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Why No Reviews For here? Site for people over 50


Do you really think we believe any of this rubbish? I've been on the review site for months and never seen anyone review a site in so much detail and in a very short time span. We can clearly see you have wrote all these reviews yourself to try and promote your site for free rather then pay for adverts. I just hope your site is good because if not this site will bring it down.

Kim A

Hi David, I can understand how you came up with your comment. However, those of us on Stitch have all used our Stitch names on here. I know you might not believe this, but these are all true accounts of what we have experienced. Andrew wrote his, but the rest are from real people on Stitch. The reason they were all written at the same time is that we were not aware that this was out there until now and we thought we could help others understand what kind of service it really is.

I've been on Match, EHarmony, OKCupid, and each have their value, but for what I wanted at this point in life, Stitch offers me so much more. I recently moved to the San Francisco Bay area and I didn't have a large group of friends due to spending much of my time with the guy I was dating. When things didn't work out between him and me, I then had to find a group of friends. Stitch did allow that for me. And they are wonderful people to know. I am busy all of the time with my new group of friends. To me, the $15 a month paid is a great price for the fulfillment in life I have now. I haven't experienced the travel aspect of Stitch yet, but cannot wait to be a part of that a well. For now, I join activities to get to know others. It's a great way to make friends and/or to potentially meet the opposite sex too. I know a guy that goes to activities so he knows whether or not to pursue certain interests in others by meeting them upfront first.

I participate in the forums as well. I was one of the people on the Trump forum who didn't vote for Trump. We did get frustrated on that forum and it was good of Andrew to give us a day to think about how we were coming off to others. One of the people who did vote for Trump and participated on that forum will be attending a dinner I coordinated next Saturday. Andrew was able to keep things civil so that we could broaden our friendships with those we don't necessarily appear to have much in common with initially. I personally think that our country could use much more of that. (USA). We llve in such a contentious country anymore that seems to have quit trying to get along. I want to work on that for others to get to know me.

I know you have to take my word for it, but this is a place that has really been beneficial to me. I really enjoy those that I have met on Stitch and I continually get together with a group of ladies that have become wonderful friends.

Anyway, happy day! Smile


You really are insulting our intelligence...this review started back in July 2016 and first 3 reviews were slagging the site off. Then on the 5th of January 2017 8 yes that's right 8 comments all positive including a statement from the owner. Do you really think people will fall for this? If you do then your more fake then your site


Hi, David, the reason there are several reviews on the same day is because that is the day we became aware of this review site. We learned someone had written a very negative review concerning the forum that was suspended for a day or two and those of us who were involved felt it didn't represent the experience of the majority.

There isn't a conspiracy.



I agree with David this is very suspicious, if you want to promote a dating site then don't try and fool people on here. Your better off leaving it at that or you will end up with people on here starting loads of reviews slagging the site off that will then show up on google in a couple of days and kill your site.

Mary Ann

For those of you who are suspicious about the recent reviews, I say this. First -- I just found out about this site from a fellow Stitcher & that's why I'm posting now. Second -- try Stitch & see what happens. Stitch is more than a dating web site. It's a community that we are helping to build. You can look for friends, travel companions, activities in your area, romantic connections, or just chat about topics in the forums. I was initially frustrated with Stitch because I was looking for friends and couldn't find anyone who lived in my area. But that is changing quickly.

Andrew Dowling

Hi folks,

It's Andrew here again (and no, I'm not the "owner" of Stitch, just the guy who started the community), I'm sorry if you all thought something seemed suspicious ... that certainly wasn't the intention and was why I posted my comment under my own name.

As Mary Anne says, the reason several comments were posted yesterday was that was the first time we had been made aware of this page or the reviews, when a new member told me about them. I mentioned it on the Stitch forums, as I thought it was important for the commenters here to hear from real members about what Stitch is about given that some of the early comments on this thread are actually quite misrepresentative.

I specifically requested people not to say anything that wasn't true, just what they honestly thought.

That whole conversation is able to be seen on the Stitch forums so it's pretty easy to verify that all of this is true (and not only that, that all the people you're seeing commenting here are real, current Stitch members). The forums are members-only but if anyone from this site wants to verify it for themselves please send us an email at hello <at> stitch <dot> net and I can set up a temporary membership so you can take a look for yourself.

Stitch is a community more than a dating site and I'd hate to see the well-intentioned comments by members to be turned into something that harmed the community, so if you've got any doubts about any of this please just contact us (though ironically you won't then be able to post a positive comment here as everyone else will probably assume you're a fake too ... the difficulty of getting trusted on the Internet!)

Sorry again about stirring up trouble ... I can totally understand why the sudden comments might have seemed strange, but it's also very easy to verify that they're true so I'd encourage everyone to keep an open mind!



Along with many other real members of the Stitch community, I want to add my voice of approval for this very different take on connecting with others over 50. It is absolutely a safe place to express how you feel on a variety of subjects in the forums & a great way to really get to know people through their comments. I have made many friends, male & female and hope for more time with these people IRL as I travel to their locations or they to mine. I love making friends all over the country and all over the world. There's nothing like it on the internet. Worth the price of admission without a doubt! And my love connection will happen here, I am certain of that.


I'm still new to Stitch, active a few months now. Decided to weigh in here.

My goal at this age is to build up my tribe of like-minded people with friends and a possible partner. Social connections are extremely important and often lacking as we age. So I joined as a free member when they first got started but lost interest when I realized there weren't many members in my area. I continued to receive promotional emails though, and a year or so later, decided to give it a second shot. I contacted them and asked some very specific questions, especially about membership numbers within an hour of my home. I got some very honest answers, not a huge growth in membership but quickly getting better. So I joined again, this time as a full member, and as an introvert, realized it would take some time and a little effort on my part to build connections.

So far, no regrets. SO FAR. I've connected with 8 people from my area that I am corresponding with and starting to make plans. Loving the chat section where I can get a good feel for the type of people this site attracts. I could be wrong about this, but my gut instincts are telling me that the members are genuine, authentic people of good character, and I'm not seeing any red flags regarding possible false profiles like some of the other sites.

My online encounters thus far have all been positive. No overnight friendships or romance here, but that's exactly what I DON'T want. Safety is my number one priority. I also like to keep it simple and this site does not feel complicated.

The other thing I've come to love about Stitch is the help I've gotten when issues come up. For instance, I initially had some password issues. I feel like the help I've received all along the way has been very personal (Andrew is great), and they've been very quick to respond. They also listen to their customers and I'm hearing about some great changes coming down the pike.

My gut instinct tells me that the people who created Stitch did a lot of homework in terms of understanding the specific needs of this age population. Things I'd thought about long before I discovered Stitch, were there. Age range is 50 up and I've seen many 70 somethings and a few 80 somethings posting in the chat section.

Just like everything else in life, Stitch won't be a good match for everyone. But so far anyway, it's been a great fit for me. I look forward to developing some nice relationships, for companionship and possibly romance, we'll see.

Hope everyone finds their special someone, no matter the venue they choose to use. In the meantime, anyone who decides to give Stitch a try, look forward to meeting you!


I joined stitch because it's safe. We pay for that. I have met wonderful people on line, and have actually met a few friends (in person). The forums are fun and you can't compare them to Facebook because we all know how fake those profiles can be. If you don't like it don't join but don't criticize what you don't know.

All times are EST. The time is now 06:32 am.

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