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The forums on plenty of are literally insane

Wayne Christensen

The moderators at Plenty of Fish are on a power trip and have a screw loose. I had my forum posting privelages revoked because I had a very pleasant date and wrote about it as a Pof success story. I made up a nickname for my date to preserve her privacy and my posting privelages were revoked for "giving out contact information" about my date. The CIA could not have identified my date from any information that I provided. They are not all single guys. The one who was on my case was female. They behave like powerdrunk 13 yr old kids.


I have been on pof for quite a while - and have met some lovely people there - have even found love - it's what u make it.x


It's not so much the forums that get me but more the kinds of people you meet on the site and their ridiculous expectations!

The women, for instance, have a range of issues. First, if they're on the site, then it's 99% likely that they:

1) Are young with kids looking for a guy who will be the breadwinner of the family while she stays at home taking care of Vanity and Brooklyn.

2) Have insecurity/psycho issues. They either declare their undying love to you within the first week of exchanges, before you've even met and stick onto you like an online limpet, or they make up the most insane of bs like they have ties with famous celebrities, they've been in so many foreign places, they turned down a chance to strip for Playboy, etc.

3) The most annoying ones I hate are the girls who string you along, being all friendly, but keep up making excuses about not to meet until they agree to meet a guy they actually like. I'd much rather be told that they're not interested instead of getting sugar-coated excuses.

4) Girls who go for "bad boys" then complain about how they're treated like sh!t. I think they have redefined bad to mean cheeky, playful and a minor kind of rebel. No, girls, that's not why they're called bad boys. They're bad because they're bad, as in, lousy players who will charm for sex, neglect their partners and are the kind of arrogant pricks you see trying to pick fights on Saturday nights while they wait for court hearings on previous assault charges. You want to see a real bad boy? Go to your local jail and see how cheeky and naughty they really are.

With guys you get the same stories (told to me by female friends, I don't swing that way!): players, pervs (my girl still gets hit on by guys old enough to be her dad) and out-and-out neanderthals who think typing like children complete with names like "babe" is going to be a hit with the ladies.

Bumble 15

Quote by: Goldilocks

I agree. The quality of the site has degraded highly in the last few years.

What is it about dating sites that only care about quantity?

How about QUALITY?

I used to be on True but now I'm on Mate1. It's nice to know the guy is able to actually pay for a membership. Am I shallow? Maybe. Maybe I'm just tired of deadbeats and I need a way to weed out the bad ones. Wink


I very well agree. The quality of the people on this website is really low. Unless you are looking for a deadbeat looser who is 40 and still lives with mum and dad. Or not even able to tip the waitress 20pence.

What did I expect for free? !


I suppose plentyoffish is as good or bad as any dating site.

Anyone who is single and looking for a partner is walking through a minefield, no matter what medium they use to meet people.
You can meet total fakes, bitter and disillusioned people and totally unsuitable parteners at work, parties, bars, newspapers and traditional dating agencies.

I think plentyoffish has a major advantage in having more people than most net dating sites. This is big if you live in a regional area.
The fact that it's free allows many more men and women to sign up and message, who wouldn't normally do so because of net skepticism.
I suppose it also encourages more unwanted messages because of this but it's a workable compromise.

The forums on POF are another thing completely.
They've degenerated into a disgraceful arena of cyber bulling that makes an unmoderated yahoo chatroom look tame.

For years, moderators have been on the biggest ego trip of their lives.
Up till a year or two back, people could officially put their opinions or comments on the moderators profile.
It was astonishing how wonderful, marvelous, brilliant, talented, fair, interesting, beautiful, loyal and special they were seen as by these "friends"
Some clever people realized that by showering the appropriate moderator with lavish praise and is some cases, with attractive women, the hint of closer friendship.
Moderators are in a position of power, and naturally, many, if not most people looked up to them.
This is a natural phenomena, especially with many single vulnerable women, and to an extent, men too.

There are many rules of law and ethics governing the conduct of people in positions of power and influence and there are strict rules as to qualifications and training.
The moderators on this site have no such limitations or qualifications.

A few previous posters pointed out what eventually happened.
Controlling people in each forum partition have formed little clique bully gangs and as stated previously, report anyone who disagree with them for even the tiniest infraction of the rules. They do this constantly and have been doing so for years.
When these people are reported for outrageous abusive behavior, their posts (the evidence) is removed and at worst, they’ll get banned from posting for a week or so. Usually nothing happens.

Moderators have often defended themselves and been defended by claiming they’re doing an unpaid job for the community.
Henry Ford once said, “People always have two reasons for doing something, the noble reason and the real reason.”

Steer well clear of POF forums.

Despite the massive wealth accumulated by the owner of this site, he still pays the same peanuts to the same monkeys with the same disgusting results.

After personally seeing what goes on in there, I’m gob smacked that there hasn’t been a run of defamation and cyber bullying cases against the place.

A guy who knows what he's talking about

POF=join at own risk.
It's meant for money, not the "success" of people meeting each other.

Be extreeemely careful if you decide to join. I think that even if you have photos up and delete your account, they will STILL use your photos for advertising and possibly to use in fake profiles.

If you check out the site, you'll notice pretty much every photo has a "Plenty of Fish" stamp on it...I tried finding a section of the site that tells you whether or not by submitting your photos it becomes "property" of POH, but I couldn't find anything....

For the most part, it seems like they're trying to get pertinent info from users and trying to get your photos....I do have a friend who met 4 different girls on there, but maaaan you gotta be VERY aware of fake profiles from the real. It almost becomes a 'craft'. Since this is a public site, there will for sure be Plenty Of Fakes out there...

My advice: Be careful of what info and photos you put up. Learn how to tell the real from the fake. Be it what photos they have up, what they say in their profiles about themselves, and how they talk to you in messages.

Meeting people online is becoming more common for sure. Just learn how to successfully do it without shooting yourself in the foot! Try if you want LEGIT profiles. I've checked out a few including Cupid, True, but Match was the only one I found to be fake free.

Hope this helps!

Just lurking

I read the forums for a good laugh. Just reading some of profiles of the people are fun, 1 guy on there all but said the site was for losers, but yet he is still there.

Just lurking

I swear, I think this site attracts little more than lying, manipulative idiots because it's Free, so every piece of crap who's single for a reason can afford it --- I mean, seriously, about 90% of you (yep, women, too!) should actually have signed up for a Sex/Swinger site, right?

OMG, who wants to date this guy Question


I agree. I have been on this site a little over 2 months. I am an older woman, just trying to meet and date, told I am very attractive, make a great living, happy, no baggage and what do I get. Stood up at least 4 x now. Know its nothing I said cuz didnt even get out of the door. Was wondering if it was my age, but my younger friends told me that it happens to them as well on this site. I am thinking of going off the site. These men that stood me up have good jobs, appear to be intelligent during speaking. I think these people that are behaving badly should be called on it some way so that other women/men can stay clear. If you have proof the person stood you up why cant the person be listed so others would know. If you go out with a person that has been reported multiple times, then you deserve what you get. Maxie


Take a look at the profile application on POF and you'll see all the opportunities for people to post lies. There's not one man on this planet that's capable of telling the truth on dating sites. The last guy I met off POF lied about his name!! LADIES, before you let ANYBODY off that site touch you, make sure you see a driver's license!! From that you can get their real name and date of birth. Then you can do a search for really cheap at Personal Property Registry and find out if they've got any child support orders registered against them. If someone has a problem with showing you their I.D., RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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