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The forums on plenty of are literally insane


real questions can be asked

and i guess if anyone went onto the p0f f0 rums and said exactly what p0f is, that post would get wiped

(ps, there are some problems with the "spam detection" on here !


Yes, I would agree. The rules are unfair. I am frequently banned for lame reasons while others break the rules. The moderators don't have a handle on the forums. People pretend to be writing about certain topics but most of the time they are just waiting to bash a fellow poster. I was bashed and bashed and bashed. I call it cyber bullying.

Just a nobody in POF eyes

Yup all I get from after reporting problems to their site (i'm a web developer for over 20 yrs) and proving it was their problem is useless moderators quickly blocking my posts when i politely informed them of problems...

Now I just get :
"Your forum posting privilages have been revoked until 9/17/2011 10:22:18 AM Pacific Standard Time by trappedonbayst
See the one sentence that isnt getting through to you ?
"What has been presented is what is known to block Mails." end of discussion, you can troll the thread all you want, "whats been presented is what we have been given privy to" enough trolling."

Ya real helpful to people that have been on the site from the beginning to now get blocked just for reporting programming bugs... hey thanks people... idiots...
And if he was pulling in so much dough from adsense then hire some designers/programmers to fix the dam thing up omg..

And since to way to even send an email, their is no contact info etc... I'm stuck, oh well OKCupid is 100 times better than them, more features, funner, and a staff that listens to its members.... POF can care less... People its just like any business, customers are EVERYTHING, if you ignore your customers you will lose.

jerked around

Quote by: Canadian eh? free sites are not that good

Quote by: jerked around

I hope that anyone that reads this goes to POF's date site.

It is

You don't have to register to view the forums and they have about 20 sub forums like dating over 45, single parents, etc.

I have NEVER seen such a bunch of crazy sh@t in my life.

So if you really want to see true insanity on a date site, go to plenty of fish.

Enter this site at your own risk.

What do you expect for free...seriously. Do you think this Marcus guy got in the business to help singles find one another? It was a programming project, he does not moderate the forums cause he is too busy making money from the advertisers who are buying space on his website. That forum is nuts, I feel so bad for those people when you think there are much better places to go to for dating sites. Canadian sites that do not have the boasting power that he has but are a heck of a lot better. Do a search on Google for Singles in Canada or single Canadians and you will find some great sites.



Quote by: Mike

One of the worst POF horror stories you will ever hear...

Hey guys. My profile on POF was being edited mysteriously. Phrases like 'I car and 2.5 children is not my idea of happieness' were changed. Car became Van. Trivial.. but annoying. I kept changing this things back, petty changes clearly made by someone abusing moderator or admin power. Perhaps someone hacking but who honestly spends time doing that?

It was when I had a message in my outbox saying ' I love fat chicks, more cushion for pushin' that I took the issue to the forums...where the admins were autocratic, rude, patronising and arrogant.

I merely suggested the posibility of a 'rogue moderator?' messing around. I said I understand it was a free site so perhaps security was lax.

Of course they instantly got defencive and I was subjected to a lynch mob of mainly middle aged women clearly sucking admin cock to gain praise... Rolling Eyes

I think the mods themselves are single guys, hailed as martyrs for their work in volunteering to help people find happiness. I believe my encounter was also with tickettoride though I fail to recall the name of the other admin.

Important: I did not directly accuse anyone of hacking me. I suggested the possibility of someone with power doing it. I left the thread after some middle aged women had 'checked my profile' and said I should try drinking less and maybe this wouldn't happen.' This woman had 'pizza' listed on her hobbies/interests section, and was criticizing my drinking habbits..

So I go to sleep.

I wake up, to find most of the sites I'd been a member of, youtube, a mental health support group ( I have some anxiety/insomnia/depression history) had been sabotaged. 3 or 4 sites in total. I was removed or banned from youtube, I had recordings there, I'm a musician.. I struggle to get a good recording due to anxiety basically. They were all gone. All my journals which I needed for evidence for a court hearing I had in the coming week. I was shocked, it couldn't be coincidence, could it? The spat with the POF admins, the sudden realisation I'd used the same password for POF as I had for my email except for one capital letter, which no doubt, the perpetrator had guessed.

Yep. It is highly likely POF admins HACKED my personal online accounts. For suggesting the possibility of pranks played on me by admins. My profile stood out, it was long, and I was opinionated, I probably didn't fit their criteria or personal agenda for the image of their site?

This really did, cause me a lot of stress, I lost contact with a lot of friends due to not having copies of their details, I lost 2 years of journals. I have memory problems so they were vital to me to piece together my life for the sake of my therapist or docs to understand what's going on with me. I'm doing fine at the moment, but during this time I was low, and this didn't help. They deleted everything and it must have been manual because most of my accounts remained. This person sat for HOURS deleting every photo every contact every journal I owned.

He sent a message to me from my old account to my new account I made after fearing being harassed further, it took my a while to work out how to reset the password. He said 'Enjoy this while it lasts buddy Wink '

I'm not sure what that was even meant to mean, enjoy my day of suffering as a result of my damaged ego? This is a person who went through my emails to find a DEPRESSION support group and calously removed all my journals. I have a lot of issues, I've had cancer at age 12, an abusive family, and my health has caused me discrimination at work or even in getting jobs. Does this strike you as evil? It does me.

FYI I unwittingly used the same password. I did notice the password field on POF is NOT obscured by stars. It suggests to me that admins or moderators can therefore see peoples passwords. My password was guessed, my online life sabotaged as a result of being harassed on POF. I didn't do anything to anyone. Be warned. Choose a random/new pasword and email if joining POF. And do not post on the forums.

This is not made up. I have at least 5 people who saw what happened and who I told of the events as they occured. My use of similar passwords is due to memory issues and a common thing for people to do. I have up to date firewalls and anti virus. I asked the police if anything could be done - they simply said it wasn't even a crime. That's justice for you.


I KNOW that POF is trouble but i did not know that it might do this and i really don't see how it could. But you do give good advice. USe an alternative e mail address for forums, or date sites, etc. Keep your primary address to yourslf. I learned never to give it out

But if POF could do what the poster mentioned, then they could easily find your computer address. this is the set of number 9I can't remeber the techical name0 that you are located at by your server be it yahoo, AOL, etc.

Seems Marcus needs a lawsuit. this is getting popular amoung the POed-sue a dat site.

And I LOVE it-



Well actually in general is a damn joke. I mean, they think a Whale and a crab, etc are fish!! (their fish personalities). They are so dumb!!! I got deleted for who knows what reason for like the 3rd damn time. I've been on another communicating sit for 8 frickin years, not really a dating site, but can be if you wanted it to be. I can't go like 1 year on POF without being deleted, and do nothing different on POF than I do the other. Maybe they didn't like that I called them "D/A's"in my headline regarding the Whale not being a fish! Well I aint bothering with that grabage site again


One of the biggest bashers of the posters is connected to a top moderator. Geek

If you disagree with her, she will bash you. If you complain you get the penalty.
If you want to enjoy the forums just be careful who you disagree with.

Its a free site, one cannot expect more.


Quote by: jerked around

I hope that anyone that reads this goes to POF's date site.

It is

You don't have to register to view the forums and they have about 20 sub forums like dating over 45, single parents, etc.

I have NEVER seen such a bunch of crazy sh@t in my life.

If you post a comment or question, on of Marcus Fink (or whaterver his last name is) infamous moderators will most likely delete it unless you are a woman or a male lapdog to the women.

Guys with any balls are shown no respect. Women think they rule the world yet complain they can't find dates.

The site is so full of angry, bitter women i feel sick when i have bothered to look at these forums.

I have kept hoping I might find some real information on the war of the sexs but there is so much negativity and hypocrasy, there is no way to find anything useful unless you have an iron stomach.

So if you really want to see true insanity on a date site, go to plenty of fish.

The site is run by a Nazi who thinks you have to be 'worthy' to be date.

This asshole thinks is a dating God.

And yet i see so many people say they have never found anyone that will go on a date.

I don't mind people that can back up what they say but all this Fink guy wants is absense money. He live in Canada, looks like a ddork, and claims to now have the largest dating site in the world.

One man wrote he had been on the site for two YEARS and no one was intersted.

And then thee are the men that complain the women only want sex. If this is not BS, i don't know what is.

I would love to go one a date and the woman says why don't you come on over and we skip dinner and get down to buisness.

Enter this site at your own risk.

you mate are dead right, anything thEYdo not like is wiped
For instance there was this bird, said she only got mail from Texas, she was an Aussie, I said "please do not go there" cos another maniac that stuffed the world lived there too, it was wiped in seconds
he really does play God, does not allow posts from(second rate countries)
However I have met one or two nice womn there, and a lot of nut cases too
SO i changed tack to just a friend wanted, that stooped the fat ones the insane ones and the ones with little or no intelligence
Apart from being a lil Hitler though this guy is clever, mkes millionjs soemthing like 5mill a month from google alone


Anonymous must be doing something right.....they were just aquired by for a hefty 175 MILLION buckaroos!

Not to shabby if you ask me....


Quote by: bRIAN must be doing something right.....they were just aquired by for a hefty 175 MILLION buckaroos!

Not to shabby if you ask me....

I HOPE they were bought by

Then this will probably no longer be a FREE site and the site will DIE.

Match does NOTHING for free

Second best news I heard this week.

Scott Brown winning is the best



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