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My secret sex contact

Pissed off

This site is a scam girl told me she lived in Norwich. So I asked her what colour was the ship in the river opposite the main train station.she got very nasty a defensive lol.if she had been from Norwich she would know it is a grey ex royal navy vessel .this company should be closed down.they are called festivus media bv.they opperate this scam allover the world .must be making a fortune.also the messages are never in english grammar. Always pigeon english


This site is a total scam and I am convinced the girls are being paid dont waste your money


It's a scam as I was chatting to a girl for a few days but she slipped up when she thought I was new to her when I logged on a couple of days later and I caught her out.Dont waste your time and money.


Its a scam and a waste of time. Anyone know any sites that are not scams?

Rusty Nail

This site is a 100% lead you on site emanating out of the Haig. That is why the replies to your message are one hour ahead. When you join the site you get two free messages to lead you on then you have to buy credits to continue messaging. The replies are short one line sentences designed to lead you on and spend your credits as fast as possible which are expensive (£1 per message). All the contacts do is ask you for more of what 'you' like and are not really interested in you or anything about you. in fact they rapidly forget what you wrote about several messages back and cannot even remember your name. That is why they call you honey or babe or sweetie or dear. i asked one of the contacts if this is simply a sex messaging 'hooker' site and she agreed. There are lots of pretty ladies young and old you are matched with to tempt you but they are all false. if you download any of the photo's they are usually two to five years old. They will send you nude and intimate photo's several messages later just to keep you on the hook but they are simply designed to get more credits from you. The chances of you ever meeting up with any of these ladies is as remote as the moon. Likely as not it is a bunch of old ladies working in a office somewhere replying immediately to contacts as and when they come in. They even have shift changes because some replies from a contact is different and you just sense it is not the contact you were talking to earlier which is so annoying. Don't waste your time and money here unless you have a lot of money and enjoy a good sexy and sometimes dirty chat then it may be good fun for you. Don't let me stop you. When i used the site it was good fun and could and did get very dirty very quickly which made me laugh and enjoy it all the more until you look at how much you have spent. Have fun but be careful.


Ask this computer generated 'contact' *censored* what 2*2 =...she will probably answer..." Hey I feel like we should meat".
They can't get their computer software to spell; or display the correct time. It's not even a GMT issue.
Stay well clear.
(Suggestion). Click on a bitches photo, then search Google for 'IMAGE'. I once found a supposed 'match', photographed in the company of a Russian diplomat!!!

I closed my account with 4 credits left... It IS THAT BAD!


I totally agree with all previous correspondents who say this site is a SCAM so don't waste your money!!.

You may want to use all 500 characters in your message to a likely match and if you get 2 lines of words (which will possibly include Babe, darling, sweetheart etc) in response then you are lucky, so the response is possibly automated, or generated by someone with no interest in you other than to keep you on the hook and buy more credits. The quality of the English from the same person can change between messages indicating it is most likely not the same person replying! Shiftworkers!

Reverse image tracing brings up some interesting results, so I wonder if the actual ladies know their photos are being used for this scam. This site has no scruples, once they have your e-mail, you will begin receiving mail from various other sites affiliated with them.

Found this in the 'small print' at the bottom of the sites home page 'The profiles on MySecretSexContact are partly fictional, physical arrangements with these profiles are not possible', so they admit it is a SCAM!

Beautiful Face

Well well, all you idiot desperate blokes need the help of a dating website to get laid? That is so *censored*.

Yeah it's a scam. I worked for multiple websites under one company. It's a money milking scheme.
And don't just assume that all of the employees are women. Some of the time, you're chatting with a man using a fake profile. Joke's on you.

If you offer your phone or your email because you're getting blue balls and you're desperate to get laid, we just use tai chi techniques and make excuses why we cant meet up.

So all you pathetic, guys out there, keep using dating websites to get laid. It's worth the investment Wink

john c

I have been on this site and yes if you like older mature women contact is message however you have to buy message packs;
6 messages £9:99
20 Message Pack £29.99 One-off payment (Save 10%)

(100% Secure Checkout)
40 Message Pack £49.99 One-off payment (Save 20%)

(100% Secure Checkout)
85 Message Pack £99.95

This is extortion and the women insist to chat with you on the site and your message is 650 characters long so you can't have an in depth conversation, be warned and keep away this site is A SCAM


This is scam ! Do not waist money for the rubish you never meet any women there !

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