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Hornymatches scam


The Site is a scam you will find no one here it will be featured on an up comming Chris Matthew interview with the people that have been scammmed on DateLine NBC. 1. We have asked fo r our profile to be removed they will not. 2. We have asked that they refund our money they will not 3. You will find no one on here as the site pulls pictures and makes fake profiles for intrest in men to go to pay porn sites. 4. We have reported them to the Credit CArd beareau for investigation for breach of contract as we have interviewed over 100 persons via email that state they have never had a contact on this site other then calls for phone sex or chat. 5. We are investigating the billing an accounting agent. 6. This information has been sent to Chris Mathhews Dateline NBC. 7. YOU SHOULD NOT USE THIS SITE FRAUD


Guess I am lucky as well---I never spent a dime, they automatically upgraded me to silver and thats how I met several nice guys---great sex and settled down with my horny match 6 months later!!! No I am not an employee---just a good old divorced Kansas girl that had absolute luck!!!!


Created a fake male profile with the username "Man_with_HIV", and put in my profile that I was HIV-positive (which im really not) and that I was looking for women also HIV-positive so that we wouldnt have to worry about catching HIV.
Within 5 minutes I got a wink from a woman in New York State. (Listed myself as from Toronto, Canada).
Uploaded a picture of a street bum with no front teeth I found on Google.
Started spamming winks to every woman I saw. Got back a wink right away.


Evil Evil This site gives a whole new meaning to the term "Bogus" Never before have I encountered so much bull*censored* ! The people on here , for the most part, are either fictitious or solicitous. I have been asked to join other sites (more money) so we can" hook up" only to find out it's going to cost more money! I sent messages to Horny matches such as Why standard members cannot receive my messages, and was dished a bunch of bull*censored* that a hungry goat would not swallow. Looking to get laid? Stay away from sites like this as they are pure rip offs!! Save your $$$$$, Get a HOOKER!!! Guaranteed and cheaper in the long run!


okay! now i get it!! this chick who says she's so interested in my hasn't once asked for my mail address nor did she give me hers. anyone in the right mind would prefer a mail address than the hornymatches mail system..!
good lord!! her profile pic has been rated 13279 times!! and she speaks in this weird manner, as if she's talking to a colleague or something rather than sounding really desperate for some action..!
plus he pic doesn't look too much like an Indian..
resorting to such tricks to gain customers is really cheap. shame on them!! i feel kinda cheated.. they are playing with people's feelings this way.. f*** this.. I'm removing my pic, and deleting my account.. screw them..


Well, of course I didn't bother to read any of these comments and got burned...the responding "woman" in question lived some 20 miles away, was plausibly married(but really emotionally disconnected from her husband), not a "20 something", and even came from a town which had adresses listed (I checked Intellius--more money spent!) under her name--the only obvious discrepancy was her age--she caimed to be 34, but the Intellius report turned up a woman in her early 40's (I'm 52)--all of which was quite plausible too(she might lie about her age, ya know?). We had a long series of message exchanges-some 30 or so for a month-I still think it was a woman "at the other end"(the style and focus was undeniably female). We even set up a liason, after which she would come to my house for two days of sexy, kinky fun--she was quite detailed, even writing a scenario for me to "finish". Then three days before--POOF===she was gone, profile removed, membership terminated.Correspondence vanished....No way to contact her, short of writing to the named person("Jenna"Wink at the address. I'd been screwed (without actually getting...)


i strongly believe that 70% of the female profiles on horny matches are created to lure guys into signing up. it's a dirty scam and i should have been smarter than to sign up but yes they are sneaky. i emailed horny matches to confront them and they just sent me back the typical carbon copy bull*censored*. i do some male modeling and have good pictures up and have contacted about 15 'girls' in the past few days and zero have replied.

if you guys action anything then let me know. we'll shut the bastards down. very very bad karma for them.


Been a member (gold) for one month. Have made 4 hook ups and another is on the books. 3 of the women were as they had presented themselves in their profile. I've hooked u with one of them 3 time now and we are actively looking for couples on the site now.
Seems to be working for me LOL


how do you cancel your profile? i dont want it up there anymore but i dont know how to cancel it. help please!!


That's more than snesbile! That's a great post!

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