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The forums on plenty of are literally insane


You sound kind of bitter yourself, pal. And your spelling sucks. I noticed the "Nazi" attitude in the profile instructions - "Description (Mandatory)" - hilarious. But the people using the site seem genuine. I've met one, friends of mine several... Sure, there's an assortment of wackos - just like anywhere else. But your posts probably got pulled for bad spelling, and bad attitude... Wink


Quote by: Erinlove

I can't believe this utter CRAP I am reading. Guys saying only women are crazy (and flocking to Plenty of Fish apparently) and are only good for sex?!?! Well dudes, YOU are the ones we are mad at and trying to avoid. You are the ones that make us act "crazy".. "Crazy" of course meaning not taking your BS.
Want an example?

One guy up there said "it is good for a booty call with an average looking woman and that's about it".
1. Who are YOUR parents, I bet you are real gorgeous yourself. Even if you ain't a hypocrite (smart money says you are though), what kind of moronic loser judges people solely on what they look like?
2. Ever thought these women could be just bad/clueless at dating?! And not REALLY existing to have occasional sex with some retard, but are sick of WAITING for a guy to actually NOT be.. just.. like.. you?

Am I crazy now? Only women are crazy according to you guys. You can treat the women how ever you want and call it "play" and if she has a problem with it or has an actual mind you throw her in the crazy pile. That is IF she isn't already thrown in the FAT pile for not having an eating disorder, or the AVERAGE pile for not being like the poster kids in panties you wank to nightly....
And you guys do all this without realizing you are the very reason the site SUCKS and it makes women bitter.

Scroll up a bit and look at the guy that can't spell the word "of" insulting other people. Yeah this is clearly better, more literate and nicer than the "literally insane" POF forums. They did the right thing banning you people lol. But you don't even see it.

I want to thank you for a great post! Someone needed to stand up for women and you made me laugh while doing so. Bravo! Mr. Green


The site is free and you get what you pay for. I have chatted with some nice girls on it but they weren't for me but they would make a great friend. The guys will often complain that girls never message back. The women often complain that guys are prejudice of big women. Can't ask for much with free so it takes a lot of work to make something good happen. I personally think it's easier to meet someone in real life but the problem there is that you don't have a list of common interests with people. Most people don't message each other. The ones that I personally know who have met people on the site are people who have done the mass message copy and paste send thing. Which I'm not a fan of because I read everyone's bio and contact people who I'm seriously interested in.

Honestly there is a lot of dirt bag guys on the site. I personally know some. I'm a guy myself and one of the good ones but with so many bad guys ruining it for others, it scares the girls away. I was hoping to meet a nice friend and hopefully find a girlfriend in the future. My profile is written very nice and I get a lot of compliments on it. But Dating Websites are tough to be successful in. All I have to say is the usual, don't ignore the red flags, trust your gut, and most of all don't sleep with a guy on your first dates! Forum is full of angry women who didn't know any better and the guy takes off. You do know that condoms don't protect from all diseases right?

OMG the forums are often a source of entertainment and drama for many. It's a battlefield! Lots of angry people looking to take it out on somebody. You can find nice people, but you have to duck, cover, and run! DODGE AND WEAVE!

Mad Moderators
The forums moderators are really crazy and excuse the term, they operate like "forum Nazis." You have to walk on eggshells there and they are not at all forgiving if someone makes a simple mistake. Maybe they are just tired of modding, I don't know. You sometimes meet some nice online friends if you participate on the forum a lot. But there is also lot of people who are crazy with some mental problems.

The Mad Moderator Lady
There is one moderator woman...well strange thing is that she's not actually a moderator, she's a regular poster who "narcs on people." She tells on people reporting them all day for trivial things. An always very angry mad at the world type. I'm not sure why. I wouldn't be surprised if they hired her as a mod now. She's a bit big and not pleasant to look at, I'm sorry but I can't help say it because that might be a big reason why she's so angry. Well anyway, if you look at her history you can see how crazed of a moderator she is! She also has some crazy conspiracy angry stuff on her profile that have nothing to do with dating and is all politics. I once mentioned something to her about it and the next day I learned I got in trouble because 1 of my 5 pics, supposedly didn't show my face well enough!" It wasn't even my main pic, which is when they really make a fuss over if your face isn't completely visible. I didn't try to say anything more because she's the type that will make your life a living Hell if you disagree with her. Maybe she's an undiagnosed borderline personality.


The forums are full of judgemental people that will insult anyone who does not fit in their perfect world, the women want sheer perfection and if you cant deliver all four (house, car, well paid job, 6ft +) you are basically shunned and kicked to the curb from the get go. Even biggest loser contestants hidden behind bbw on that site want perfect men.

I've stopped using the site as its obviously for damaged people who live in a fantasy world, however the thing what makes me laugh is at the end of the day. These people are the same ones who will end up being more older and bitter, looking back and wondering why they still have no one to love and will die all alone LOL

As others said, go out in the real world. Women online on those sites are totally different than women in the real world.

Sam Dingle

I'm from the UK and pof is not a barrel of laughs from this side of the world and the women are just as picky and obsessed with a man with loads of money.and possessions like the American women on the site. All you have to do is read the forum to see how angry and pathetic women on that site really are, which I have met a couple of women from that site and all I can say is send the damage goods away and let some other unlucky guy get stuck with trash.

Plenty of fish probably has good genuine women on there but they hide themselves very well.


Sam Dingle

I'm from the UK and pof is not a barrel of laughs from this side of the world and the women are just as picky and obsessed with a man with loads of money.and possessions like the American women on the site. All you have to do is read the forum to see how angry and pathetic women on that site really are, which I have met a couple of women from that site and all I can say is send the damage goods away and let some other unlucky guy get stuck with them.

Plenty of fish probably has good genuine women on there but they hide themselves very well.



I've been often to POF and I can only comment that I find it extremly entertaining. I have rarely laughed so much about the way people set them selves up for ridicule. It is amazing. When ever I'm feeling down, I'll as soon as not, switch on my PC and tune in to another exciting episode of POF humour.


Quote by: coolclay

I joined POF, a couple years ago since it was free.. thought there was nothing to loose... I was wrong... I lost my time. After 2 years, I decided to quit wasting my time and erased my account... only they don't let you erase it completely. Your details are gone and no more emails but the account is still there. When you try to erase they basically ask are you sure you want to give up. Like on dating or on life... what a joke!

Of the few women that I contacted, a couple were in a relationship, a couple accused me of not reading their profile (which was the only reason I contacted them as they were not great for appearance). Most of the others did not respond. Most users block people from contacting them as well.

I did read some of the forums and replied but they were frustrating... like say the ask a girl/guy area which would let you spend time writing a reply only to never have it posted because of a max reply limit. WTF. They couldn't let me know before wasting my time?

They now have a special gold seal rating for serious pay users. I guess if you don't mind wasting yor money.
They now also require you to enter your income level in your profile for those gold diggers.
The last straw was when they instituted this thing where people vote on if a post is ok.
I had made a couple posts for fun which should have been fine only to have them voted out and removed without a trace.

Essentially, they are allowing a few users to essentially run the forums as they wish.

I would like to get togeather a small group of users who would bascally vote down every post made there just for fun and to see how that effects their user base.

I will not be joining any more dating websites, that does not mean that I have given up on dating...i just find that I would wrather go out and meet people.

As the ORGINATOR of this thread , I have since re-joined pof in hope that Fink has cleaned up his act.


As the quote say, this jerk off has started charging after he said repeadily 'put away your credit card' when it come to his site.

Now the asshole cahrges. A nominal fee but he broke his WORD.

Typical Fink. He can't tell the truth from a lie.

He may be rich which i am beginning to doubt since he already lied about the cc thing, but the man is surrounded by his loyal trolls. AND HIS UNPAID TROLS ARE DUMB ENOUGH TO WORK FOR FREE WHEN FINK CLaims TO MAKE 10 GRAND A DAY! And he has the balls to whine about working two hours a cay and lug all that money to the bank. Right Fink. you are a RAT TURD from the Great While North and a bloch on Canada

And the date site is a true joke and worst-a time waster. You can not get your wasted time back

It is time to boycott POF and let Marcus Fink get a REAL job


I wonder if it's possible to show ONLINE NOW status without actually being online. I found my bf's username online and he totally denied it and was furious.


My God man it's all for free and better than the pay sites....... What Nazis in this world are you talking about ? Nobody likes being slammed and if you want to it should not be on the site of the person being slammed. POF is a place where the vast majority of people are normal decent folks who are looking for some company. No one is bugging you for money or anything else. Can't you just accept the free usage as a gift ?

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