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Hornymatches scam


You know what really bothers me, i made an account there i call myself on there 'VeryBig' and i havent payed for gold but i got a message from a chick sayin
"what's your name or you like to be called 'VeryBig' in real life too ? hehe Smile I just wanted to let you know that i like what i see! Check out my profile and get back to me if you are interested. Talk to you soon!" so im guessing it is not a scam to some extent but the generated bots are more of a reason to buy gold =/.


I was an idiot as well and took out the silver membership. They are very sneaky with their messages from members. First one sent me a message then the next day said I hadn't replied was I not interested. That sort of seemed sort of real. Then I got other messages similar . So I forked out the $29.95 and as per others on here no reply to my messages in response and no more winks or messages. I also noted that each one has a permanent status of "last visited today". Then there are others who show as " online now " 24 hrs a day. Do they never sleep????.
The whole thing is a total scam & I wish I had seen this forum earlier so I could of saved my self some money.


i have had no luck on horny matches. my story is the same as everyone elses..winks and emails til payment. i am a married female looking to add some spice to my marriage. I would like to find other females or couples interested in that. As for the swinging part - we have had luck with met real people and had a good time. However we have had no luck meeting this elusive female to join our bedroom. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to go? is a bust. adult friend finder didn't work. I am now too scared to try any others since it seems they are all just rip offs.

got scamed

I am the newest dumbass to fall for this. got all kinds of emails , winks even added to hot list about 15 times. just joined up today and already cancelled after reading all of this Evil

cry wolf

You gotta give the authors and designers of all these scam-sites credit for the creating interesting peep show illusions. I actually wasn't scammed by HornyMatches; but, I was scammed about a year ago by one called Avoid it! Same exact pattern as what everyone has described here. I entered my profile and after about a week of getting all kinds of emails, winks and hotlisting from all over the country - many with emails targeted directly at things I had placed in my profile, I thought it must be for real ( yeah right !!! - was I that stupid!!! I'm okay looking; but 10 gorgous blonds a week in bathing suits from as far as 2000 miles away! Who the hell was I kidding! ) In my delusional, horny state, I decided to pay the fee (I think it's about the same as this one - $30-$40 or so. And of course - not one single response at all. What is different is - on that site, the incoming barrage of email activity continues after you pay. In fact, it's been one year since I quit and I'm still getting emails from that site. When I called to cancel, I was asked the reason and explained I was getting 30 to 40 emails a week, but not one response to any of my replies. The support woman (who, by the way, had a British accent) just said, "Oh Well!" Now a year later, when I came across HornyMatches, I decided to Google "web site scams" and found this forum so - thank you all, I to have been initiated and will avoid HornyMatches like I would Mexico right now. I would imagine the scam sites are making millions just off the 1-time suckers like us alone. Think of all those who join and don't have the courage to speak out like we do.
I'd gladly pay a fee to someone who designs a clearinghouse web site that allows clients to rank the sites - a sort of ebay-like response system and maybe even allows clients to describe their experience with it. That would be a site that once word got out about how it exposes, (no pun intended), the scams, would probably go public and make an HONEST fortune. Just don't let the gov't find out about it!


Does anyone know if it's hard you cancel your subscription?

mark mark

Mr. Green in reference to HM.COM i was very close to parting with my membership money in a horny stoned state when i thought ah! ill do a google search on scams and........................ thank god i found this site.
Yes i got got lots of gold members sending winks etc etc and i thought it was almost too good to be true but my story has a happy ending LOL


Evil I found my boyfriend has an account on Horny Matches and was totally PI**SED. After reading this I think now the JOKE is on him! To Bad So Sad! He lost a great person by constantly doin this behind my back so long idiot!


I live in San Diego and have actually gone out with 4 girls that i met on this website and have gotten lucky 3 times! maybe you guys aren't doing this right.

Justified cynic

I created a standard HM account two days ago and received a wink within 20 minutes. I winked back at her (she was a minx) and she emailed me immediately asking for pics etc. Realising that I had to pay to reply I created another account with a different email address and the same thing happened. So I created a third account and again got winked within a few minutes and emailed asking for contact. This morning I found an email from the minx complaining that I hadn't replied to her first mail!! All three girls are from the same town and about the same age and the only people that have winked me have done so within minutes of me creating a standard account - that's a 1 in 750,000 chance, It's a scam.

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