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Hornymatches scam

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I meant to say it is fraud for the stupid retarded horny matches and beware of adult friend finder, sex search,all of those sites like these are fraud and sex in the city may not be a fraud........passioncom is fake and most all of those other ones out there.....SO BEWARE

i got burnt too....ouch!!

hey all you is a Scam, scam, scam , many more times shall i repeat would do much better to waste your money on lavalife or redhotpie, i am on both, have been out with maybe 30 women, with a score rate of better than 66% as in sex, and only 2 women i didn't even kiss...

And that is all in just over a year!!!...yeah, that's right...i am in heaven.... Big Grin

So forget about and try out one of the above...both if u can, but it will cost u money...believe me, it is money well spent

Anonymous: CA

Scam and Scam. Better off going to the bar and buy two twelve dollar margaritas. Both sites are similar, clever, and a waste of money. is a joke. Amateur is only good if you get off on girls on web cams. You will never meet anyone from either site.Period. Anyone who posts that they did meet someone is probably working for the company to discredit this review site. Yes, I was one of the suckers.


I am an investigator by trade. Smile
I created an account. Two minutes winks. Each day winks.
Hot chicks. Whay would they want a 53 year old?

I changed my profile to:

Single, available, Energetic, Active.
Le Cordon Bleu Chef CC. Certified Culinarian.
Master Locksmith Security Specialist.

I have an extremely high sex drive. 5 x day. Easy. Seriously. Recover quickly.
I enjoy it all!
I do not browse members. Every one looks great and I do not know who likes me.
I will let you contact me first. Then we will both know.
-------- This line is for a reference point.----- For this forum
I have tried many web sites and have spent Big Bucks on all of the scams and schemes.
After I receive the “Hot Emails” and join, the women are not real.

Frankly, I do not believe this site either.
I can not understand why a 23 year old woman would email me at all.
Why would you want to get down with me, when there are millions of young studs to get down with?
I believe it is just this web site attempting to get members to pay $50 to join.

I am perplexed and have a dilemma.

Until then.

Bye. Smile

They keep deleting everything after the "reference Point"
SCAM ! They want printed what they want, not what you say.
If it were real, they would offer me 1 free month to show me good faith.

The skeptic

I thought I'd join HM last week just for a laugh and to see what kind of hits I'd get. I'm almost 40 and like others, within days I received two emails w/ attached nude pics from a nearby 25 y/o hottie wanting pics. It seemed too good to be true, especially after seeing that it costs money to reply. I googled "hornymatches scam" which brought me here. Thanks for the info.


If you paid, you just gotta call hornymatches through the number from your bank transaction and complain that you want a refund and they will do that immediately...


Thanks all for your feedback. Similar initial experience here.
What I need now is courage/support to act like that 55 year old who posted
that he has given up on the whole computer-aided-connection
illusion and found much more success via real life contacts.

me me me

will they take money outta ur account each month?
I paid for one month and turn the rebill thing off
am i safe?


I got laid from that site last march 2009.
The woman & I met for coffee in the morning and an hour later she banging me at a hotel.
She was a little overweight but she was good.
Take care !


I have something completely different that I'm worried about. I am a 19 year old girl and actually really hot and joined to meet girls for me and my boyfriend. I was contacted by girls (who I know realise were fake) and sent them pictures. And now I'm worried that they're going to become a fake profile or something! So you guys may have waisted your money but I everyone gets to see me naked!

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