam just by the way the email was written. It... just... wasn't... right. However $30 to me is nothing so why the hell not give it a go? Once I was a paid member this girl who was ever so keen to meet me just wouldn't respond. 4...5..6 messages and nothing in reply. I contacted HM, told them I thought they were full of *censored* and how I now have to go to the bank and dispute the credit card charge (note: even if you authorise something with your credit card but the other side does not have a signature then you can dispute it and the bank has no choice but to reverse the charge). Within a few minutes I got the "this guy is pissed off so we'll give him a refund" template email message, which started the same as the "No, we do not use fake profiles" template email message I received a few days earlier which was in response to my question about their dubious practice. They answered me the same way a politician would, by telling me how they have millions of genuine users. It is not the genuine users that I was concerned about, but nice work evading the question fools, the question was do you use fake profiles to lure people into signing up?

The answer, after creating a dummy account and having a wink received within 20 seconds and a follow up email by the same person 1 few hours later, is a definite YES! I wonder how much they make from this BS. They are quick to offer refunds to shut people up I guess. If you were running a genuine business you would not be giving refunds if you were being honest, would you?

Ripped off

This site is a complete scam. Unfortunately I did not do my homework before signing up. Joined as a non paying member. Received emails straight away even though I had not even posted a photo or any details other than the bare minimum. Did respond to one or two messages and winks. No response. Once I paid my fees, did not receive another message or even a wink. Fortunately I paid by cc and will obtain a refund. DO NOT USE THIS SITE, I DOUBT THERE IS A SINGLE GENUINE FEMALE ON IT

Total Scam

Same thing happened to me...
Got gold member winks with pictures of gorgeous women
and they asked me to respond to them, which I would only be able to do if I became a gold member by paying $29.99

All they want is for to subscribe, AND PAY THE GOLD OR SILVER MEMBERSHIP FEE... after that, i presume all those gorgeous women and their winks will disappear just as they appeared... YOU WILL BE ON YOUR OWN...

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