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Hornymatches scam


Yea I signed up for this years ago with out the intention of paying. I quickley relised what every1 hear says & yea all the messages I got were fake imo. I sign in last night for some reason & winked at a girl from my city she sent me a message with an email address I could find her at. I did send her a message with no reply. I think she is fake because she has been online all night yesturday & all day today. But thats weird I want to kno wif anybody else got a message like this.


Quote by: Caroline

I have something completely different that I'm worried about. I am a 19 year old girl and actually really hot and joined to meet girls for me and my boyfriend. I was contacted by girls (who I know realise were fake) and sent them pictures. And now I'm worried that they're going to become a fake profile or something! So you guys may have waisted your money but I everyone gets to see me naked!

Im sorry to hear that I hope everythig works out.


Quote by: M

Yea I signed up for this years ago with out the intention of paying. I quickley relised what every1 hear says & yea all the messages I got were fake imo. I sign in last night for some reason & winked at a girl from my city she sent me a message with an email address I could find her at. I did send her a message with no reply. I think she is fake because she has been online all night yesturday & all day today. But thats weird I want to kno wif anybody else got a message like this.

Ok so I just Got another similar message. this is definitely odd. well my conclusion is this site is most definetly a scam. when I got a message with an email address in it I thought I must of found some1 real. I figured if im on this site some1 else has to be. This woman had a killer body I had to send a message to the email address. I guess it wasnt the best email I told her very little about myself & asked her about our city what she does here etc. to tell if she actually is from my city. & I told her to be carefull talking to anybody else if she decides not to talk to me again. I didnt mention sex at all. When she didnt reply I thought I ether turned her off by well not treating her like dirt. (why do women want to be treated like dirt anyway hmmm.) or she was fake because she was online for so long. So I made another account & pretty much based everything I wrote off what this girl wants in her profile to see if I could get a similar response like you might if this was an automated message. I didnt but I actually just got a similar message to the new account from a different girl.

This is the message that I get after sending winks word for word...
This is the original one from last night
"Instead of sending you a wink back, I decided to send you a quick message. I saw your profile and I liked what I saw. Hit me up at VictoriaRunge8795 AT yahoo dot com."

This is the one I just got.
"Thanks! Great ending to a horrible day. You should continue to cheer me up by chatting with me. ChanelleJuan0367 AT yahoo dot com is my personal address that I use the most."

Now notice the emails are kinda similar first & last name with 4 number. I added both of these in my yahoo contacts neither are online. But they are both always online at hornymatches & when I click my recent views these accounts don’t show up. Now with the new account I also got a wink & a message right away like the ones I & all of us are used to seeing. Which I was online when I got the message & they were off line last signed in today it says. Also if u still have an account search these 2 names. DakotaBlack71 & helpingluv They are from different cities in new york, different age, same profile picture. It seems like when I get winks the person is always offline last signed on today. Look at other countries like ISLE OF MAN. 15 listings of woman seeking man all online ao were ever that is every body is online.

Now why would they send me fake emails if they want you to pay I have no idea but its definitely not real & quite fishy. Also I did send a wink to my old account which was received. But im never using this site again I just wanted to share my experience because it was a little different than the usual.


This is a fraudulent dating site that I have been monitoring for many months.
When you sign up for the free trial service you get winks and e-mails right
away. I let this go on for a couple of weeks and received about a dozen or so
e-mails from women "highly interested" in me. In order to respond to these women
you have to become a paying member. Once you become a paying member these women
suddenly disappear. The profiles on this site are obviously fraudulent and are
used simply to "sucker in" paying members.

I have submitted complaints to the Arizona Attorney General and the US
Attorney General.



The other thing to do is hit the Browse button at the top, pick your town/country and then look at the ratios of Men seeking women v/s Women seeking men.

We are talking 50-1 in some cases. So even if all of these women were genuine, your chances would still be very slim.



Honestly, no word of a lie.....I nailed two chicks off this site about a year and a half ago, and had another contact me on FB the other night, because I have my msn addy somewhere on the site that gold/silver members can see....met her for a drink last night, she's legit. But I do think a lot of those profiles on there are bull*censored*.....AFF is about the only hookup site that I think is 100% legit, I've had very good luck on there.


Thanks for the info Geek
I joined hm thru a link to a porn site and am getting mails from young ladies that describe my age.
Thanks for helping me save 30$.


Scam busted

Ok, so to further prove this to be a false... if you register as a WOMAN...your automatically a GOLD member, you just cant send messages...there is NO "standard" member of women by themselves....

try for yourself.

oh, and somehow, my one fake profile, WINKED at my female profile

a nony mouse

I signed up for gold stupidly, googled " scam" and read about 5 posts on this blog and was like F@&#!

So being as how the internet is so resourceful, I looked up chargebacks and as it goes they are there to prevent you from fraud, so you have FULL power to cancel any transaction with regards to anything. However, this can have consequences because you can buy a $5000 TV and then reject the transaction and BOOM free $5000 TV. Well not free you will end up in jail.

So the internet and digital transactions have this little convenience, that especially for online dating sites, you don't "get" what you paid for.


I emailed customer service at and politely asked for a full refund. At first the rep said sorry we only offer them for fraudulent charges and then said that i should just turn off auto renewal. So, still politely, i sent him another email pointing out that I as the consumer have full power and that if he wanted to avoid a fee (of 35$ or more he would give me back my money) I said a bit more, but it WORKED he said I will have a full refund within 5-10 days being as this company is based out of belgium.


Quote by: X

Quote by: toxonic

i just got a reply from a hot chick a few years older then me, she included 2 different photos of herself in separate emails, first email said the suburb she lives in and a legit university in my this similar to what most scam emails are like?

Hey dude are you from victoria by any chance? i got a similar message too bro what was her nick? thats what caught my attention was the legit uni...

Very similar experience to mine, except the girl was half my age. Genuine suburb, legitimate university in Edinburgh (sunny Scotland). Two emails with pics, 15 minutes apart. All this with my profile incomplete and without picture. You would think that at my age, 47, my brain would, occasionally, be faster than my d**k ; but no, I was completely sucked in. I got another email, with pic, asking why I hadn't replied. I have also had winks from some good looking women in their late twenties to early thirties - All gold or silver members, all very well written, with PERFECT punctuation. So well written, in fact, that I began to wonder how they overlooked my membership status. Didn't worry me enough to put me off though; if I hadn't been waiting on a new credit card, I would have signed up days ago. I found this site when I was online to activate the card! I was literally minutes away from wasting £55 (about $86) of my hard earned, very hard earned, cash. Pure luck, no judgement. I am very grateful guys. I know this won't get you your money back, but you DID stop them getting mine.

Even though it didn't cost me any money, I'm still seriously pissed off. Nobody likes to be made a fool of, so I'll be taking this up with the authorities here in Scotland, UK wide and the European Union. Part of the reason they get away with it is that few people will admit to being conned, fewer still if they've been conned by a dating site. Well I'm not shy boys! I will bombard my representatives with email and snail mail, I will face them when they hold surgeries (open consultations with constituents). I will be directing them to this forum, and others like it. I will also get in touch with the Hoax-Slayer, an Australian, who might flag this up in his part of the world. Let's take 'em down!

I'll be back! Angry Angry Angry

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