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The forums on plenty of are literally insane

happened to me

I had a sickening experience on this website, in that someone I was seriously dating. i.e. we spent weekends together? started to fish for women on this site while I was sitting in his apartment. One time I was sitting beside him and saw him look ing at profiles. I finally got on the site and checked out his profile. No mention of the fact that he was in a relationship! I am afraid that there is much more of this, as the internet seems to be the perfect place to hide and cheat.

Also noticed that many men list kissing and physical intimacy in their hobbies. What is this? a dating website or an adult porn website? It's quite gross, really. Doesn't anyone believe in a little mystery, anymore?

And where did these people get their education? Is it 'their,' 'they're,' or 'there?' Apparently, they are interchangeable! Ok, enough! I am afraid to even check out the forums. I can only imagine the horrors that lurk there.


Yep have to agree big mistake going on Plenty of FIsh you only met total tools who are only interested in sex and tells lies and lies to get it, check out dude called visicious criminal , what a tosser, what a wanker, if you are talking to him stop it and get a life of your own.

Anon - Carol

I joined POF some time ago, I find the forums a real laugh, haven't come across any real issues with the moderators. One of the rules before posting in POF forums is to do a search for a any postings with a similar theme. If there is, you are not meant to start a new thread but revise the old one. While this does avoid lots of duplicated threads, its also madness to sometimes have to flick thru' pages of old threads to find the most recent and most relevant.

I think you will find that most dating sites are used for just casual relationships, POF is no different.

Before i joined POF I recalled a tip I had read about joining dating sites. Set up a fake profile...wait for the massive amounts of generic messages -those who specifically target new profiles. Note user names, cancel fake profile, create new profile, immediately block all the generic messagers who target new profiles.

What I did, I set up an attractive female, married but looking for intimate encounters profile with no photo. Absolutely bombarded with messages from all sorts of men...those seeking dating, long term relationships, those previously marked as single but told me they were married, etc etc. Messages numbered in the hundreds.

I set up my real profile, and while I no where near model standard, I am on the slim side, I am reasonably attractive and posted genuine photos that did do me date I have received two messages....

Yeap all those men supposedly seeking a genuine long term relationship....not!


I have found that many of the men on Plenty Of Fish have criminal records. They are felons and are the strangest people. Plenty of fish should make a policy because really as a woman, you never know who one is going to meet on here and it is very crazy..


Dating sites that have too many women are just bad, stay away! I used to think it was the opposite and the sex dating sites that had too many men vs women were bad but they're actually pretty tolerant compared to the opposite like and eharmony and POF where there are just way too many bitter, ANGRY, demanding women! They'll overwhelm you..consume you, stay away! It's easy to point out fakes on the other adult dating sites anyway and deal with that then deal with too many crazy women!


-An overly obese and much older woman using her slim daughter's photos on her profile. -A schizophrenic girl who had multiple boyfriends, would lie to each, then tell them each about the others, causing the guys to argue over her; "Oh all these guys arguing over me". EGO -A broke, semi-homeless that was using a friend's pc to log on; she would quite often ask if the guy owned a house, -A very insecure woman who was asking guys she met off POF to "pay her bills" (literally) This is just a small selection of the women I have met from there. And they say it's always the guy's fault?


I'm a pretty unique 23yr guy in comparison to the western image of a young male. Big Grin I've been on for roughly three years, I think I've been patient enough probably going to log off for good. Very few girls, look interesting & open minded (that I've seen). I want someone who's essentially classy, artsy, empathetic, ambitious, compassionate, laid back and open-minded. Can't seem to find anyone like that online or in person.
What can you do, right? Big Grin


I was on POF for a while. I had a colleague who was on it too using the same computer.
We were both banned for creating false profiles..!!! This Marcus guy or his nonesensical half thought out program confused the two profiles and threw a wobbler.
While we were on, we noticed it was mainly the dregs of society who were there, and I've never seen so many Russia scammers anywhere!! You're right, it's free so what do you expect. You get what you pay for.
The advertisers don't see that side, they just see numbers so Marcus rakes in the cash. They don't realise that the bad name of the site reflects on them.
There are one or two really good sites out there that are properly run, which cope with the scammers and prove their effectiveness with results. They cost about £60 a year, but what's £60 when you're comparing the difference between a site that's getting all it's cash from advertising and a site that's getting most of it's cash from providing a proper and efficient service.
Have a look at some of the dating site comparison sites. You won't consider POF then!


I subscribed to plenty of fish (unfortunately) it's a scam, majority of profiles are bogus. Do not recomend this site


I agree that there are many fake profiles of men on there. I get a lot of men message me saying I said i wanted to meet them when this is not true,. POF makes up 'meet me' features to create interest. I live in the UK and I cannot for the life of me meet a genuine level headed guy who can spell or has no baggage. It''s a waste of my time to be honest, the ones who do get in touch and seem decent just send a few messages then they seem to miraculously disappear off the face of the earth, they still log on and have their profile but its like you never existed without any explanation as to why they dont keep in touch which makes me think these are fake profiles to keep you interested. Manners cost nothing even if its a polite thanks but you live too far away/not my type.

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