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The forums on plenty of are literally insane


Censorship at it's worst. The mods are out of control power mongers. Don't state an unpopular opinion. You will be banned. Fascists.



The site really only caters for women...

That's why the raptors (aka femminiazis on the forums) can freely do what they in attack members, and delete anyone that challenges their opinion.

Women are allowed to complain about the guys on the site, and say whatever they want, but if a guy says similar things about women on the site...oh, watch the sparks fly! Women will have no hesitance to attack THAT guy directly and defend the women.

Women will accuse guys of doing certain things, but then go and do it themselves! Why? because they are women, they are entitled to do that.

It's funny, the amount of women who complain about guys on the site and yet remain on there...

PS: A GGuy was there two years and no one was interested? Try NINE.

The Dog

Yea you right,,It's like I ordered the number 4 off the chineese menu... banged 2 out of 4 twice and then they start telling me I make them feel like booty calls... hell... got em moist and they drove to my house! I did'nt even have to crank up my car! Oh... and they are not that kind of girl they say.. This has just been the last 10 days... I better watch out... they might flag me as a serial "not that kind of girl doer!"

The Dog Strikes again

The Dog

Big Grin LOL I'm telling you guy's... there is tail to be harvested off this POF thing... off course there are chick players... just like there are dude players.. after all we are just after their tang... but what a tool you have, use it and use your typing skills... if you have any... most of u fkrs can't type anyway... talk *censored* to them with the keyboard and u will get the tang! Take a damn typing lesson or something... jazz em up with BS... textually make em w*t!


The same femminist ("raptors" as put previously) that attack members for complaining also patrol these kind of review sites, and will perform the same actions. There is also a certain ex-moderator who has frequented this board as well. Both will attack specific individuals who may have revealed truth about the site.


You know what one REAL big turn off with POF is? The women on there think they are all perfect! A lot of them will complain about the guys being awful, but then make them SELVES out to be flawless. At least I can admit I am not perfect or try to be.

The women on there also say one thing and do the opposite. Women who say "No shirtless pics" will still message shirtless pic profiles.

And have you noticed how many profiles ALL say the same thing? "Lookin for kind hearted man, looking for down to earth guy" "work hard and party harder" "lookin for a NICE guy"..

X PoF Forum Addict

The Forums about sex and dating are just like the people that start them .... dumb and naïve or trolls.

The Forums about Science/Philosophy are filled with self righteous know it alls / deluded confused republicans / wishy washy democrats / Zealots of many faiths claiming to be open minded / a few intelligent scientists and lots of trolls.

The Poetry Forums are open and fun

The owner of the site and his bum lickin' moderators with their personal agendas to stop all criticism ... constructive or not .... will ban anyone with balls to confront their injustices. I'm banned until 2024 for telling them how stupid some of their autocratic changes were.

Now again the forums are very hard to find and not really so open to anyone at all.

Too bad .... the Poetry was fun.

Just about every moderator is an a**hole because they emulate Markus who is just a greedy capitalist geek.


i really really like pof and match but i think they cost too much. does anyone know of a site that is totally free and is really fun to use?

Don't ever pay a penny to pof

What an idiot that runs pof I've been banned from plenty of fish I paid money to join tried to log in then I couldn't I sent a message to the idiot that owns pof he said that I've been banned for life if you say to him can you provide real evidence for the reason that you were banned he just ignores your message then I said I want a refund and what a supprize he didn't answer my message I personally think that the owner is a thief who is just a wimp who hides from people who are real something should be done about him


Has anyone ever met anyone through the forums? After reading a few interesting topics from a few people I have tried to contact them on the side and never have gotten anywhere.

Are the people who use the POF forums just there for the conversation??? It seems like no one wants to go on a date. Cry

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