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Hornymatches scam

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I joined as a standard member and started getting the same stuff. Winks, messages, etc from people whose profile said they were from my area, but when you read further into their profiles, a lot of them say that they're from someplace completely different. TOTAL scam. My wife and I have had luck with Adult Friend Finder in the past. Another decent one is Try to get one that has an actual chat utility where you can talk to other members live. That way you know it's legit. Good Luck!!

Paul from West Chester, PA

I made the same mistake as others by subscribing to I too was contacted by somebody before I bought the membership, but nobody answered me since then. I've been on other sites, so I can see the difference. All members (men and women) are either online or visited the site today. Almost half of the members are online now, which is clearly fishy. Many members are online all the time. All women who viewed me visited the site today, but none is online. Yet searches for some categories of users (say, all 65 years old females in Pennsylvania) give only online users, and it's 2am now! My profile is viewed by women from everywhere in the US, showing little or no correlation to my location. That's totally different from other sites. Also, the locations of females are weakly correlated to large population centers. When looking for women 30 miles away, the results are dominated by members from Philadelphia on all sites but on, where most females live in small towns. There is a surprisingly large percentage of paid accounts among women, considering that even women with standard accounts receive a lot of attention, as evidenced by hundreds and thousands of ratings on their photographs. Few women have silver membership compared to gold membership. Yet nobody uses profile highlights.

Jack Sprat

The pictures are entertaining though


Quote by: gotlucky

I live in San Diego and have actually gone out with 4 girls that i met on this website and have gotten lucky 3 times! maybe you guys aren't doing this right.

You are so full of s**t... You must be an affiliate if I had to guess?

Almost suckered

I joined HM without paying and got the same winks and emails. I accidentally winked at a good looking 26 yr old. (I am 43.) She emailed back asking if I wanted to bang and her puddy was wet at the thought of it. I couldn't reply as a standard member, but thought wow what a site. She emailed me back the next day asking why I didn't reply. I got a couple of other winks and emails. As I hadn't posted a picture this all seemed strange. I came across this thread and everything became much clearer.

I had a similar experience on

I guess the only value is looking at the pictures and reading profiles.

lonley guy

i also found this place when considering whether to pay, all i want to add that in my case there were several less attractive women messaging me, some in their 40's and 50's (im 28) and altho im actually quite keen on that that is not usually the case on dating websites.
so yeh, either they were real women or more likely the scammers have been reading this website, and have realised that the large numbers of hot chicks was a bit unrealistic, i imagine its a quite a profitable business and i will report them to a freelance anarchist hacker group who may enjoy taking them down.


happy i google'd [scams horny matches]before paying my money to upgrade!!!!thanks a lot .may all scammers of this type burn in hell Twisted

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I decided to try out the site for research purposes.. You would laugh but the bots are based on 3 things from my view
1) How recent you signed on
2) If you are a member or not
3) How often do you sign in

I opened the account on a "bot" redirecting and i created a fake account which so generic that you would think I am borning. On the first week, I got hits from pretty and volputous ladies (and they are not in my listing of capability.. I made it Asian on purpose since I am Asian)... And I would get hits everywhere from FL , TX , and CA.. Ironically, I got most females responding from the rural town and small areas (that was mentioned from some posters and reviews). Of course, they want you to upgrade but I decline to do it though I got mails...

So I logged on once a day to once a week to once a month..

And what you see is that if the bot can't get you to sign within 1 month, they start to stop spamming. I get nothing but a daily match report that is generated via email and that is about it. No logs to view my profile (when I was on, I get anywhere from 7-50)... I logged in the site today in over a month (and stats show no views in the last 7 days).. Checked into the account and I got 9 after 2 hours...

#3 determines how much spams you would get if you never signed as a member


i too was duped by this site. it was disappointing and frustrating. i'd recommend that folks stay away from god bless


You all need to contact your bank or credit card company and tell them about this and it is fraud to get your charges reversed on your account. Also turn them in to the attorney generals office for fraud.

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