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Eroticy or AdultFriendFinder?


AFF is a genuine site and I've met several women in real-life via it. Some of the ads are fake, but created by users and not the site itself. I don't look for casual sex, but more for friends with benefits.


OK a womans view - I have tried AFF, a few years ago, met a guy off there, quite local. Not a desperate woman - just single and thought I would try it out.

99% of the men are married I would say and looking for a quickie.

I saw mine for 2 years on and off . It didnt make me feel bad, beats trawling bars and one night stands. He wasn't married, really decent and good looking. We were in the same boat so suited us both

Wouldn't use it now or again though. Too many weirdos.


Quote by: lucky*

Well I am in canada, and the site has worked for me, though lately I have seen alot of fake ADS, hookers etc, they do seem pretty obvious! Do miss the old days when Real people were on, sites like this are becoming more like the Yahoo chat rooms of today filled with BOTS, spam!

and it helps if you live in a metropolis AREA.

This... there are some real people on there for sure... but most of the females on there are fake profiles or hookers. from my experience at least.


Just be careful out there people....wear protection! You can still transmit some stds, including hpv even with a condom on, but it's less likely. Still safer to go with condom

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As some of the previous posters demonstrate, not every woman on a sex dating site like AFF is a scammer. You just have to calibrate your expectations.


STAY AWAY from AdultFriendFinders,,, anything associated with these places will bring you nothing but grief, I know, been there, done that. There is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, they have an ABUSE DEPARTMENT but its a joke and only if you are one of a select few will you get any help from the abuse department IF you can make contact. Your pictures will be stolen, and thats just the beginning.

ALL WHO ARE WISE STAY CLEAR. Most are perverts, pedophiles.

Not being melodramatic just honest.

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Honestly, I think GetItOn (AFF's new site--fresh database) is better than either. Review over here if you want to read more about it.


Seriousy, you might as well just get a hooker if you are looking at adult dating sites. You're just not being honest with yourself.


I have found AAf to be pretty much just what it advertises itself to be- a relationship/hook-up aid. I have been a member for about 3 yrs and have met a number of women. Some were looking for sex, some were not; some were great looking, some were not; some would date an older married man ( I am) and some would not. Nothing ventured, nothing gained ---- if you make contact and are reasonably intelligent, can converse without being egotistic, dress like you care etc- there is no reason why the results should be bad.


I hate to be an ass but... are you guys dumb? Its obvious as all hell which of these women are fake and which of them are real... The ones that look like painted models who spend a fortune on there breasts are fake... the fat, the old, and the almost ugly are real. If you wan to have some easy guilt free fun with a hooker or an ugly chick these sites are the place for you...

Obviously there are exceptions to this... but not many.

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