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The forums on plenty of are literally insane

Colton Langsten

I'm sure Markus had the intention of making plentyoffish a paid site at some point in time. One of those classic bait/switch tactics. Now that he has many users, there are those that will pony up the cash to continue their nonsensical rubbish within plentyoffish forums. You have to hand it to Markus though, he came up with a novel concept and has become a self-made millionaire. Yes, it's currently free and yes, it's also not worth your time due to the really unprofessional actions of the moderators and sloppy attitude/ responses from Markus.

If you have any sense of decency and don't wish to decrease your IQ, stay clear of the forums. It seems more than half of the people there either can't spell, or don't really give a damn. I'm sure it's a combination of both. Sure, I make spelling mistakes from time to time, but come on, at least my sentences bear some resemblance to the english language. Regardless of the desperado forum members and volunteer, mentally challenged, heavy-handed moderators, the site offers little in the way of dating. Those women that are attractive are usually at that site for 'ratings' or a simple method of boosting their confidence, based on how many emails they receive per day. The vast majority of women on that site have some mental stability issues. They may also be a cranky single/divorced woman who is obese and/or unattractive.
If you get lucky, you can strike up a booty call now and then with an average looking woman. But the cost/benefit of my time simply doesn't hold water. I deleted my profile quite awhile ago. If you're looking for quality, I doubt you'll have much luck on plentyoftoads.

It was simpler back in the day of free Msn local chat rooms. For some reason the quality was there.

Anonymous Steve

FYI I unwittingly used the same password. I did notice the password field on POF is NOT obscured by stars. It suggests to me that admins or moderators can therefore see peoples passwords. My password was guessed, my online life sabotaged as a result of being harassed on POF. I didn't do anything to anyone. Be warned. Choose a random/new pasword and email if joining POF. And do not post on the forums.

^^^^ I know this is an old post, but it really speaks the truth. A secure website hashes (one-way encrypts) passwords so that if the entire database is hacked the user's passwords are not recoverable. That Marcus doesn't do this just shows how poorly put together that site is, although the randomness of the settings pages, etc kind of suggests such anyways.

So here's one more post saying: Do not use the same username and password that you use anywhere else on POF, You are asking for trouble if you do


i sick ov the moderateors on there the delete ur account 4 nothin as talking away then logged out then wen to log in found out my account had been deleted by them ???? wits sat there saying wish i had that bird on my ME i knw i delete im so he cant hav her wat a bunch ov IDOTS really got me had loads ov freinds on there get a life moderators


testing 1 2 3


god I'm so f-cking pleased to read some of the comments on here. N4ZI mods is a phrase IVE been repeating to myself.


giving you super strict guidelines to fill out your profile.

seriously, if you register and acknowledge the confirmation, you shouldnt need anything except...well, anything.

the f-cking site even has smart alec auto responses "what are you doing typing ..... - put a PROPER resnpose". even the auto sripts have attitude, is the whole thing some sort of pisstake ?


on the main page it comes out with loads of b/s about 'how to make him fancy you' etc. most of the information on the site is false. if you read the non-f0rum info on the site, you'll be filling your head with s**t. trying to sell you ebooks and stuff.

they say "without a decent profile/message you won't get far". bullshit, the photo matters and nothing else. which i found to half pleasent surprise.


(wouldnt let me post all of this at once for sum reason...)

annoyingly i do actually want to post to the forums some real questions.

does anyone know how the f0rums clearance thing goes? it used to be 3 days....ive been trying some differnt usernames and cant get access ot the forums with new accounts.


2 million users and 1.5 admins? what sort of shit is that? if the site is so important and big it should be properly staffed. if its just a programming project, all becomes clear......


does anyone know some real f0rum5 where

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