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The forums on plenty of are literally insane


Quote by: bRIAN must be doing something right.....they were just aquired by for a hefty 175 MILLION buckaroos!

Not to shabby if you ask me....

The administrator of this site answered me that pof was NOT bout by

You must be a POF moderator.

I bet Marcus wishes someone would buy his site because soon people with any quality will leave and it will all be just married losers or crazy women who are losers.

The people loking for love will wise up quick enough and leave.


I looked all over the net about sale and there is NOTHING about it. What a peice of shite you are-just like your god-pof


I agree. The quality of the site has degraded highly in the last few years.

What is it about dating sites that only care about quantity?

How about QUALITY?

I used to be on True but now I'm on Mate1. It's nice to know the guy is able to actually pay for a membership. Am I shallow? Maybe. Maybe I'm just tired of deadbeats and I need a way to weed out the bad ones. Wink



The site is the same as it was when it started. The people have changed and you may have failed to change with it.

POF is not any different than another dating site. It works by what you put into it. If you're not personally screening your potential matches then you will naturally get screwed over. I feel no pity for you.

You get out of POF what you put into it. If you make a nice profile to get your foot in the door, that's perfect.

If you make exceptions that everyone is different and at least try and date as many as you can to get a feel for how people's differences are. That's great.

If you keep things honest from the get go. Another good job.

If you set your rules from the start and he/she still sticks around. Good you're on the right track.

Your rules should not be ridiculous. They should be normal rules that most people have like, no sex on the first date, nothing irrational and you should be fine.

The site is not so much a site that does the work for you. You have to put in the work. It's like walking through the mall and window shopping. You find something you like you don't just buy it. You check it out and see if it is exactly what you are looking for.

Much in the same fashion if it ends up not working out for you, you would return that merchandise.

Treat POF the same way but realize that every man and woman is different and you'll get results.

Stop *censored*ing about how you think the site is retarded. You're probably not doing it right. Learn to change. Also, to the guy whining about the moderator ban, pick and choose your battles man, pick and choose your battles.Even if you're right sometimes it's not always the right time to speak, or the right way.


WOW!!!!!!!!!! Why don't get out from behind the computer and go into the real world and met real people that you can touch....people on the internet twist the truth to meet their own needs but at the end of the day this is their very undoing. Once they meet the other person and realize they are just a figment of the imagination all there can be is disappointment and heart ache... what do you think.


Quote by: Grr

There are numerous threads where users have indicated that the ads freeze their Firefox browsers--why on Earth would you then recommend that people change to *this* browser? It makes no sense.

uh, firefox is one of their click to pay adverts... they make money on it ;-)

its so transparent...

3 year ban, huh? yeah, they silenced you as a potential aggitator in revenue loss... ha ha ha...

that site has more inactive members, more fake profiles and no real numbers... 2007 and 2008 were their (or his) biggest numbers last year saw a 56% drop/decrease.... that is huge... that is unheard of... 56%... imagine what the revenue losses had to be like... if no one is visiting the site or not coming back, then there are no ads clicked... and that's how he makes his money... no one certainly is signing up for their latest invention "premium membership" that is fee based LMFAO.... wouldnt people go to a site that doesnt look like a teen made circa 1997 website with Modern features in php, etc.... pof dork still uses asp and aspx... dude is so old school doesnt even realize its a new century.

as for the mods on the forums... who cares... you arent missing anything.... in fact, there are better forums to be members of online...


Quote by: jerked around

If you post a comment or question, on of Marcus Fink (or whaterver his last name is) infamous moderators will most likely delete it unless you are a woman or a male lapdog to the women.

Im a woman and my threads were deleted every time with no explanation whatsoever. I think anyone who isnt one of some sort of sad little clique gets that treatment...

maybe we should take it as a compliment - those who just might have a 'real life' are a thread to some of the weirdos on the forums there?


Quote by: lmao@pof

maybe we should take it as a compliment - those who just might have a 'real life' are a thread to some of the weirdos on the forums there?

OH that would be threat not thread....(definitely not a thread - as they get deleted)


I joined POF as after reading the forums I thought they looked fun, within a week I'd received my first ban for "soft trolling". Someone tipped me off about a site called which is a spin off forum with less strict rules.


I joined POF, a couple years ago since it was free.. thought there was nothing to loose... I was wrong... I lost my time. After 2 years, I decided to quit wasting my time and erased my account... only they don't let you erase it completely. Your details are gone and no more emails but the account is still there. When you try to erase they basically ask are you sure you want to give up. Like on dating or on life... what a joke!

Of the few women that I contacted, a couple were in a relationship, a couple accused me of not reading their profile (which was the only reason I contacted them as they were not great for appearance). Most of the others did not respond. Most users block people from contacting them as well.

I did read some of the forums and replied but they were frustrating... like say the ask a girl/guy area which would let you spend time writing a reply only to never have it posted because of a max reply limit. WTF. They couldn't let me know before wasting my time?

They now have a special gold seal rating for serious pay users. I guess if you don't mind wasting yor money.
They now also require you to enter your income level in your profile for those gold diggers.
The last straw was when they instituted this thing where people vote on if a post is ok.
I had made a couple posts for fun which should have been fine only to have them voted out and removed without a trace.

Essentially, they are allowing a few users to essentially run the forums as they wish.

I would like to get togeather a small group of users who would bascally vote down every post made there just for fun and to see how that effects their user base.

I will not be joining any more dating websites, that does not mean that I have given up on dating...i just find that I would wrather go out and meet people.


I can't believe this utter CRAP I am reading. Guys saying only women are crazy (and flocking to Plenty of Fish apparently) and are only good for sex?!?! Well dudes, YOU are the ones we are mad at and trying to avoid. You are the ones that make us act "crazy".. "Crazy" of course meaning not taking your BS.
Want an example?

One guy up there said "it is good for a booty call with an average looking woman and that's about it".
1. Who are YOUR parents, I bet you are real gorgeous yourself. Even if you ain't a hypocrite (smart money says you are though), what kind of moronic loser judges people solely on what they look like?
2. Ever thought these women could be just bad/clueless at dating?! And not REALLY existing to have occasional sex with some retard, but are sick of WAITING for a guy to actually NOT be.. just.. like.. you?

Am I crazy now? Only women are crazy according to you guys. You can treat the women how ever you want and call it "play" and if she has a problem with it or has an actual mind you throw her in the crazy pile. That is IF she isn't already thrown in the FAT pile for not having an eating disorder, or the AVERAGE pile for not being like the poster kids in panties you wank to nightly....
And you guys do all this without realizing you are the very reason the site SUCKS and it makes women bitter.

Scroll up a bit and look at the guy that can't spell the word "of" insulting other people. Yeah this is clearly better, more literate and nicer than the "literally insane" POF forums. They did the right thing banning you people lol. But you don't even see it.

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